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Facebook Say They Are Banning David Icke And Deleting His Page With 700,000 Likes


Posted on Facebook today:

Just to let you know that Facebook have said they are unpublishing this David Icke page – deleting it in other words – with its more than 700,000 likes and growing every day.

I know Facebook have been wanting to get rid of me for a long time and they claim the permanent ban is for consistently breaking their codes.

This means posting things that are not acceptable to those that really control Facebook behind the T-shirt, ‘hey, man’, image that it works so hard to cultivate. The page is still here for now and we’ll have to see what happens.

If the page is taken down please circulate the information far and wide and the reason – the blatant censorship of someone successfully exposing the global tyranny of which Facebook is an important strand.

Please circulate all over social media and Facebook if the page goes down. It is a MASSIVE testament to what Facebook is really all about and the scale of censorship to which the public is now being subjected.

best wishes,


2 thoughts on “Facebook Say They Are Banning David Icke And Deleting His Page With 700,000 Likes

  1. You see – for most of us there is a budget – there is a salary – there are taxes – and, concequences for mismanaging our money / business / company / investments & the like – insolvency and bankruptcy, arrest, charges, our day in court & finally, incrceration.
    For a select few – there is unlimited cashflow & cooked books – Jamie Dimon, who has the mint deliver his currency, freshly printed,
    ” Oh, and on your way, man, to my house, with the load of new cash, could you pick up the drycleaning and a pizza with fries.” … “thank’s man”
    Max Keiser constantly tell us this so it must be …
    Mark Elliot Zuccerberg, like all the other, chosen for their good looks, is just another puppet – obedient.

  2. They set up the institutions & the obedient puppets who will run them
    a) Rupert Murdoch
    b) the Australian Broadcasting Corp…generously funded by the Australian Tax Payer.
    c) George Soros – I only ever saw him as a soldier – for George to do all that he was said to have done – it was all criminal activity as he lived openly & moved frely about the world – and they did not touch him – why not – includng Russia & they did not put a contract out on him – why ever not …/?
    Today SOROS is discreetly dead & buried in some cemetary – but we saw him on youtube – DAVOS 2015 – & he has made several other appearances – it is actually the seasoned American actor Michael Douglas – Reuters wrote the SOROS obituary & was forced to pull it 1/2 an hour later – that is how important the appearance that everything is still in place is.
    It is a pack of cards only – no one has ever called them on it & they continue their shonky opperation.
    google GEORGE SOROS & MICHAEL DOUGLAS images and flick back & forth – you will see how well the role of SOROS suits Michael Douglas – he was born for it.

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