October 1, 2023

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EU targets the right and calls for total ban on ‘xenophopic’ organisations – Special ‘thought police’ to be created


The European Parliament recently voted for a ban on so-called neo-fascist and neo-Nazi groups in all EU member statesThe resolution received 355 votes in favour and 90 against, and 39 abstentions.

“The Parliament is concerned by the increasing normalisation of fascism, racism and xenophobia and calls on EU states to ban neo-fascist and neo-Nazi groups”, the EU Parliament writes in a press release.

The text states, among other things, that “the lack of serious action against these groups has enabled the current xenophobic surge in Europe”.

MEPs argue, that there is a legal laxity towards “right-wing organisations” in some member states and that this is one of the reasons behind the “rise in violent actions, affecting society as a whole and targeting particular minorities such as people of African descent, Jews, Muslims, Romas, non-EU nationals, LGBTI people and persons with disabilities”.

The European Parliament also wants member states to set up special police forces to combat so-called hate crimes and hate speech.

And they want to bring even more action to counteract the spread of “fascism, racism and xenophobia” through the internet, in cooperation with social media companies.

Communist, Islamic, and left-wing organisations are not included and will therefore be allowed. All European right-wing parties have been called xenophobes, racists, extremists, fascists or Nazis by the mainstream media.

Source: https://voiceofeurope.com/2018/11/eu-targets-the-right-and-calls-for-total-ban-on-xenophopic-organisations-special-thought-police-to-be-created/#.W93TPceuB4o.twitter

3 thoughts on “EU targets the right and calls for total ban on ‘xenophopic’ organisations – Special ‘thought police’ to be created

  1. The men who once dreamed big about building towards the future & making our lives better never considered the cost of their efforts.
    A society who went beyond their means only to destroy themselves.

  2. GREECE: Golden Dawn is a Neo-Nazi party …..
    The Greek Police VOTE for them.
    The Greek Orthodox Church VOTE for them.
    In fact …
    The Neo-Nazi THUGGERY that has been more than welcome throughout the European Union as a means of CONTROL / an assistance – only – to the governments – in managing the populations – has been an essential asset since WWII.
    In Great Britain they are in the guise of the soccer hooligans.
    I doubt the governments of the EU will let this valuable asset go in an hurry.
    In Greece they killed a rapper who’s politics were suspect of the government.
    The Neo-Nazi’s are The Cleaners of all thing estranged from government thinking.

  3. I know what the EU governments will do !!
    They will re-name them.
    Something like …
    Die sanften Feen des homogenisierten Deutschlands und der Knuppel.

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