Donald Trump is a Zionist!


Sadly, under Donald’s regime, we’ll get more Israel-first policies and more young American men and women going into battle for Rothschild’s criminal haven called Israel. However, Hillary was also a Zionist. As usual the American people had no choice as there were no America-first candidates.



The Rothschild banksters and Israel

Debate of European Jews Settled

America’s worst enemy, Israel

The Sampson Option: Israel’s nuclear arsenal and American foreign policy

The true cost of (Rothschild’s) Israel to US taxpayers

Israel did 9/11

Israel attacked the USS Liberty

Trump is clearly a Zionist puppet

5 thoughts on “Donald Trump is a Zionist!

  1. Raging Bull-Shit ..
    article’s ..
    * Bill Black: White Collar Crime Will Have a field Day Under Trump.
    * Restocking the Swamp: Goldman Sachs to Provide the Financial Brains [& Brawn] for the Trump Era.

    The Billionaires are cuing up at the door of the US to replenish their empty pockets.
    God help America.

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