October 1, 2023

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End the Australia Day wars, replace the Greens

“Greens Leader, Richard Di Natale Is An Un-Australian Douchebag & A Racist”


Australians are tired of the Greens annual attack on Australia Day and are dismayed that it has started four months out.

Conservative Party spokesman Lyle Shelton said the Greens-dominated Byron Shire Council was getting in early, declaring it would shift the date from January 26.

In response, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has stripped the council of its right to conduct citizenship ceremonies, vowing councils would not be allowed to use our national day as a “political football”.

“No one wants to spend the next four months arguing about our national day,” Mr Shelton said.

“No nation has a perfect past but the country that has been built since January 26, 1788 is by any measure one of the best in the world and is worth celebrating by all Australians,” Mr Shelton said.

“We should thank God for the country, honour the indigenous custodians of the country and celebrate the pioneers who developed the country.

“Let’s have an end to the Australia Day wars, otherwise it is going to be a long four months.”

Mr Shelton said it was good that new Prime Minister Scott Morrison called out the Greens loathing of Australia in a tweet today.

“It’s great to see the new Prime Minister taking a leaf from Senator Cory Bernardi’s Conservative Party playbook in condemning the Greens’ Australia Day attacks. It seems we are all conservatives now,” he continued.

“But the best way to put an end to un-Australian Green ideology is to replace the Greens with Conservative Party Senators at the next election,” Mr Shelton said.

Meanwhile, The Australian reports, Prime Minister Morrison wants to create a new national day to honour and acknowledge the history of indigenous Australians.

This new commemoration day would either upgrade or be in addition to existing:

  • Sorry Day (26 May)
  • Close the Gap Day (15 March)
  • Mabo Day (3 June)
  • National Apology Day (13 February)
  • Referendum Day (27 May)
  • Reconciliation week in late May each year
  • NAIDOC week in  July each year

As the Prime Minister stepped up his attack on councils exploiting divisions over the national holiday, he insisted Australia Day must remain on January 26.

The ABC called upon its ‘comrades’ to mark Australia Day in 2018 and tripleJ abandoned the date for its ‘Hottest 100’ playlist. Cory Bernardi stepped into the breach, launching his famous ‘#AC100’ playlist and this spray at the Greens (also embedded below) who dominate inner-metropolitan councils that have led the charge to ‘Change the Date’.

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Source: https://www.conservatives.org.au/end_the_australia_day_wars_replace_the_greens

2 thoughts on “End the Australia Day wars, replace the Greens

  1. SO ……

    The Flavor Of Australia’s Month Is Cory Bernardi !!
    The Winning Team.

    😀 “all cheer & applause here please” – Yeahhhhh!!” 😀
    The Australian Conservative Party.
    😀 Yeahhhh!! 😀
    The People In Australia That Best Represent Australian Values.
    Will The Australian Conservative Party
    Ladies & Gentlemen Please Welcome Australia’s NEW LOOK:

    Don’t you worry folks …. now that we have made the GREENS the blame for all of Australia’s ILLS.
    1) We”ll get Nuclear Energy up & running.
    2) And mark my words every other thing that them GREEN bastards have held Australia back on.

    [A little question here]:- 😛
    Does Robert Di Natale know that he has been used to vilify his own party ??
    To utilize the GREENS Party to make Cory Bernardi & his Conservatives mob look good in the eyes of Australians & as long as Australia’s Current Prime Minister is “TAKING A LEAF FROM” Cory Bernardi’s “PLAY BOOK” he is on a WINNING STREAK ??

    ( It is thought of Scott Morrison in some circles that thinking is not his strong point )
    ( That he is not a leader but a follower )
    (Seeing is believing – hey )

    i.e., “It’s – GREAT – to see the Prime Minister – ( Scott Morrison ) – taking a leaf from Senator Cory Bernardi’s Conservative Party PLAYBOOK in condemning the GREENS …
    The GREENS being the Sacrificial Lamb here.

    And most baffling of all to my tiny little mind is this – what is a PLAYBOOK ??
    A book of plays as in actors in a play ??
    Exactly how much do we Australians pay to have the Australian Parliament open & running for one day ??

    The Liberal/Coalition Party are DESPERATE – & they have latched onto the Australian Conservatives to stay afloat.
    Holding onto a LIFEBUOY is the hope that the Liberal/Coalition party can give Australians to take to the next Federal Election.

    At The Next Federal Election
    Cut To The Chase And
    000—000 VOTE 1 —000—
    🙂 *** Pauline Hanson *** 🙂
    For Prime Minister Of Australia

  2. I was at the E&E on the Park all morning – from real early – today.
    Lucky I have a wheelchair or I would have die of overwalking.
    I’m having eye surgery on my 1 good eye soon.
    I watched the invasive surgery 4 times on Youtube.
    If I stop writing I am learning braille.

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