October 1, 2023

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Former pharmaceutical rep explains what’s coming down in terms of mandatory vaccines

WATCH THIS NOW!! Former pharmaceutical rep & Founder of LearnTheRisk.org Brandy Vaughan explains why YOU should be scared about what’s coming down in terms of mandatory vaccines. Even if you think vaccines are great, you might not want the 271 coming next.

Think that mandatory vaccines aren’t your problem? Think because your kids are grown you are safe? Think because you don’t have kids, they won’t come for you? THINK AGAIN!!

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6 thoughts on “Former pharmaceutical rep explains what’s coming down in terms of mandatory vaccines

  1. The latest of ZIKA virus is that men infected by ZIKA can pass it via sexual contact.
    That a 6 month safe sex program should be adhered to.
    According to WHO.

  2. the 85% unvaccinated adults .. that the estrogen based contraceptive pill did not get, that HIV/AIDS causing toxins did not get ETC.

  3. 3CR 855 this morning – it was said that polio epidemics have broken out as a result of the war in Syria & the refugee’s, people moving on mass.
    Isn’t POLIO caused by coming in contact with toxic chemicals.
    Q: If the polio epidemics are true .. who is “spraying” this dangerous stuff at people .. to deliberately cause polio epidemics for sure.

    1. 3CR 855 between 6-7 am Thursday morning.
      The speaker who gave such a polished rundown on ‘who did what to whom’ in the Middle East was from, Josef Korbel School for International Studies. Denver. Colorado. Funded by J.P. Morgan.
      I wondered why his rendition of events was slanted towards all culprits other that those of the West as ‘faulty’.

  4. ADHD:
    Has been such a success, why even ‘normal’students take the medication to counter the effects of ADHD, to enhance their brain capacity at exam time.
    It’s counter part & the appropriate medications are being created in time for the Xmas period of gift giving.
    Happy days.

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