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“Go Back To Where You Came From Live” More White Guilt Propaganda From SBS TV

Why should white Australians feel guilty for how others live in their own countries? 


More ridiculous white guilt propaganda from multicultural SBS designed to make white Australia feel guilty for questioning mass immigration. Why do Australian celebrities need to be thrown into war-torn, dangerous & impoverished countries? what does this prove?

Census data reveals that Sydney is now more Chinese than British & that European whites are now becoming a minority in this country. Indians have become the second largest group of migrants living in Australia. Census 2016 data revealed that Indian population in Australia has grown to 455,389, up from 295,362 recorded in Census 2011.

The census noted that for the first time, China, India, and the Philippines topped the list as countries of birth other than Australia, for Australian residents. This means that Australia is being totally swamped with Indians, Chinese & Phillipinos. I live in Sydney & know this to be true as i am seeing these three nationalities absolutely everywhere.

I do not want to live in Sudan, Philippines or India but I as a white Australian am made to feel guilty because I disagree with millions of them wanting to live here. What about my lifestyle & my cultural identity? I understand that there is much suffering in these countries but it’s not my fault & they are the ones who need to clean up their own backyards. It seems that bringing in migrants has outstripped the importance of looking after our own unique indigenous aboriginal populations so what about them?

SBS will continue to swing the white guilt hammer in Australia by using thick-headed & selfish celebrities to promote their mass immigration agenda. SBS will be banking on every white Australian pulling out the tissue boxes & sobbing for poor refugees but what are we expected to do? open the floodgates & just give it all away?

I am all for helping others but realistically how many migrants can we let into Australia & where will they all live? SBS just expect Australia to open the floodgates to take all of Humanity in & if you have a problem with that then you are a racist.




1 thought on ““Go Back To Where You Came From Live” More White Guilt Propaganda From SBS TV

  1. 1. SBS – like all other TV outlets are always desperate for something to put up on the screen.
    2. Actors are always desperate for work.
    3. The Australian government does business with these nations & we have no idea what deals were done – or what monies or concessions were made – which included Australia allowing their population to migrate to our country.
    Do we know if there is bribe money paid from them to Australian officialdom to “get in”.
    We do not.
    I suggest that there is more to all this migration than meets the eye.
    I would suggest that it has to do with $$$$$$.
    I would also suggest that WHITE MAN should have stayed at home & tended his own sheep all those years ago – instead of sailing to India & China to subjugated the population to its own financial benefit.
    Great Britain was over in India like dog shit on the sole of a shoe benefiting from slave labor which made them filthy rich instead of India.

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