October 2, 2023

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Dr. Rima Replies to an Aussie Vaxx Loonie Just When You Thought Vaxx Loonies Couldn’t Get Any More Absurd!


I want to thank the amazing Louise Roberts for her article in Rupert Murdoch’s rag, the Daily Telegraph1. My gratitude springs from two sources: first, comic relief in a matter as urgently serious as vaccine mandates, which are deadly, unconstitutional and comprise Crimes Against Humanity (along with assault and battery, denial of civil rights, etc.) is always welcome.

The world-wide struggle between Vaccine Mandates and the Right to Informed Consent is a battle to the death (either the welcome death of the mandates which herald the death of our personal freedoms or OUR deaths) and there is not much to laugh about. But Louise provides those with any scientific understanding of the subject at hand and of the global politics involved with a serious belly laugh. So thank you, Louise for your stand-up idiocy.

By the way, if your venue were, say, The Onion, I would know that you never intended this drivel to be taken seriously. But you published it in the absurd and shameless Daily Telegraph, so I have to assume

1. You get paid for this disgusting simulation of journalism and
2. You seriously expect the public to take your inane screed to heart.

The second cause for my gratitude is that your article is so filled with fatuous fallacy that it is wonderfully simple to dissect it and leave it for dead, which is the appropriate state for the intellectual pond-scum you have written. And it is, frankly, not easy to be wrong on every point in an article of a full 695 words.

The best way to detoxify this mess is line by line, mistake by mistake, distortion by distortion.

Here’s your article with the much needed corrections following your um, er, “information”.

YOU: It’s January 2016 and the Federal Government’s No Jab No Pay legislation, designed to hit loonies in the hippy pocket where it hurts, is now in effect







1. Your Constitution provides for Informed Consent as does the International Law imposed by the Geneva Convention, of which Australia is a signatory. As such, it is bound by the laws of that Convention. The No Jab, No Pay law is both a violation of national and international law. It is not law, it is usurpation and has no validity.

2. Some people who support the Constitution may, indeed be hippies. The jurists, lawyers and other citizens who support the rule of law probably out number them. Loonies? Strange characterization unless that is local Aussie slang for “anyone who disagrees with me in any way or does not like what my boss wants to impose on the society for his own greed and gain”. Is it? Or have you done a research project evaluating the mental health of a large group of concerned parents and others who have taken the time to inform themselves about the science documenting the biological and immunological harm caused by injecting pus and poisons, especially injecting same into the bodies of fetuses and young children. Have you?

YOU: The law strips rebates, childcare benefits and a handful of tax supplements from parents who refuse to immunise their kids.


3. Yes, it does, unconstitutionally and unscientifically, imposing an “unconstitutional condition” making the receipt of a public benefit dependent on the surrender of a right, the Right to Informed Consent. This “Sophie’s Choice” between feeding one’s child and submitting the child to medical intervention against conscience is the very essence of tyranny.

YOU: But incredibly those “parents” who — in the face of all proven science refuse to vaccinate their own flesh and blood — have developed a sinister new tactic to push their farcical agenda.


4. Nothing “incredible” about it, Louise. It is credible and logical for anyone who has looked at the science and epidemiology (see, for example, Professor A. Maniotis’s brilliant studies on the ability to predict outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics by tracking vaccination programs). And see the studies comparing the ill-health of vaccinated and vibrant health of unvaccinated kids. Both are available on my website, www.DrRimaTruthReports.com, along with a good deal of information on how to legally refuse all vaccines, which applies in your country because of Australia’s status under the Geneva Conventions and other humanitarian conventions and declarations.

5. Why is “parents” in quotes? Does disagreeing with you or your corrupt organization sever the social, emotional and biological ties that people who raise children have with them? Is that a uniquely Murdochian mis-perception?

6. Big OOPS!, Louise. The decision not to vaccinate is not made “in the face of all science,” a typical yellow journalism distortion (you do know that means “shamefully inaccurate, careless and distorted reporting to serve a financial interest of the forces served by those distortions,” don’t you, Louise? Well, you do now. Happy to help educate you in another way.)

7. Because parents are dealing with their own flesh and blood, they refuse to vaccinate in order to protect what they love. Seriously, Louise, the science is clear: vaccines are not protective and do damage the immune and other systems permanently. Wouldn’t you say protecting your own flesh and blood is virtuous and worthy? Oh, wait. I forgot. You work for Murdoch. Never mind.

