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16 thoughts on “Free Speech to be illegal in Australia

  1. Daniel Walker:
    Vic Alhadeff says “it quite frankly makes us all a whole lot safer.”

    Daniel wonders why they keep saying this – “it makes us all safe.”

    The question is – WHO – who is it going to make a whole lot safer.
    Those who are worried that the truth will come out Daniel, the truth about the holocaust, the truth about vaccines & how safe prescription drugs are, where money goes, who is really behind the illegal drug trade, slavery, prostitution, pedofilea & the list goes on & on.
    It is about keeping the truth of the crimes of the past from coming to light & they responsible & beneficially recipient to wealth gains SAFE.

  2. This is not about us – we the people – not even the like of me – who like to shoot their mouth off regularly.

    I know NOTHING

    I have no PROOF of ANYTHING

    I am just a loudmouth know all, who knows nothing.

    But, hasn’t the Australian Government – thinned out the public service somewhat ??


    In fact, many government jobs & media jobs have been scrapped & replaced by technology.

    YES !!
    YES !!
    YES !!

    How real is the fear that some disgruntled ex-staffer of the government & media decides to TELL ALL.

    Who was providing sexual favors for whom & who expected sexual favors ‘or else’ in the political arena workplace.

    Who visited the local brothels in Martin Place & other such convenient locations close to CEO/CFO accessibility – etc., workplaces & worse, which PA can tell & even prove with credit card dockets – which CEO/CFO paid with the company credit card to visit these lushious establishments.
    Lunch time it is half price, I’m told.

    What exactly happened that the ABC Learning Centers went broke.
    Was the CBA responsible ??
    Who exactly was it at the CBA that convinced the ABC child care boss to over stretch the borrowings knowing that it was a definite to make them go under.
    How high up did it go … the treasurer even ??
    Deliberately bankrupting a company – is it a crime ??

    But there is worse … right.
    This legislation is to shut up those who can really do damage & not weather someone calls me a wog because I was born in the Balkans & I eat mortadella & vienna bread.

  3. “Israeli hatred is Jew hatred” This is Vested & Invested interests talking –
    Money is the root of all bullshit.

    Do people really watch Tom Ballard ??? -> Tonight with Tom Ballard – WHY ??Wonders will never cease:_
    On the Ballard Show – Greg bring out a plate with imitation feces on it & introduces it as Blair Cottrell – it is a sketch only & not any kind of discrimination or derogatory dialogue.

    I also do not see how Blair Cottrell improved the world by attacking the street performer in that ridiculous pink outfit.
    Get a grip on reality Cottrell.

    We must not mistake people who are just global attention seekers wanting to be to notorious & infamous – for / as, genuine persons wanting to make a difference for the better .. Ballard is a performer who will do anything to scratch his wannabe itch, he does not count as a reality.

    1. And yes – the Australian justice system is riddled with “SELF SERVERS” to the tune of BILLIONS of AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS … all borrowed – to be repaid with interest.
      The Australian Justice system is wallowing opulently in money, how does that saying go “pay peanuts get monkeys” – not quite – but money talks & bullshit walks.

      1. p.s. do not worry – borrowing is about to become much more difficult – global banks & money lenders are no longer able to lend to frivolous nations – based on a promise that fracking will deliver a mother load – fracking – at best – delivers minimal rewards & only short term – allocating billions to a project & then syphoning off 3/4 of those monies is a thing of the past.

        Also:_ their is a Black African Shaman in Africa – who – thinks of you & you are dead – what potential … hey!!

        1. I just looked – Tonight With Tom Ballard is ABC TV .. this is entertainment worth the BILLION DOLLARS PLUS that we the people of Australia are paying for from our taxes … this stuff can be done better & cheaper on commercial TV networks.
          We are paying for a guy who does not take a breath between paragraphs to WHAT ???
          Go out & see a Real Show with Real Performers ….. mate.
          SHUT DOWN THE ABC ………….. before they send us broke.

  4. I wonder if Blair Cottrell is not on the establishments payroll ???
    I’m for real here –
    I wonder if Blair Cottrell is not a stooge for the establishment
    On the payroll of the establishment to besmirch real & genuine activists & free speakers – who actually say something – ??

    Because there was a camera present to capture Blair Cottrell confronting the street performer in the Pink Outfit – all dressed up in his glad rags – beating furiously on his preverbially hairy chest – testosterone flaring like flames from his nostrils – in the defense of the innocence of children seeing a man in his all his valguarity.

    Sorry Blair – I do not buy it.

  5. Tonight with Tom Barrett – PAULINE HANSON was also featured on this particular show.
    And Ridiculed AS A DUMB AIR HEAD …

    All in the name of ENTERTAINMENT ????? ….. REALLY !!

    So … freedom of speech is to be had from the likes of Tom Barrett & Greg.

    ,,/up yours\,, – SHOVE IT UP “EM – ,,/up yours\,,
    *************** VOTE 1 ****************

  6. Pauline Hanson under fire for -“BIGOTED”- call to remove children with disabilities from mainstream classrooms.

    The Queensland Senator made the suggestion during debate on Federal Government’s school funding legislation, saying that children with disabilities were putting a strain on teachers & schools & should be educated separately.

