December 7, 2023

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Gluten Intolerance Scam


by Jim West

Mainstream definitions 

“Celiac disease is a… autoimmune disorder that is triggered by ingestion of gluten [protein in some grains] in genetically susceptible individuals. A common disorder, affecting about 1% of the population, patients can present with a variety of intestinal and non-intestinal symptoms [often described as gluten intolerance].” []

Industrial Medicine claims (as usual) these disorders are caused by the victim with its use of the words “autoimmune” and “genetically susceptible”. [Sci Am]

Women are more likely to be gluten intoleratant, and as much as 80% more likely to have celiac disease.

With all due respect, the alternative health industry errs by describing causation as due to innately toxic wheat with references to sterile, complex and myopic lab studies similar to the MO of the pseudo-science called virology. [GreenMedInfo]

The usual treatment is to avoid toxic gluten. That succeeds to some extent, but the cause needs a close look.

Causal correlations

Celiac is Greek for “belly”. Celiac disease often follows pregnancy, birthing, or surgery! [Cleveland Clinic]

Let’s follow the usual suspect, Modern Medicine (as defined by R. S. Mendelsohn, MD).

The celiac epidemic began circa 1991, when ultrasound intensity was allowed by the FDA at 16x the prior intensity level (per machine). HPV gynecological wart epidemics began immediately. Warts are a well-known radiation disease, described from X-ray exposure in older medical literature.

The authorities state that ultrasound intensity was raised 16x in 1992, but the date is actually 1991 (I found an official paper on this). The public date of 1992 hides the ultrasound correlation with HPV epidemics, which began in 1991.

Stephanie Seneff, PhD, researched Roundup pesticide, which is used as a preharvest treatment of wheat to supposedly increase harvest efficiency. Here is her correlating timeline.



Substantial poisoning of wheat with Roundup began in 1991. That could be a political complicating distraction for the more important processing of prenatal children with ultrasound. This processing could be for the same reason that agricultural seeds are poisoned and radiated — to increase their hyperactivity and growth rate.

Seneff’s research was also published by Greenmedinfo, though it did not cross-ref Sayer-Ji’s article on wheat’s “innate” toxicity.

The small intestine

Celiac disease is primarily a disease of the small intestine, which is situated in the ultrasound zone for prenatal exposure. It is the mother’s zone of exposure.


The more general issue of autoimmune disease prevaling in women is more likely due to mamograms than genetics. John Gofman, PhD, a leading expert in the field of radiation disease, estimates that 75% of breast cancers are due to mammograms.

The small intestine is thereby perforated and otherwise weakened permanently by medical imaging radiation, and it cannot protect well against Roundup in wheat, or any other agra-toxic chemicals, or any chemicals. Celiac symptoms indicate a major health disaster.



The fetus, the reproductive organs, and the mother’s small intestine are adjacent. Ultrasound damages them all.

The intestinal villi (micro-hair-like tubules) line the inside of the intestine channel (“lumen”). They absorb nutrients and emit waste into the channel. These are severely damaged in celiac patients. [Cleveland Clinic]

Similarly, and nearby, the mildest prenatal ultrasound easily damages the choronic villi in pregnant women. [JZhang]

The intestine consists of seven intricate layers that protect the body from poisons and foreign matter. Ultrasound would make mincemeat of these sensitive structures. [Wikipedia]
I have always wondered what happened to the topic of ultrasound damage to women. There is no word of that, though women complain of bleeding after ultrasound sessions and a human study in my first ultrasound book confirms bleeding. Bleeding is the result of breakage.
Not only the fetus is damaged. Medical ultrasound, especially as of 1991, is extremely damaging to any cell, hormone, membrane, etc. [harvoa]

Talking to a man in a thoughtful way often has me facing a sarcastic bull.

Yet this is mainly a female issue.

A female friend has permanent GI tract problems following childbirth. She informs me that she believes her doctors, that birth is very difficult, painful, and damaging to women. Birth is the cause, and women deserve extra-special medical attention, unique to women, and to which they are deprived. Conversation with me is blocked. I’m no longer surprised, and less depressed by this reaction as the years go by. Women are more easily convinced to seek medicos.

Another female friend, who suffers gluten sensitivity, refuses to talk about the topic, though she brought it up, saying that the disease is due to gluten toxicity. She loves the idea of believing what her friends and channeling gurus are saying. She eats a bowl of supplement pills daily, with a few pharma pills.


1 thought on “Gluten Intolerance Scam

  1. Yes to the alternative causes of intestinal (and systemic, incl. psychological) symptoms being caused also by glyphosate spraying in crops and radiation-induced leaky gut.

    However, gluten is a highly pro-inflammatory protein and conventional wheat has over the ages been cultivated to contain particularly high levels of gluten. Better to eat organically grown (no glyphosate) spelt, the ancient form of wheat.

    In addition, to its inflammation-causing activity in the gut and thereby compromising the gut lining, gluten also activates another protein called zonulin which regulates the tight junctions of the small intestine. When zonulin is released in the intestines, the tight junctions in the small intestinal barrier open slightly and allow larger particles (ie semi digested particles) to pass through the intestinal wall causing systemic inflammation.

    Need to investigate the links of big industry to the author of the above article.

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