Vaccines have been declared “unavoidably unsafe” by more than one court world-wide.

Our Mission: to Discover, Develop, Demonstrate, Document and Disseminate Natural Solutions.


he science supporting the dangers of vaccination include the data from the studies that were intentionally misreported for 10 years by senior-CDC-scientist-now-turned-whistle-blower William Thompson, PhD, the tireless Paul G. King, PhD, and a host of other disinterested, honest scientists who are neither bought nor paid for by the vaccine interests and industry.
The decision of these dedicated freedom and health lovers is based in science, as it happens.

8. Sinister? OOOOHHHHH!!!!! Yellow, yellow journalism! Even Fox (another Murdoch bastion of stupidity and distortion) at least SAYS they try to be “Fair and Balanced”. SINISTER? Whoo HOO! You measured them with a Sinister Meter? Does it read from 4+ Sinister to 4+ Dexter? Where do I get one? Does Murdoch make them? Do you need a yellow card to own one?

9. Farcical agenda being, exactly what, Louise? The death of humanity through the “biological weapons” they have turned their children into by allowing them to have intact immune systems? Have you been checked out on the Sinister Meter? What was YOUR reading? Do you also have a Farcical Agenda detector? And a Sky King decoder ring from the cereal box?

Oh, wait. If you discovered a farcical agenda, you forget to specify what it was. We are waiting with baited breath (which we could measure on a Murdoch Baited Breath Meter, if you like).

YOU: In their day-to-day dealings, their innocent but unvaccinated kids are mixing with ours.

10. Wow. Hard to know where to start with this particular bit of AS (that’s Advanced Stupidity).

Read my lips:



Check the facts: all recent infectious disease outbreaks (such as the Disneyland Measles mini-outbreak) are traceable to a recently vaccinated and therefore virus-shedding person, and most of the victims of these vaccine-created outbreaks are also vaccinated. It would appear that the unvaccinated actually do have – gasp! strong immune systems and resist getting infectious diseases that vaccinated people get!!

11. You have set up a dangerous and unwarranted US v. THEM mentality to make your emotional, but not in any way support your [un]scientific point. Sorry, Louise: I am going to have to Yellow Card you again.

YOU: And we are none the wiser because a growing number of deluded vaccine haters in this country are keeping their fanaticism a secret.


12. I know!!!!! Force them deluded secret fanatical vaccine haters to wear Yellow Stars! Force them all into ghettos. I amsureyoucanfindtheplansforAuschwitzsomewhereontheinternet!100YellowCards,Louise. BIG,BIGYellow Cards.

YOU: New research by Western Australian Edith Cowan University reveals that these anti-vaxxers who once defaced posters in doctor’s surgeries and publicly hounded us “brainwashed” mums and dads are, in fact, wounded by the criticism.


13. Is that like the new research by Cornell University in Ithica NY that shows, after a multi-million dollar gift from Monsanto Corporation, that GMOs are totally safe and wonderful for you and the environment? Who funded the research and what does “wounded” mean, exactly? No background digging here, Louise. Journalists do this, you know. Real ones, anyway. That stack of Yellow Cards just keeps growing, doesn’t it?

YOU: Poor lambs. So rather than boasting, some are fueling a public health risk by lying or refusing to comment when asked if their children have been inoculated against measles, mumps, rubella, polio and whooping cough — all of which are meant to be eradicated from Australian society.



In that case, why inject people with known toxins? Why cover up the associated dangers such as the 310 million courses of polio vaccine that the CDC knew was contaminated with cancer-causing SV-40 but refused to require manufacturers to filter out (at a cost of less than $0.10 per dose US) in order not to increase their financial burden? (By the way, check out the CDC’s website for confirmation of this atrocity.) Oh, yes, money and the downstream profits of a desperately chronically ill population. And depopulation. That’s why.

Non vaccinating parents are not fueling a public health risk but vaccine makers and vaccine takers are. Yellow Card, I am afraid.

15. Worth repeating: the vaccinated, by the way, can shed the diseases against they are vaccinated for decades (science, Louise, science) like the poor guy in the UK who was found to be shedding infective polio virus 30 years after he was vaccinated. OOPS! The vaccinated are creating a public health risk. Another Yellow Card for your collection. You can paper your bathroom walls with them.

