Going Viral – A Recipe for Disaster

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I touched on the invention of the virus in my Germ Theory an Idiots Guide but did not go into detail yet, so now that you’ve hopefully absorbed that the germ theory is wrong and contagion is also a myth we thought it might be time to delve into the virus theory. How it came about and why and to break down the wall of ‘pseudo-science’ they’ve built up around it.

The story of how viruses came about seems really complicated and ‘sciencey’ and that is on purpose. A bit like how they wrote the bible originally in Latin so the common people couldn’t read it for themselves but had to rely on priests to deliver the message using their own agenda and their interpretations. Now they use latin again in biological science to keep us in the dark so we have to listen to the new priests in this new cult, doctors. There are scientists speaking out but they are still using their own language which can be daunting. So I will try and keep it as simple as I can and hopefully interesting. Once you get a look behind the curtain, see what’s really been going on you won’t fall for the dramatic nonsense most of the big talkers and controlled opposition are pushing.

Only yesterday I read a post all about the Fauci case before congress where Rand Paul questioned Fauci on his funding of something they call ‘Gain of Function‘. This talk will hopefully show you what that actually means and why all this talk of bio-weapons is not something to freak out about per-se but more of a thing to keep an eye on because what they have done and are doing is much more ludicrous than the conspiracists say.

So to start with lets look at the beginnings, where it all started. As I said the germ theory was teetering on very shaky foundations from the start but with no internet back then it was easy to promote an idea and hush dissenters which were the scientists themselves and physicians. From Bechamp to Rife and many doctors in between, even Florence Nightingale, were all saying germ theory couldn’t work and proving it so something had to be concocted using their circular reasoning to shut them up. Something no-one could see to keep us in the dark.
The word virus pre-1930 was already being referred to as a poisonous liquid. Something no-one could see even under a miroscope. Something that passed through the finest filter. Hence they called it a filterable virus/poison. Even today they claim Beijerinck discovered the first virus yet what he actually discovered was again, that germs were NOT the cause so it had to be something else and he used the word virus in the old meaning (poison). They leave out the bit about the meaning of that word at the time though.

They show pictures of this tobacco mosaic virus to this day despite it not even looking like a virus and being far too big. The pictures are in fact just pictures of a type of plant cell called a xylem cell which moves water and nutrients up and down the stem of the plant. So the picture is a fraud. How many plant scientists tho link this to human biology and recognize it’s not a virus because they have been compartmentalized? I spotted it straight away when I was shown it on a plant science course but then I’m not stuck in one ‘ology’ box.
If you check wikipedia’s history of the virus they claim many people discovered viruses before 1931 which cannot be true because that was before the invention of the electron microscope so there was actually no proof of their claims, the only thing they WERE proving was it wasn’t bacteria causing the diseases they were studying. These ‘discoveries’ were all the results of taking samples of pus or sputum from sick people, filtering it and voila, they’ve discovered a new virus. Nothing to see here. Also none of Koch’s postulates were fulfilled with any of these new virus discoveries, they just seemed to have thrown those out the window again. They were even making vaccines from this gunk for years just soldiering on like the blind leading the blind or was it fraud? They kept using this crude blind method to claim discovery of many supposed viruses including the ones they claimed were causing cancers like the SV40 everyone raves about. No isolation was ever done just vials of ingredients from tumours being called viruses. Strange tho that cancer is not contagious yet viruses are? Anyone noticed that glaring error in their story?

Cell Theory: A Core Principle of Biology

Going back to 1858 Rudolf Virchow wrote his cell theory which said that the cell was the smallest unit of life and that the cell could produce poisons which they called ‘virus’ back then and that this poisonous liquid produced disease. He also said the cell was the smallest unit in biology which we know is not true. This was an hypothesis, an idea, which was never verified in science. So Beijerincks discovery of the TMV was based on this theory AND his use of the word ‘virus’ meant poison. So he believed the poison was coming from the cells just like viruses today are said to do.

This virus theory (poison produced by the cells) was generally agreed on until the 1920’s-30’s. Then after the taking over of medical colleges by the Rockefellers and their new registration system which made only medicine based on germ theory available they also changed the definition of the word virus in the medical dictionaries followed by the general dictionaries.
In 1935 Wendell Stanley using a new microscope called an electron microscope re-examined the tobacco mosaic virus and found it was mostly made of protein. In 1939, Stanley and Max Lauffer separated the virus into protein and DNA or rather RNA but that’s another story. Just think genetic material. This becomes important later.

