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Facebook bans all speech that praises white culture, demonstrating the deep-rooted bigotry and intolerance of Big Tech


Celebrating your ethnic heritage on Facebook is completely acceptable and within the confines of free speech and the First Amendment – just so long as you don’t have white skin, of course.

The deep state owned-and-operated social media platform recently announced that any content on its platform that says anything positive specifically about white people or white heritage is now banned – the Mark Zuckerberg-controlled megalith insisting that such content “cannot be meaningfully separated from white supremacy and organized hate groups.”

In an official blog post, Facebook clearly stated that other people “will still be able to demonstrate pride in their ethnic heritage,” but that Facebook will “not tolerate praise or support for white nationalism or separatism.”

“[O]ver the past three months our conversations with members of civil society and academics who are experts in race relations around the world have confirmed that white nationalism and separatism cannot be meaningfully separated from white supremacy and organized hate groups,” Facebook announced.

“Our own review of hate figures and organizations – as defined by our Dangerous Individuals & Organizations policy – further revealed the overlap between white nationalism and separatism and white supremacy,” the company added.

While Facebook did further state that “while [sic] people will still be able to demonstrate pride in their ethnic heritage” – “while,” in this case, being an obvious misspelling for what should have been the word “white” – there are no clear guidelines as to what white people who use Facebook will be allowed to write and share, so as to not fall under the “white nationalism” banner of banned content.

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Celebrating one’s “whiteness” is now considered an unacceptable “ideology,” according to Facebook

Overtly racist groups like “The New Black Panther Party,” an anti-white hate organization run by black supremacists, are still allowed to spew whatever they wish on Facebook – as are anti-white hate organizations like “La Raza!” that are run by Hispanics. But white people are no longer afforded even basic free speech rights on Facebook, let alone the freedom to operate equivalent online “supremacy” groups to these others.

What this all proves, of course, is that Zuckerberg and Co. are no longer even trying to hide their deeply-rooted hatred for people of Caucasian and European heritage, who are now being relegated to the back of the digital bus. White people are now second-class citizens when it comes to their online free speech rights, in other words.

The group, “It’s okay to be white,” for instance, which simply celebrates the unique nature of being white and expresses nothing even close to the vile hatred spread by “The New Black Panther Party” and “La Raza!” is no longer allowed on Facebook because it’s considered to be intolerable “white supremacy.”

Before “It’s okay to be white” was pulled from Facebook’s platform, it was reportedly 258,000 members strong.

“Banning all ‘white identity’ because of violent acts done in its name is like saying we should ban all Muslims because of ISIS,” wrote political commenter Jeff Giesea in a Twitter post about this blatant hypocrisy and overt discrimination against white people.

“This is dumb and counter-productive,” he added. “Is talking about ‘white people issues’ now forbidden? How long can we sustain today’s asymmetry in identity politics?”

“Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam (Black American Muslim sect) are both ethnic separatist movements,” commented another Twitter user named Ali Alexander, pointing out that Facebook is selectively targeting only white separatist groups.

“Non-violent and I disagree with them, but there’s no reason to noplatform (sic) white or black separatists/segregationists,” he added. “It’s an idea … I’m deeply troubled by this decision.”


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