16. How do you know that non vaccinating parents are lying and hiding and skulking in order to salve their wounded spirits, Louise? Your research? Do you have a Psychologically Wounded Meter, too? Lucky you. Please let us see the patents and how you calibrate it in your next screed. Sorry. Yellow Card.

17. Thanks for your sympathy about their allegedly wounded spirits. It is very big of you to express such genuine empathy and concern for those you believe have banded together to turn their innocents into walking IEDs. Good job of reaching out and building community as you attempt to solve a problem you perceive. FAIL! Yellow Card city!
YOU: In other words, vaccine-preventable.


18. FAIL, 10 YELLOW CARDS. There is no such thing as a vaccine preventable, or, indeed, a vaccine prevented, disease. Please see my invited paper which I presented to the First All India Medical Education Congress, http://drrimatruthreports.com/wp-content/uploads/Final-All-India-Medical-Congress-Paper.020415.pdf, which makes that point very, very clearly using official national statistics from the UK. It has a lot of pictures so I think you’ll be able to understand it. I decided, by the way, not to give you another yellow card here because you just might really believe that. Oh, wait, it is your job to find out the truth and report it so it does not matter what you believe. Yellow Card.

YOU: So much so that Dr Bronwyn Harman, university lead researcher, says: “It really does frighten me a lot of people coming into contact with those women and children aren’t disclosing their status out of fear of being perceived as bad parents.”


19. Who funded the study? IF her findings are as reported, then shame on you and your yellow colleagues who are creating a psychological perception that doing research, finding out the dangers of a procedure and exerting your legal and moral rights while fulfilling your protective obligations as parents means they will be “perceived as bad parents”. Dr. Harman may be a great social scientist (or a corporate shill – I do not know) but she is not an expert on vaccination safely, I have no doubt. If she were, she would not make the statement attributed to her in your story (did she actually say that, by the way?) but she would be frightened that these unvaccinated women and children are coming into contact with the vaccinated who may well be shedding dangerous organisms and creating a public health problem. Or perhaps she was funded because she is morally and methodologically easy and services her academic Johns by selling science to the highest bidder.

YOU: And our Australian Medical Association VP Dr Stephen Parnis who told journalists: “These groups are resistant to science and think they know better than the medical and scientific communities… There is a risk irrespective of whether they disclose it or not. But that risk could be amplified if they gain access to places where they shouldn’t on the basis of not telling the truth.”


20. Did he, now? Did the Australian Medical Association VP say that? My Goodness me! How very convincing and definitive! And just exactly how much money does the Australian Medical Association and its journals, seminars and activities make from the donations, grants and advertising fees that the manufacturers of these scientifically unproven vaccines pay to them? What percentage of the good doctor’s salary comes from these sources? You didn’t ask? It did not

Our Mission: to Discover, Develop, Demonstrate, Document and Disseminate Natural Solutions.


occur to you? It would not have fit the pre-ordained outcome of the story to ask that? OOOOOHHHH!!! Super size that Yellow Card for Louise, will you, guys? Thanks.
YOU: Like a school or day care centre.


21. Order those Yellow Stars NOW! Nope. Cancel that. Just get out another Yellow Card. Start a new stack, fellows. This one is getting pretty tall.

YOU: The anti-vaxxers preach that if their kids eat right, their healthy bodies will fight off any disease. In other words, to hell with everyone else’s children and the risks they will be exposed to.


22. The anti-vaxxers, like me, with my medical doctorate and license in full force (where are yours, by the way? Your credentials for this article are exactly what?) know that an intact immune system has the responsibility of protecting us from infection and, if infection is experienced, for getting rid of it, often through the production of a fever. We also know that there are modified and mutated organisms and that our food and water are not necessarily supportive of our healthy immune systems so we need healthy nutrient alternatives such as Nano Silver 10 PPM and Cannabidiol, Vitamin C, homeopathic, herbal, frequency and other tools to assist us in supporting that immune function. Um, that is biochemistry and nutrition (which is just applied biochemistry), immunology, physiology and epidemiology, all backed up by excellent science so no one “preaches” it. We reference it.

23. Louise, perhaps your ire and scorn should be directed to the agrochemical and industrial food production folks who are saying “To hell with everyone else’s children and with adults, too. We’ll just produce food that does not support either immune health or life and let the damn chips fall where they may. When they get sick and die, blame it on the damn organic gardeners.”

