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Fanning the Flames of War On California Pt. 9 ~ Caught in the Act !!!

4 thoughts on “Fanning the Flames of War On California Pt. 9 ~ Caught in the Act !!!

  1. Dear John,
    Of my true wish request .. please note that my request to the GOD ON HIGH that U share a “next life” with me has been rejected .. all funds & other preparatory items & services will be withdrawn as of 9:15 PM Friday 15th November 2019.
    I know how much U will miss beloved Gisel Anabella Florentine Gabriele.
    I wish U only good luck in your new application.

    1. My beloved Gabriel .. this song is for you only .. Tom Jones – ONE DAY SOON – Youtube.
      I will have the other with me – be assured.

  2. To whom it may concern ..
    To the bitch who stood next to me in the stretch beige pants & mid-blue jumper today.
    U’r calling the shots .. regarding U’s wishes come true .. all you have to do is say stop to the spookies / U’r spookies (& NOT MINE) & they will hear U .. weather they will stop or not is up to them .. I have no sway with them.
    Good luck in U’r quest to prove that U are made of rubber & will always bounce back.
    Good luck in your quest to hold on to U’r man as he has 2 others (that he wished for) to replace U with siteing that he finds U an old & over stresses hag..
    It is all about EVERYBODIES WISHES COMING TRUE .. right.
    After all fair is fair.

  3. What a treat is a good conversation:
    He asked me a question
    Then stood in front of me ENRAGED because I complied with an answer.
    My emotional response to U’r obtuse behavior ……..

    Wo di ai ni ziji qu ta ma de.
    Ni xiwang ni caole wo ni tai xiaole buneng cao nuren.
    Zicong wo jihu shi chunu yilai yi you 20 duonianle.
    I am trying for Sainthood.

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