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Douche Of The Week: Marc Fennell



This Idiot Douche Thinks That Injecting Toxic Vaccines Into Children Is Completely Safe Because Science Says so. mercury has a centuries-long history of causing cell injury and cell death & It is known to destroy the central nervous system. This bought & sold media talking head is a reflection of a stupid culture & clearly shows how lost the so called Australian media has become. Mercury has been removed from most types of vaccines. However an estimated 83 million flu vaccine doses for the recent seasonal supply use this heavy metal in the preservative Thimerosal. 

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1 thought on “Douche Of The Week: Marc Fennell

  1. Dear Gentlemen,

    I would not normally write to folk that I have just stumbled upon.
    -But. . . Thankyou!
    Having only a few people ‘like’ this page disappoints me(is it terribly new?).
    Having a look at your affiliates and topics, I believe you are spot on.

    All the best!
    Yours , Ben

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