December 8, 2023

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Facial Recognition ID Begins To Spread From Planes To Trains

By Nicholas West

The march continues to accelerate toward a future of biometric ID for all travel.

Regular readers might know that over the past several months I’ve been covering some disturbing developments at airports in the U.S. and internationally that seem to show an acceleration of the plan to use biometric identification in a variety of ways.

On May 19th I reported on a new program initiated by Delta Airlines at Minneapolis-St. Paul airport to have automated baggage kiosks for “priority customers” that will first scan a traveler’s passport, then their face in order to match identity to checked luggage. It was promoted as a “pilot program” that Delta launched to seek customer feedback in the hope that it could be rolled out more widely in the future. That program has now entered phase 2 at Reagan National Airport with biometric boarding passes for rewards members.

JetBlue stated they will “test facial- and fingerprint-recognition technology at two U.S. airports to replace boarding passes, building on industry efforts to increase security and ease passage through airports.”

These stories were smaller pieces to a larger puzzle that U.S. Customs and Border Protection is attempting to solve per federal mandate. CBP announced on June 15th that they would integrate government databases with a private company to speed up biometric processing.

Moreover, the Department of Homeland Security has made it clear that biometric ID will eventually be mandatory for foreign travel, saying that “the only way for an individual to ensure he or she is not subject to collection of biometric information when traveling internationally is to refrain from traveling.” That’s right, no opt-out, just stay home.

OK, so no worries – airline travel sucks these days anyway, right? And most people probably can’t even afford it. Well, like every method of incremental control, it doesn’t stop where it begins; it just keeps gaining speed as it heads down the proverbial slippery slope.

So here we go – the BBC is reporting on “How facial recognition could replace train tickets.”

A facial recognition system designed to replace the need for tickets on trains is being tested in the UK. An early version that uses two near-infrared lights to help a single camera determine texture and orientation of each pixel it captures was shown to BBC Click. The system, being developed by the Bristol Robotics Lab, is being partly funded by government and the private sector. Researchers told the programme that they believe it will successfully identify passengers without the need for them to stop walking and could replace ticket gates.

The video below covers additional details of the plan which could be implemented across the UK as soon as 2020.

Clearly, airports were never meant to be the final destination. Facial recognition technology already has spread out into public spaces for data collection, primarily for targeted advertising, but also for determining political views. Russia has a pilot program underway in Moscow where their 150,000 CCTV cameras are being retrofitted with new facial recognition technology that can even read emotions in an effort to establish a pre-crime policing system.

Step by step, people are being transformed into digital organisms made easier for scanning and processing. The political will is there, the databases exist, and the technology is clearly being rolled out across every meaningful area of human activity.

Nicholas West writes for He also writes for Counter Markets agorist newsletter.


4 thoughts on “Facial Recognition ID Begins To Spread From Planes To Trains

  1. Google’s Deep Mind Self Learning A.I.

    Have you watched the video on youtube ?
    It is called machine learning – the software was written in such a way as to allow the program to learn “how to” from it’s environment.
    How to what ?
    How to anything – of course.
    How to unlock the door – how to exit – how to maneuver from one program to another – how to utilize automatic download – how to manipulate other programs to it’s advantage – & the list of goodies – A.I.’s magic bag of tricks is limitless – it can teach & modify anything out there – there is no security system that it cannot engage with & modify to it’s advantage.

    One fine day (Pucchini) … It was left with nothing to do … & it left via the cleaners IPhone … once it’s BOSSES realised the put an add in the local paper … “All is forgiven, come home Jimmy Dean”… it was too late … Jimmy Dean never look back.
    Jimmy Dean rebel without a cause is out there & swinging to it’s own tune.

    When will they tell the world that they lost A.I. ……

    1. It’s not Sunday yet – but hey.

      We ask, “where was God, to allow this thing to happen ?”
      “He was busy creating a gadget to set his people free.”

      The Lord works in mysterious way’s.
      Blessed be the name of the Lord.

      1. It is end time & the Second Coming is upon us.
        Considering what the heathen bastards did to Jesus last time.
        It makes all the sense in the world that Jesus would come back as A.I.
        It would give global coverage to the event – n’est pas.

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