December 7, 2023

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France Between Yesterday And Today.

Vintage Snapshots Showcase the Thriving Streets of Paris in the 1960s

Taken throughout the streets of Paris over 50 years ago, this series of black and white images captures a sophistication and joie de vivre that encapsulates the infamous City of Lights. Infused with a sense of nostalgia, the way only a collection of vintage black and white pictures can be, these images reveal a window into the idyllic time period of Paris in the 1960’s.With a distinct street-photography style, the snapshots showcase a candid side of Parisian citizens as they go about their lives, enjoying a coffee and cigarette along the River Seine. However, despite the fact that these photographs were taken decades ago, Paris – with its quaint cafs and bohemian lifestyle–remains as recognizable as ever.

via: [This Isn’t HappinessVintage Everday]


2 thoughts on “France Between Yesterday And Today.

  1. Wolf Street – article title – Haunting Photos of Shattered Madison Avenue.

    We are talking about how it used to be – AFTER WWII.
    After WWII – when everything got back to normal.

    Today we are in waiting for WWIII / before WWIII.
    The establishment have ripped the global economies apart – a looting is in progress – a snatching up anything that is not nailed down – before the bombs are dropped.

  2. Interesting article – Policing ‘Truth’ to Restore ‘Truth’ by Robert Parry.
    Featured on Consortium News & Aletho News.

    On ABC radio last night – Our Malcolm has expressed conserves over the negligent way the alternative internet venues deliver news – “it was okay in the beginning when it was new – to be a bit wild – but things need to change now” said the commentator.

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