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Extremist Lidia Thorpe Quits Greens: Joins Black Terrorist Organisation

Racist Extremist Lidia Thorpe Quits The Communist Green Party 


What a fruitcake.

From the Guardian:

Victorian senator Lidia Thorpe has announced she is quitting the Greens and will move to the crossbench.

Thorpe made the announcement at a press conference in Canberra on Monday afternoon, after it was initially reported by Guardian Australia.

“I have told Greens [leader] Adam Bandt and the Senate president that I am resigning from the Greens to sit on the Senate crossbench,” Thorpe said.

“This country has a strong grassroots black sovereign movement, full of staunch and committed warriors, and I want to represent that movement fully in this parliament. It has become clear to me that I can’t do that from within the Greens.

Warriors, huh? Theme’s terrorism words.

“Now I will be able to speak freely on all issues from a sovereign perspective without being constrained by portfolios and agreed party positions.

“Greens MPs, members and supporters have told me they want to support the voice. This is at odds with the community of activists who are saying treaty before voice.”

Thorpe said her “ancestors and matriarchs” had urged her to “keep infiltrating” and “keep [their] fight alive”.

When conservative Christians try to take back the Liberal Party the Lying Press freaks outlike they’re about to gas 6 million homos. But when a black power saluting bikie skank openly states her role is one of infiltration on behalf of a black terrorist organisation, nobody bats an eyelid.

Thorpe said she would not reveal how she would vote on the voice to parliament. She has previously said she would oppose the body unless she is satisfied that it “guarantees First Nations sovereignty is not ceded”.

Thorpe thanked Bandt and the deputy Greens leader, Mehreen Faruqi, who she said had been “strong allies” and had supported “pushing the government to go further on truth and treaty”.

Thorpe said she did not “intend to comment further” about her time in the Greens, ending the statement to media without taking questions.

When aboriginal terrorists caused millions of dollars damage to Old Parliament House in Canberra by setting it alight not once but twice and attempted to storm the new one, the Lying Press pretended it was a bunch of anti-vaxxers.

From the Canberra Times, January 13, 2022:

The protest group, which has ties to sovereign citizen and anti-vaccine causes, was previously involved in a demonstration which led to the doors of Old Parliament House being set alight on December 30.

They were able to make this tenuous link because an element of the aboriginal identity politics movement utilises sovereign citizen arguments and language.

Although there is according to my understanding some crossover, the aborigines who attempted to burn down Old Parliament House are aboriginal activists. They’re a world apart from the hundreds of thousands of ordinary White mums and dads who marched across the nation to demand an end to vaccine mandates.

Furthermore, the Regime is attempting to characterise ordinary White Aussies who oppose Covid Tyranny as terrorists, partly based on the actions of these antiwhite terrorists.

So, what do these freaks advocate?

From the Daily Mail:

Lidia Thorpe wants Australians to pay the ‘rent’ to Indigenous people, to rewrite the constitution and establish a treaty with ‘colonial’ settlers…..

At the centre of her movement is a push for a treaty, and afterwards, an Aboriginal-led Republic.

Such a republic would guarantee that First Nations people would have ‘real power’ and maintain their sovereignty over the land.

It would allow Indigenous people to ‘take back what was ours in the first place and share it in a way that we know how best to do’.

‘I mean our whole culture is based on sharing and caring. So a Blak Republic would ensure that everybody in this country is looked after,’ she told youth news website Junkee.

‘Everybody in this country understands the true history of this country, understands or has some basic knowledge around how to look after the land that you are on and how we’ve looked after it.’

That’s a declaration of war.

The so-called “black sovereign movement” wants to completely overturn every institutional reminder that Australia was founded as an ethnostate for White subjects of the British Empire.

Unlike the major parties which are doing this in manageable stages, one identity politics campaign at a time, the “black sovereignty movement” wants to do it all in one go. They believe they have the numbers and the momentum to essentially launch a coup.

Unlike the major parties who are working to gradually exterminate White Australians through mass immigration, multiculturalism and hardcore miscegenation programming, these “black sovereigns” will attempt to do it all in one go, too.

Don’t write off any of this as far fetched. I attended university in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. I was taught by open Marxists, but the professors who subscribed to radical gender theories were on the fringe and they complained long and hard about it. I dismissed them as crazy and considered the not so crazy classical Marxists to be our main enemy. Now radical gender theories are at the core of public policy across the West.

The radicals always win.

In 10-20 years time there will be no Greens, no Labor, no Liberal-National Coalition. It will be “black sovereigns” vs The White Revolutionary Movement.

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