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Engineering Third World Migration


As the entire Third World is being emptied into the West at the invitation of Liberal governments and Multilateral political entities, the financial, cultural, and existential costs are fast-becoming untenable. Without organized political push back, European ethnic groups will be eradicated within 100 years…


6 thoughts on “Engineering Third World Migration

    Yanis Varoufakis: Is Capitalism Devouring Democracy – Youtube

    There is not one boring moment of listening here – you do not have to agree with Varoufakis but it paints the picture very clearly for us.

  2. What the Worlds Government
    ……….. either do not understand
    ……….. have not comprehended themselves
    ……….. or are in denial of
    Is this fact.

    Is that …. regardless of how a nation labels itself politically …. it practices Capitalism & is part & partner of&to a Capitalist world.
    We the people of planet Earth are mere commodities …. with many price tags attached to our existence.
    The governments should issue us with vests with FOR SALE on the back & front.
    I wonder if they realize that they also …. are the same type of low grade flesh to be bought & sold many times over …. for a price …. equal to us mere surfs.

    1. The $2.000 that is given over to the black Africans that the video talks about …. is not trucked in, in crates & handed over in cash to the designated recipient refugee …. they have internet banking over there …. but the monies are electronically transferred straight to the people transport companies … AND THEREFORE WE ASK …. where is this money coming from ??

      1. & not fucking SOROS
        Varoufakis …. in explaining the euro & the money value system & that Germany is filthy rich with loot
        … tells me that
        1. – GERMANY
        so who’s next & why do they want to fill the EU with refugees / or empty Africa & the Middle East of it’s young fit for fighting men ??
        WHY ??
        & do these men make it to the EU or are they siphoned off to labor camps to be slaves ??

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