Eye On Oz Podcast With Adam And Donna “EP 3”

Eye On Oz Podcast With Adam And Donna “EP 3”

Howdy members, i plug in with, Donna Koscica for some new podcast shows called, “EYE ON OZ” to cover current Alternative news & events from Australia.

These shows will give us a chance to keep an eye on whats happening here on the ground & to cover what main stream media won’t. 

Adam & Donna

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One thought on “Eye On Oz Podcast With Adam And Donna “EP 3”

  1. Alternative cancer treatment in Australia : https://gawler.org/ My father went here… 7 more years were added on to his life he had throat cancer. (This was spoken about at beginning of podcast; Donna these types of centres were just overseas) He’s in Yarra Valley, Victoria 🙂

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