Oh, wait. There is no evidence they are saying that, just like there is no evidence that your imputed motivation is what the non-vaccinating parents are saying. Yellow card.

YOU: The anti-vaxxers preach that they deserve the right to decide, as long as all parents make the decision the anti-vaxxers want. They are our contemporary medical terrorists.


24: There is no Yellow Card big enough for this one, Louise. Name-calling is not nice! I will award you an extra 100 large ones, though, because idiocy and illogic like this cannot be allowed to go unnoticed.

25. Now this is going to be challenging for you, Louise, so take it slowly, breath deeply and try to stay with me here, Louise. This will be hard and it may hurt.

Anti vaxxers DO have the right to decide. It does not matter what other parents do since they, too, have the right to decide. It’s the law. It’s called the Right of Informed Consent.


Feeling OK? I know this is hard for you. Poor lamb. Keep breathing deeply and slowly. The nausea will pass.

26. No, Louise, YOU and your ilk are the medical terrorists. Sigh. Sadly, the right to speak your mind does not prohibit self-interested mendacity nor, alas, alack, rampant stupidity.

Well, when you have freedom, you have the freedom to be stupid. Congratulations on your expression of freedom, Louise. I, also, of course, have the freedom to identify and ignore that stupidity.

YOU: To refuse to vaccinate, they preach, is to err on the side of caution. Absolute rubbish — you are erring on the side of caution if you do allow a nurse or doctor to put the needle in your son or daughter’s arm, considering how many deaths this prevents.

27. Decades ago the smooth-voiced Harry Belafonte sang

“Yellow bird, high up in banana tree Yellow bird, you sit all alone like me.”

I would paraphrase that

“Yellow card, high up on a growing stack
Yellow card, such reporters should get the sack.”

Did you ever hear of the Precautionary Principle, enshrined in both national and international law? In simple terms (I am trying to be helpful here, Louise, because your limitations have made themselves obvious through your writing and lack of logic) it means that you do not do something until AFTER it has been proven safe, not before. You do not err on the side of experimentation with important things like injecting vaccines into pregnant women and their babies as the FDA is now doing, on an experimental basis although the vaccines have never been studied for reproductive or fetal safety and the injected women and their fetuses are not being given informed consent forms to fill out and sign. Or at least you don’t if you are not a Nazi. You are not a Nazi, are you, Louise? If there is a doubt about a thing’s safety, you do not do it.

The Precautionary Principle is always invoked for public policy, except when a WHOLE LOT of money in involved, as here. The safety of our children is apparently a lower priority than your crony corporation’s profits.

So, yes, Louise, non-vaccinating parents are not erring on the side of caution, non-vaccinating parents are action on the side of caution. It is the vaccinating parents who are erring on the side of propaganda and fraudulent science. Shame on people like you for encouraging the vaxxers to harm their children although they intend them no such harm. YELLOW CARDS STACKING HIGH! YELLOW CARDS MAY REACH THE SKY!

YOU: There is no logic — what parent would refuse to protect their child from a disease that could kill them?


28. Read the package inserts. All of them, every vaccine, can cause, in addition to the other bad things that even the regulators are forced to admit can happen, the disease(s) it supposedly prevents. Every. Single. One. And that disease can be deadly. Like the Polio Vaccine.

Remember the paper I gave you the reference for above, Louise? Read it.

But you are a little bit correct (that is something, after all!) What parent would refuse to protect their child from, say, autism, or attention deficit disorder, or retardation or diabetes or seizures or cancer? There is no logic – why would anyone vaccinate their child? Oh, because of shills like you who ceaselessly propagandize and lie to them, that’s why. Super size Yellow Card.

YOU: It’s not even a debate although zealots keep it on the boil because the rest of us are obviously complicit in a plan to make pharma giants richer.



29. Yes, when you look at independent science and epidemiology, it is not even a debate. Your side has already lost, a long, long time ago. Perhaps the debate was over when Jenner said he was injecting pus from cowpox sores into people to prevent small pox when the sores were open Stage II syphilitic sores and he gave untold numbers of people syphilis including large numbers of babies born healthy but then infected by his vaccination methods. In the tropics where syphilis was hard to come by, his method continued with the use of open leprosy lesions and spread leprosy throughout the tropical world.