    Words like HURTFUL & SEGREGATION have been used to denigrate Pauline Hanson’s concerns.

    Also – I cannot find video footage anywhere so that I can hear for myself exactly what Pauline Hanson said, so that I can decide for myself & – NOT HAVE IT SHOVED UP ME – because that is what it feels like when someone else tells you what was said “IN THEIR VIEW” their interpretation – because I do not have a mind of my own which can understand Pauline Hanson’s concerns CORRECTLY.

    To cut to the chase – for a school or student to be eligible for extra funding for children with any kind of learning disability – any kind of learning disability – the child needs to be assessed by a medical professional –
    My concern is that the diagnosis could be biased towards currently trendy disabilities like ADHA – disabilities that lend themselves to Prescription Medications that are dangerous & that once diagnosed it can be made compulsory for a child to be on a prescription medication OR ELSE
    Child Welfare Can Move In & Seize the Child – YES remove the child from parental care.
    This regime is fraught with danger.
    My grandson is a prem baby – a miracle child – he is a brilliant little individual & he has personality traits individual to himself – I am hoping for a Sheldon type here.
    Left to some know it all quack with loyalties to BigPharma I fear for my brilliant little boy.

    Also – the government are loathe to spend monies on infrastructure – TEACHERS SUFFER BURNOUT & leave teaching – in a few year time will we have any teacher in the system at all ??
    Pauline Hanson has expressed the concerns of many parents & teachers in the Australian community & not just her own.
    But the government is always right to the point of vilifying anyone who asks “are you sure it is wise”

  7. Big Bang Theory – Penny ruined Sheldon\’s laundry night – Sheldon hangs her washing on the telephone wires outside – youtube.

  8. Blair Cottrell of Australia’s United Patriots National Front on Australian national TV vs anti-white – Youtube.

    Says …. “people in Australian society are searching for something to believe in – they might find that in religion – plus in our movement they have found it in national pride.”

    Who the hell told Blair Cottrell that rubbish ??

    The people of Australia have more than enough to believe in
    1. themselves & their capacity to exist in diversity
    2. their capacity to succeed in the face of adversity
    3. in their fellow Australians
    4. in God
    5. not in God
    6. in humanity at large
    7. in footy, beer, mates & a 4+20 pie
    8. in the reality that is truth -“piss off” to bullshitters
    Australians are proud of being Australian, we are one up on the Europeans & the US is a shambles – we genuinely are just a bit up ourselves – & why not.

    Blair Cottrell is young & a bit naive & just a bit more gullible & old fashioned, it comes from listening to old guys rambling on about the good old days – that never existed.

  9. They come & visit us, the mob from the House of Windsor, the officialdom that is the White House, the divine of Rome, His Excellency Proudly Captain Dreadful Bibi Netanyahu & his Good Lady came & we put on a good turn every time & when they go home we say, “thank God they’ve gone.”

  10. Blair Cottrell Quote:

    “We have a culture in this country, that culture is an expression of our people, that culture is not Islam.”

    Religions of the Australian people:
    Religion Top 20 – Australia.

    1. Non Religion – 30.1% ….. this could mean – Atheist – Agnostic – in transition between religions – mulling it over – undecided – definitely not.
    2. Catholic – 22.6%
    3. Anglican 13.3%
    4. United Church – 3.7%
    5. Christian (not further defined) 2.6%
    6. Islam – 2.6%
    7. Buddhism – 2.4%
    8. Presbyterian & Reformed – 2.3%
    9. Eastern Orthodox – 2.1%
    10. Hinduism – 1.9%
    11. Baptist – 1.5%
    12. Pentecostal – 1.1%
    13. Lutheran – 0.7%
    14. Sikhism – 0.5%
    15. Other Protestant – 0.5%
    16. Judaism – 0.4%
    17. Jehovah’s Witnesses – 0.4%
    18. Seventh-day Adventists – 0.3%
    19. Latter-day Saints – 0.3%
    20. Oriental Orthodox – 0.2%

    I am a Roman Catholic God & I left the church in disgust.
    I am an Australian.
    My Australian – ness is not defined by the my religious beliefs.

    Australian culture is not defined by Religious Beliefs … not today & not on day one, when white man landed on these shores … they were white men of several different religions … yes they were & of several different national origins .. not just white Englishmen born & bred in Great Britain of British stock.
    Then we have the aboriginal population that was here & also a people of many diverse spiritual beliefs according to their culture.

    The only thing that I am concerned about is that the laws of this land are progressive & just … that’s it.

    I also find it offensive that persons DENIGRATE us – we the people of Australia – in pursuit of their ambitions – “Australians have nothing to believe in” like we are a bunch of MINDLESS DUMMIES & YOU ARE GODS GIFT TO US – do not say “AUSTRALIANS” without the permission of said Australian to do so.

    I say this to mainstream media, spin doctors & the political arena & self serving, self appointed experts – speak for yourselves only please.

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