So now mixing all this together (cell theory, germ theory and what they saw under the new microscope) instead of viruses being a poison liquid produced in the cells it was changed to a pathogenic microbe (too small to see with a microscope) consisting of genetic material wrapped in protein which could invade (like germs supposedly did) and attack you from the outside-in. This despite never seeing anything attack or invade because electron microscopes can only look at dead stuff in a vaccuum. Nothing living or moving.
DNA is not living or a microbe. Did you know that the double helix they say is what DNA looks like was based on a woman’s X-ray photograph called Picture 51? Just like ‘Area 51’ her discovery was kept quiet. Rosalind Franklin worked out using this picture, chemistry reasoning and mathematics the famous double helix (which is being challenged now so might also be wrong). So no-one has seen this DNA structure it’s all imagined again.
DNA is said to be chemicals in chrystal form. Definitely NOT alive. The protein is also not living on it’s own as it is just a building block. It is the stuff everything living is made from. Like a piece of lego which on it’s own cannot be something living but put together with lots of other building blocks it becomes something. Like chemicals and minerals are made up of atoms, living things are made up of proteins (although proteins are also made up of atoms but you get my drift).

Picture n 51 - DNA at X-Ray | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
picture 51

Rivers was the first to use the term ‘obligate parasite’ to describe viruses. WHERE did THAT come from? But parasites are living things and these viruses were not. They were simply particles but calling them parasites helped their circular reasoning of these particles needing a living cell to replicate in other words OUR cells. None of this was based on science, it was purely political word salad. How can chrystals and building blocks suddenly become a parasite that can make baby parasites? Ridiculous but everyone bought it, because SCIENCE.

This new convoluted version of the virus held until 1951 when some German scientists decided to do some control experiments. This is basically like a placebo where nothing is changed or added to see if the same thing happens as in the experiment with the alleged virus or poisons.
So healthy tissues were left alone to rot naturally beside the healthy tissue damaged by the supposed virus. Both tissues (‘virus infected tissues’ and the non infected) produced the exact same proteins. No difference. THAT should have been the end of that theory but instead they buried the experiments in specialist journals where no-one but other scientists would see them or understand their significance. (Max Planck Instituts fur Wissenschafts Geschichte did these experiments in Germany.) At the same time the newly invented electron microscope could find no difference between the infected and non-infected tissues which they still haven’t seen to this day.

So far they had based virus theory on cell theory and germ theory but they were slowly mixing in a new ingredient to their soup of theories. From studying Bacterio-Phages. These are a type of spore that bacteria make when their living conditions become hostile, by acidity, poisons/toxaemia or a lack of oxygen etc. They liked these phages because it fitted with their original ‘cells producing poisons’ theory. It fitted perfectly. BUT the spores were NOT harmful and it turns out were actually the microzyma that Bechamp spoke of in his work and Naessans also discovered and named somatids.

Phase 3 of Cancer: The Cancer Fungus

They seemed to be the very basis of all life, a kind of multi-seed similar to a stem cell but for microbes. This is why we often hear those news stories about viruses being the basis of all life and being found in ancient ice cores yet can still come alive like a dormant seed. THIS is the somatid or microzyma. The same ones from the pleomorphism theory. Has anyone else put these two things together and realised they are the same thing? The description of these spores is some genetic material wrapped in protein but that’s not what their CGI pictures look like. They have made them look like nano-bots funnily enough and not like their CGI pictures of viruses. Probably so no-one would link the two together like I just have.

Phelix Phage Borrelia - R.E.D. Laboratories
CGI bacteriophage looking like a nanobot


Without any evidence they claimed that phages attack bacteria, rape them, impregnate their dna so causing the bacteria to die. But the story doesn’t fit the evidence again……
Only bacteria that are extremely inbred (meaning reproducing without any contact with other bacteria or microbes) turn into phages by metamorphosis. This process of morphing was being interpreted as the phages killing the bacteria but it was simply pleomorphism. The bacteria can change forms when threatened. Bacteria that are freshly plucked from their environment never change into phages they also don’t die if phages are added to them. Each species of phage always carries the same unique dna which is the basis of their virus theory too except that they just can’t make that stick either because despite the advances in genetic science they hit a wall again. No-one could isolate DNA or rNA from any tissue or bodily fluid and show it to be the right length and compostion as a virus should be by their reckoning.