Or perhaps it was over when Jenner, who bought his medical degree for 25 Pound Sterling from the University of Edinburgh, published his “results” before he conducted his experiments – when he conducted them at all. Or perhaps it was over when, in the mid 1850’s, because of the huge outcry against injecting people with pus and poison and its deadly consequences, the British Parliament conducted a 2 year Blue Ribbon Panel investigation which found, as the Cochrane Data Base found about the flu vaccine for children and adults (2 separate studies), that the procedure was worthless for prevention but spread disease and suffering everywhere it was practiced.

Faced with the decision as to whether to fess up to the public that it had passed terrible laws or pretend that everything was OK, the Parliament did the political thing: it suppressed the findings and doubled Jenner’s honorarium for life from 10,000 Pound Sterling to 20,000. It also enforced the mandates for vaccination very strictly.

So, yes, the political debate is over.

30. You work or write for Murdoch. Yes, you are complicit in a plan to make Big Pharma rich. 10 Yellow Cards.

YOU: And there’s no proven link between vaccines and autism. No researcher has found it.


31. Apparently there’s no proven link between published articles and investigative journalism, truth or ethics.

Yes, there are numerous studies, and the testimony of the data that has been hidden, showing just that: vaccines cause autism. On the Natural Solutions Foundation’s FB page, NaturalSolutionsFoundation, I listed dozens of peer reviewed articles from main stream journals, one per day, showing the link between autism and vaccination. And that was just a start.

In case you actually are interested, I commend you to such experts as Paul G. King, PhD. Do a web search and read the hundreds of articles and documents on his sites. Or read the data from Dr. Walter J. Thompson, PhD of the CDC who suppressed the data that vaccination, specifically MMR, was associated with huge increases in autism when given before 36 months of age. OOPS! 50 Yellow Cards.

We have reached the Yellow Card stage when 1 is not enough!

YOU: The World Health Organisation, Centre for Disease Control and many others say no.


32. As Jerry McGuire was famously portrayed as saying, “Show me the money!” Um, WHO receives more than 2/3 of its funding directly, DIRECTLY, from the pharmaceutical industry. CDC has been identified by the General Accounting Office of the United States Government as “Hopelessly corrupt” because of the disastrous entanglement of conflicts of interest and scientific fraud (to say nothing of its wildly dangerous ineptitude at handling, for example, live smallpox and anthrax samples, which it regularly loses all track of).

32. Many others?

Who? Your Uncle Jack? Sidney, the Corner Shoe Shine Guy? Lucy, the Coffee Cart Lady? Yellow Card, Yellow Card. YOU: UK “expert” Dr Andrew Wakefield was globally discredited for casually connecting the dots in 1998 between the standard MMR vaccine and the neurobehavioral disorder.

REALITY: Dr. Wakefield has been exonerated. Your organization implicated.


33. Yellow Card Stack. Maybe 500 for failure to disclose conflict of interest here.

Your boss, Rupert, hired Brian Deer (oh, don’t get me started on that job of work!) to discredit Dr. Wakefield, a perfectly honest and reputable gastroenterologist who found that the virus in the MMR, made by a company with which Mr. M. had a financial relationship, lodged and persisted in the GI tracts of children who had both been vaccinated with the MMR AND developed autism.

He never, never, never said that MMR causes autism. I do, but he never did, and still does not.

34. His article, however, provided damning evidence that the vaccine is dangerous. So he had to be destroyed.

Oh, wait. It is better to destroy the children, as the damning documents produced by Walter Thompson, PhD, make clear, better to add dog antibodies to doctor the mumps part of the MMR, better to sacrifice generations than to take the devil’s brew off the market and cut into the profits of the members of the Board and the shareholders.


Never mentioned that, though, did you, Louise?

YOU: In 2010 his work was retracted, in part because it was funded by parents taking legal action against vaccine manufacturers but also because he fabricated huge chunks of research.


35. His article, not his work, was retracted by the Lancet, in whose pages advertisements from Merck, the maker of MMR vaccine, regularly appear and help to keep them floating down the ever-more-corrupt science stream. See, for example, the articles and books of the former editors of the New England Journal of Medicine and The British Medical Journal for information on that corruption, should you happen to find that of any interest. 10 Yellow Cards.

YOU: Since then Hollywood actress Jenny McCarthy (dumb) and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (dumber) have jumped on the bandwagon, the latter spectacularly because he needs controversy and airtime to stay relevant.


