Dr Mark Hobart Raided By Victorian Government Goons

A loved and honorable Victorian Dr has just had his practice raided by Government spooks representing the Daniel Andrews Dictatorship. 

Confidential patient files and records were seized for absolutely no reason with no warrants or explanations given by these goons of doom.  

This heinous act is an attack against patient and Dr confidentiality and an open display that peoples private medical records mean absolutely nothing to the Andrew’s regime. 

Our beloved Doctor Hobart has been raided without warrants by Victorian police-state GOONS.

He won’t back down, he’s a hero! He refused to give out his patients details and this is how they treated him.

More to come! Morgan was at the scene https://fb.watch/9a-zDNFPLl/


One thought on “Dr Mark Hobart Raided By Victorian Government Goons

  1. The Andrew’s cartel keeps changing the laws.
    The medical records of patients has always been supported as private but now the Medical Mafia, compliments of Andrews, has made it clear that medical records are now the property of the Government. We are in a fascist/Communist state.
    There is no difference between a communist state and a Fascist one; they both control by force. The Media apply the Left and Right crap to confuse but they are ‘opposames’ the boot on the neck. Australia is now suffering under this ‘opposames’ boot be it Liberal or Labour and we must remove these evil parties before the boot becomes a reality.
    Scumo Morrison is considering bringing the election forward before the momentum of the United Australia Party builds beyond his worst nightmare; it’s encouraging to note that scumo is hitting the panic button as the thought of a pick and shovel is outa bounds and beyond his ability anyway. A pimp for a brothel would probably suit his skills.

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