December 7, 2023

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2 thoughts on “Fighting Corruption With Peter Little

  1. Graeme .. where is the rest of you .. all I can see are your eyeballs .. (?)
    Why are you disappointed ?
    And maybe it was the venue .. the park & a podium could be a better idea .. the Town Hall it the enemy camp & no one has money Graeme ..
    We have the internet .. rumor gossip inuendo & social media .. the grape vine .. a most efficient mechanism that everyone can access & attend .. when the kids are watching TV, having a nap, etc.
    Success is not how many people can turn up on the day .. ‘can’ is the operative word .. it is how well you put your argument across .. how effective your argument is .. do you have any idea how many people support the cause .. (?) .. probably not.

    A thought .. is it possible that compulsory vaccination to prevent & control disease .. is really some kind of GENETIC EXPERIMENT being perpetrated upon the population of the world ?

  2. And you have totally neglected your website .. why can I not go to your website to get information .. to connect with others .. etc.
    Get a grip Graeme.

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