36. Did you check their IQ’s or do you simply mean that their statements are in conflict with your opinions, be they your own, bought and paid for or both? 10 Yellow Cards for unsupported allegations, Louise, and another 10 for making statements without proof unless you can publish the IQ scores of both of them.


37. Your assertion of their motivations is supported by precisely what, Louise? OH, the same thing that your assertion of the malignant and malevolent intent of non-vaccinating parents is based upon: knowing where your bread is buttered and Devil take the consequences. Got it. 20 Yellow Cards

YOU: God help you if you speak up in favour of vaccines. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg did and now he’s in the firing line.

Zuckerberg — whose wife, Priscilla Chan, is a doctor — had the anti-vaxxers foaming at the mouth a few days ago after posting a photo of himself with daughter Max and the tagline: “Doctor’s visit — time for vaccines!”


38. Um that is what Social Media does: it allows people to share their experiences and their opinions. (By the way, that is not what JOURNALISM is supposed to do, but, hey, “They pay the pay, you say the say!”)

I would guess that Mark Zukerberg kind of understands that. But he does censor vaccine truth. In fact, we have a screenshot of the FB algorithm censoring us when we posted a video of a teen age girl speaking from her bed about what Gardasil had done to her and to her life. Nope. OK to show a pic of a dad holding a baby with the odd Pediatrician- speak “rum-titty-rum-titty-rum-titty” on the white board behind him (perhaps that really is what the pediatrician likes to write on the white board) and no evidence that the baby was getting a shot, only that she was in a snuggie with pretty colors on it. But not OK to say that is not a good idea or wonder if, indeed, the baby was actually vaccinated? I myself wrote him a note telling him what a dangerous procedure it was and hoping for the sake of his child that the photo was a propaganda piece, not a real documentation of vaccination. I never heard from him.

39. His wife is a doctor. WOW! Not a single one of them has been propagandized or conned, so the science does not count. Yellow Card.

YOU: But the anti-vaxxers are on a road to nowhere. They’re doomed. It’s time to wave white flag.

40. Um, “It’s time to wave white flag” is not a full sentence in English. You need at least an article or more. An article

Our Mission: to Discover, Develop, Demonstrate, Document and Disseminate Natural Solutions.


is “a”, “an” or “the” in case you did not know. But you did get the apostrophe correct in “It’s”. While that does not cancel the illogic of the unsupported assertion, I will give you one less Yellow Card out of respect for your apostrophic skill. 4 White Cards.

You’ve made your “whitr flag” statement because your boss is really, really afraid that the opposite is true. The world-wide demand to respect our Right of Informed Consent only grows. Millions are standing, as Gandhi said a century or so ago, against the “barbaric practice” of vaccination, asserting our basic human right to Informed Consent.

You: For anti-vaxxers, it’s now ego as well as stupidity in an ideological battle, which is an utter travesty to the whole ethos of being a parent. And being a new, silent risk to us and our children is their greatest crime of all.


41. Um, Louise, is there really a “whole ethos of being a parent” to which everyone subscribes. As a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist I guess I missed the ‘Whole ethos of being a parent” lecture. Perhaps you would fill me in.

And, yes it is an ideological battle. And you stand squarely with the elitist tyrants.
42. See above. All of it. 500 more Yellow Cards. But I was wrong, Louise. You can paper your living room AND your

bathroom with them.
Yours in health and freedom,

Dr. Rima
Rima E. Laibow, MD
Medical Director
Natural Solutions Foundation www.DrRimaTruthReports.com FB:/NaturalSolutionsFoundation

Link to article: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/rendezview/antivaxxers-are-contemporary-medical-terrorists/news-story/f2c97b1b1509e418e0b7623f902444a9

Please See Dr Rima’s Full PDF Response Here 


2 thoughts on “Dr. Rima Replies to an Aussie Vaxx Loonie Just When You Thought Vaxx Loonies Couldn’t Get Any More Absurd!

  1. Very entertaining – thank you. What I don’t understand is why this topic has been escalated to such heights. There is no discussion anymore. We are now tagged ‘Vaxxers’ or ‘anti Vaxxers’. My grandchildren are not vaccinated and I respect the right of their parents to make that decision. No one can convince me that they don’t love their children. They did their research (which a lot of people don’t bother to do) and they decided against it. They will not be bullied by the threat of withdrawal of their benefits. Bottom line, whether the vaccines are safe or not safe – I don’t trust the authorities to be acting in our best interest – do you?

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