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Girls Just Wanna Be Boys? Girls’ Schools Lose Their Focus on Education.


Australia’s education standards and outcomes are in freefall, with University enrolments in decline.

SMH reports: “Australia has been ranked 39 out of 41 high- and middle-income countries in achieving quality education, in the latest international report to find that the country is falling behind in basic measures of teaching and learning.”

This education crisis should be concerning to parents and educators alike.

But we have been betrayed by those to whom we entrust our children. Rather than focussing on improving education outcomes for all, our educators are obsessed with Transgender Ideology, and pushing Gender Theory, rather than quality curriculum, into every classroom.

Single sex schools are the latest to abandon education in favour of indoctrination. One teacher said: “Girls schools used to be about empowering young women to confidently pursue whatever career they desired… now it’s a race to be the most progressive – to the point where they will become irrelevant!”

On March 11, 2019, Alliance of Girls Schools Australasia will host a training event for teachers entitled “Single-sex schools in a multi-gender world: How can girls’ schools be better equipped?

Principals, leadership team, school counsellors and psychologists are invited to attend, to be educated on how to:

  • Become conversant in current gender diversity terminology and concepts
  • Identify the challenges of transgender inclusion for girls’ schools
  • Understand the complexity of trans inclusion in serving the needs of multiple stakeholders in girls’ school communities
  • Learn how girls’ schools in Australia and New Zealand are addressing transgender inclusion
  • Discuss the results of the Alliance 2018 Research Study: Transgender Policy and Practice at Girls’ Schools

With workshops including:

  • Gender 101: Update on gender vocabulary and concepts
  • Identifying your transgender/gender non-conforming students
  • Challenges and dilemmas for girls’ schools around transgender inclusion
  • Report of results from Alliance 2018 Research Study: Transgender Policy and Practice at Girls’ Schools
  • Lessons learned from research and consultation with girls’ schools around the globe
  • Small group discussions of gender diversity scenarios encountered by girls’ schools

Does your daughter attend a single sex school? Do you know if her teachers will be attending this indoctrination session? Has your child’s school forgotten their ‘raison d’être’?

At a time where the dictionary definition ‘woman’ is literally hate speech and is being stripped from University Campuses. And exposure to Gender Theory in the classroom is linked to a dramatic increase in the number of children (particularly girls) presenting with Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, Educators need to stay in their lane. Prepare our children for their chosen careers and leave your personal politics at home.


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