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Germany: Enormous Rise in Rape in Leipzig, Increase of 670 Per Cent




The number of cases of sexual assault and rape has skyrocketed in recent years in the Leipzig region and will continue to rise if nothing is changed.

According to crime statistics published this Monday by local police, the number of sexual assault offenses grew by 30 percent within two years – to a whopping 676 cases.

The number of rape cases and cases of severe sexual coercion increased by 670 percent – from 23 to 154.

The most dramatic case in June was the kidnapping of a 12-year-old on the street. The perpetrator (36), who brutally raped the girl in a prepared van, was sentenced to a pathetic six years and eleven months in November. The German authorities often downplay the crimes of migrants, especially 3rd world ones, in an attempt to create the impression that multiculturalism works. The examples of increasing diversity leading to an enormous increase in crime across the continent suggest otherwise.

The enormous increase in rapes and severe sexual assaults is largely due to the tightening – after the Cologne New Year’s Eve attacks in 2016 – of sexual criminal law. Since then sexual assaults of all kinds have been treated more severely.

‘The number of suspects who were not German dropped by 27.2 percent to 8,712 people. They accounted for a total share of 28.3 percent.’  The number of people with an immigrant background (immigrants and their children) is 13.3% of the city’s population.  This means that if there were no migrants in Leipzig, there would be a 28.3% drop in all crime.


3 thoughts on “Germany: Enormous Rise in Rape in Leipzig, Increase of 670 Per Cent

  1. I’m not over there to see for myself:
    Apparently there is unbridled lawlessness throughout the European Union.
    Vigilante gangs roam the streets trying to keep order & prevent crime.
    Where are the police?
    It won’t be long before civil war breaks out throughout the European Union.

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