September 25, 2023

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Corey plugs in with me for an extended show to basically cover all the important bullet points from all the podcasts that we have done.

This was another interesting chat about all sorts of subjects so feel free to comment, email or ask any questions about the information presented. 



Those seeking medical advice should consult medical professionals without delay. Consult trusted professionals to clarify and verify related issues. The author is not an authority. He is a critic of authority. His research addresses apparent contradictions and is designed to cultivate discussion.



  1. Interesting show. I think it’s right we need to keep everything in perspective but I can’t describe this world as a great place like Corey has. 
    There are invisible enemies everywhere – some real, and some not. On the one hand fear of invisible enemies (Covid, Climate Change) are used for control and Agenda 21. Government only backs up science-so-called that takes away our rights. Invisible enemies are things we as individuals can’t easily measure or prove or disprove. I tend to agree that Covid either isn’t real or is just a flu virus and the effects are generally benign, but as common people we don’t readily have electro-microscopes to readily prove or disprove these things – so in essence it is an invisible enemy used to control us. Scientists neither can prove these things either, and those that speak out get ostracised. Just like with climate change – the “pre-Covid Covid” that didn’t work out well enough for the NWO, so they rolled out the Covid scam.
    Then there are the invisible enemies the truther community are fearful of -some legitimately so and some illegitimately so. Invisibility is where conspiracy theories lie as those are theories on the unknown – such weird theories about space or Antarctica. Then there are conspiracy facts. Most of us are not meteorologists or climate scientists, but chemtrails are quite visible. But of course, though I accept they exist, it takes learning or special prolonged observation to spot real clouds from fake clouds. We don’t normally as individuals monitor them carefully daily, and plus they are in many places in the world – so in my mind (and similar to what Corey said), it is a question of degrees or severity. They exist, but how bad are they and how prevalent are they? I don’t know and I don’t know how we can know the full extent of it. The whole truth of it isn’t revealed but needs to be revealed. Same thing with 5G. How bad is it? 5G boxes are all around my area on phone poles, plus the big monstrous ones. From the beginning I wasn’t scared about Covid, but was very concerned about the government’s reaction to it. Likewise, I’m not worried so much about supposedly getting zapped by 5G (not saying it’s a real threat or not), but I know that the control grid and Smart Cities and the Internet of Things are things we should be legitimately concerned about. 5G signals are invisible (an invisible enemy), but the effects will be clearly visible. Just like government tyranny coming out of Covid is clearly visible.

    1. Awesome info here mate and these shows do challenge people which is great as it gets the conversation and ideas going. I keep saying I hate this technology and towers so I don’t trust it and I don’t want to be around it to be honest. I will be exploring this technology more on the next shows to get different opinions but Corey lives in a pretty relaxed place and may not be seeing the 5G towers going up like others are.

  2. Corey’s widsom and knowledge is a pleasure to listen to as is his positive attitude, and this is the “but”: He discounts everything as “fear porn” such as 5G not being proven to be dangerous when there’s peer reviewed science which proves how dangerous it is. “Just” Jim West’s research and personal experience with Wi Fi and EMFs and EMR shows how bad it is.

    Nearly all of the healthy indigenous tribes studied by Weston A. Price got at least forty percent of their calories from fermented, aged and other methods of removing the anti-nutrients from plant matter, but we don’t need fiber and yes, grains are poison.

    And as far as nearly everyone consenting with the agendas of the Masons, NOT to defend evil and HIVE-MINDED people, but everyone has been dumbed down by fluoride and bromine, grains, xeno estrogens, lack of iodine and omega 3s, a lack of vitamins and minerals and healthy animal fats, they have been dumbed down by their medications and heavy metals ib and other toxins in the air, water
    and they have been sickened by mold, mycotixins and non-native radiation, plus most people have been addicted to food, caffeine, shit TV and movies, sports, politics and all of the other many ways that they divide people PLUS those who manipulate us cheat as far as free will and natural law go by using the radio frequencies and microwaves that Corey thinks are “innocuous,” to remotely mind control mass populations POSSIBLY using smart dust and there are patents to back this up or you can read up on the Neuro Link that actor Musk wants to offer people to wirelessly use their brains to communicate with other people and computers.

    Corey’s a great and intelligent person, but he’s just a little bit smug in a few of his beliefs, but I still really appreciate his priceless solid dietary and truther advice (do not waste time analyzing that which we have zero control over).

    Thanks for your hard work and open mind, Adam.

    1. Fantastic info here and these shows do stir up some ideas and emotions in some which is great I feel. I think we have the power to control and take back our lives but with so much propaganda and fear it’s a hard slog. I totally agree with technology mind waves and control and iv alway’s said I do not trust or want it around me. Corey has his own system and thrives off it but it may not be the the right feel for everyone. I will be exploring more about technology and 5G on shows so stay tuned.

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