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More Info: Advance Vaccine Directive Cards are “The embodiment of Informed Consent.”
Rima E. Laibow, MD, Natural Solutions Foundation Medical Director

The Geneva Conventions are a group of legal doctrines which become the law of any nation ratifying it. Nearly every state has done so.

Which brings us back to the universal right of Informed Consent which allows each person to make, without pressure, coercion, over reach or punishment, the decision to accept or reject anymedical treatment.

Vaccination is a medical treatment and, as such, falls under the universal right of Informed Consent.

Further, no subordinate body can make laws or regulations nullifying those of a superior body.

For example, a town cannot overrule a province/state and make an ordinance which cancels out the higher law. A national government cannot, in the same way, require you to abandon the Right that the International Treaty known as the Geneva Convention protects.

The USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia and over 100 other countries are signatories and ratifying nations of the Geneva Conventions and, as such, are bound by International Law, which supersedes national or local law, to protect that Right and recognize it. The Geneva Conventions do not just protect people during time of war, but rather, define basic humanitarian rights that are binding as international law upon all states.

Rights like the Right of Informed Consent, however, must be correctly asserted in order to have them recognized. We believe that the Advance Vaccine Directive Card does exactly that.

Furthermore, Advance Directives allow you to state your medical preference, which is a powerful legal tool, in telling medical personnel what your wishes are if you cannot speak for yourself or if, acting as a Health Proxy, you must speak for someone else (a child, unconscious spouse or parent, etc.).

Wars have consequences. One of the consequences of World War II was the enshrining of the universal right of Informed Consent in international law, binding on all nations.

Informed Consent, the Nuremberg Code and the Geneva Conventions

Each Member of Your Family Must Carry His/Her Own Signed Card.
Advance Vaccine Directive Card: Wallet Sized and Laminated.
Sign Immediately and Carry With You At All Times.

Signing an AVD card for yourself does not assert your child’s right to Informed Consent. Each child should have his or her own card which you, as the guardian, sign in the following way: “Jan Smith by Marty Smith, Guardian/Parent” where Jan Smith is the Child and Marty Smith is the parent or guardian.

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