September 24, 2023

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George Soros Warns Europe: Absorb 500,000 Refugees Costing $34 Billion a Year, Or Risk ‘Existential Threat’


‘A humanitarian catastrophe is in the making in Greece. The asylum seekers are desperate. Legitimate refugees must be offered a reasonable chance to reach their destinations in Europe. It is clear that the EU must undergo a paradigm shift. EU leaders need to embrace the idea that effectively addressing the crisis will require “surge” funding, rather than scraping together insufficient funds year after year.

Spending a large amount at the outset would allow the EU to respond more effectively to some of the most dangerous consequences of the refugee crisis—including anti-immigrant sentiment in its member states that has fueled support for authoritarian political parties, and despondency among those seeking refuge in Europe who now find themselves marginalized in Middle East host countries or stuck in transit in Greece.’


Read more: George Soros Warns Europe: Absorb 500,000 Refugees Costing $34 Billion a Year, Or Risk ‘Existential Threat’

2 thoughts on “George Soros Warns Europe: Absorb 500,000 Refugees Costing $34 Billion a Year, Or Risk ‘Existential Threat’

  1. GEORGE SOROS is dead – this is the seasoned US actor Michael Douglas in his place.
    It would put a big dint in the establisments powerhouse in the UK & Europe to say that SOROS is dead – they need to keep him alive so the structure around this establisnment stooge stays intact.
    GEROGE SOROS SAYS – that 500.000 people are costng the European Union $34 BILLION a year to service – who give one iota what this ranting clown says – please tell me.
    WHO THE HELL IS GEORGE SOROS – alive or dead – but a front man, a stooge, a scapegoat, for the establishment both financial / banking & political THAT WE SHOULD CARE.
    These people who were invited to the EU by Angela Merkel –
    “comen zi here”
    “comen & you are velcome”
    “come zi here & is welfare money waiting for you”
    “comen zi & is work for you here”
    So – it is costing what – currency that they use for toilet paper – it is about time that they spent some money on human beings on planet earth.
    MONEY – it is costing – valuable money – money that they print up every day & cart around in trucks – credit / cyber money, to the tune of billions that they put up on a computer screen in the billions every day – what a load of rubbish.
    The oppressed people of the Middle East & Africa – who have been deliberately held in suspended animation, in a third world dimension, while the HOT SHOT Mavricks of the West STOLE THEIR OIL WEALTH TO THE TUNE OF GAZILLIONS.
    These refugees / migrants / assylum seekers / MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THIS – Australia will have to gradually take in at least a million of these people – to help ease the burdon on our beloved Motherland – the UK & the EU.such is our loyalty to all the atrocities we all committed in the name of money.
    What is wrong with us that w even care what someone who has sold his ass all his life says, I ask you. Only a fool would give this Soros the time of day.

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