December 7, 2023

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Gang of African thugs are on the run after threatening a man with a gun during a dramatic daylight carjacking


Seven African thugs allegedly threatened a man with a gun before taking off with his vehicle during a dramatic daylight carjacking in Melbourne.

The gang allegedly accosted the victim as he was sitting in his parked Holden Commodore Sedan in Packenham’s central shopping district about 2.40pm on Friday.

‘One of the men produced a firearm and demanded the victim get out of his car,’ a Victoria Police spokeswoman told The Australian.

After the man got out of his car one of the alleged offenders took off with it, later dumping it five minutes away on Gallery Way.

‘One offender then left in the vehicle. The others fled on foot.’

The alleged offenders are still on the run.

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A woman who lives on Savage Street told The Age the incident was ‘incredibly worrying’.

‘It’s incredibly worrying to think this is going on, it’s just lucky no-one was walking down the street and became involved … an innocent victim,’ she said.

‘It’s extremely disturbing to think it’s going on right where we live. It’s frightened me enormously.’

The carjacking follows a similar incident last week where two men allegedly smashed a woman’s mouth with the butt of a gun while stealing her car.

The 57-year-old woman was driving in Narre Warren South when her car was hit by a four-wheel drive, before the men got out and allegedly assaulted her.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.



6 thoughts on “Gang of African thugs are on the run after threatening a man with a gun during a dramatic daylight carjacking


    Because who was there to take a professionally clear photograph of two men with dark skin running right into the range of the camera lense …. How’s that for being in the exact & correct position at the correct & exact time – hey !!

    * private message to a friend:
    A big hello to my friend Raymond – Coburg’s champion mobility scooter rider, I’ve been sick & stayed at home & mostly in bed. I hope to get out in a few days – hey !!

  2. If the above story is true – we are talking about GUNS & BULLETS on the streets of Melbourne.
    I’m surprised the COPS are so CALM about this.
    What if one of their mob gets SHOT & KILLED.
    Of course the COPS are trawling the streets of Melbourne in every attempt to catch these – NOW DANGEROUS OFFENDERS ??

    my little bitch about
    I used to read there – BUT I found them to be a little unreliable & self centered.
    So I decided to give them a miss.

  3. an educational article – Aletho News – How Big Water Projects Trigger Africa’s Migrant Crisis by Paul Homewood.

    1. This article makes me wonder if the EU agreeing to take in masses of migrants is not also because the EU establishment bosses are heavily invested in these African cities & the farms that are allocated water to grown crops for profit – which the cities populations depend on.

  4. Prof. As’ad AbuKhalil told how in Lebanon the food is brought in – they can’t even provide their own fresh eggs – who can’t keep chicken for fresh eggs = Lebanon.

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