Eye On Oz With Adam And Donna “EP 21”

Eye On Oz With Adam And Donna “EP 21”

I plugin with, Donna Koscica for some new podcast shows called, “EYE ON OZ” to cover current Alternative news & events from Australia. 

 We continue to break down the COVID-19 PSYOP of 2020 while taking a look at all the latest alternative news and main stream media propaganda. 

We chat about the current situation in Victoria, Australia and the brutal police state being implemented by Dictator Dan. 

Also, we cover agenda 2030, the strong cities network and the global police force controlled by the United Nations that is now being rolled out in Victoria. 

We discuss how Astra Zeneca has halted global trials of its coronavirus vaccine because of a serious and unexpected adverse reaction and how this will impact the Australian Governments mad rollout. 

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Donna And Adam 


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