On June 1, 1954 along came the next first big discovery of a virus published by Prof. John Franklin Enders which gave us the theory that cells which die in the test tube after adding supposedly infected material turned into viruses (cell theory again but now mixed with the phage theory). This method would go on to be the standard method of ‘growing’ viruses in the lab. This death of cells was and still is called ‘isolation’ of the virus even tho no isolation takes place in any meaning of the word.
In their mad excitement everyone ignored the obvious, that the death of the cells in the lab was not caused by a virus, but by poisoning with antibiotics, extreme starvation by withdrawing all nutrients and by adding decomposing enzymes and THIS mixture of all these noxious things is what they use to inject into our children and call vaccines. Lanka said if this soup was directly shot into a vein it would cause instant death. That wouldn’t be good for business tho.
Debris from the cells that die in the laboratory are still to this day used as pictures of viruses and presented as such in scientific papers. The science of virology is that simple. A bit too simple maybe so just to add more confusion and to further bury those pesky control experiments they came up with the brilliant plan of merging virology with genetics.

electron microscope virus md | projeto 7 | Pinterest
Typical pic of supposed virus isolation with lots of other stuff in it


Genetics was the new big thing with loads of lovely funding money and viral theory being on shallow foundations just like germ theory it was another purely political/financial move. So suddenly viruses were no longer a ‘viral protein’ but a dangerous gene sequence called a viral genome.
They thought they’d discovered how viruses inject their DNA with something called reverse transcryptase and so if they detected this process it meant there was what they call a retro-virus present. The story keeps getting more convoluted, this was their new cover story to explain how dead particles replicate or zombies have babies. It’s not the viruses doing it, it’s an enzyme. Reverse transcriptase is what the RT in front of PCR refers to on the PCR tests. See how this is coming together nicely?
So what’s an enzyme. It’s a protein which acts as a chemical catalyst. What’s a catalyst? It’s a chemistry term, it’s ‘a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction’. So if we break this all down into plain english they found an enzyme which breaks tissues and cells down (like decomposing) and they claim it is proof there is a virus around doing it but we can’t see it so lets pretend chemistry can see it.
Just to touch on antibodies here as we’re talking about enzymes. Antibodies are also just enzymes which are said to be involved in blood clotting. It would make sense to also assume they are around when cells die and to assist in the decomposing process probably of those bits of broken DNA. They do not ‘fight viruses’ or germs at all and the whole immune system story is also made up nonsense.
This RT is said to happen because of a retro virus. Apparently it’s ‘retro’ because it works backwards. Instead of injecting DNA it injects rna into the host cell which makes the DNA make more RNA. But hang on if RNA is only half a strand of DNA it could be just broken DNA from the decomposing process right? So this is how they solved that pesky problem of not being able to find the whole viral DNA before. They just changed the story again. There is little proof that anything they’ve told us about dNA is even true, it’s very like early virus theory with no visual proof of it’s existance or functions so just like the pathogen got smaller and smaller as microscopes got better no-one can now see what is supposedly causing disease again. We’ve just gone round in another circle.
I didn’t want to get into DNA or retroviruses exactly because it is one of their circular arguments which sends you round and round on a never ending chase for something to make sense. After you’ve been around the block a couple of times you realise you always end up back where you started tho. They haven’t isolated any virus yet so how can any of this be based on facts let alone science. It’s all just convoluted stories, laying a false trail of crumbs to keep you and I busy and not looking at the whole picture. You can get totally lost in the details. This is exactly why they have merged biology with technology to keep us continually in the dark. So it had to be done I’m afraid. So onwards.

In 1983 RT-PCR was invented within genetics research but quickly pegged as the new wonder tool to spot retro viruses coz remember they’ve merged now. This virus test that is used is a genetic test. The genetic sequences the test seeks were never isolated from any virus as I’ve explained. It picks up typical bits of genetic sequences, which are released in increasing quantities when tissues and cells die. These short genetic sequences, are component parts of the human metabolism in other words it’s bits of your own DNA. It picks up fragments not whole strands so they fill in the gaps with computer modelling, fill em in with whatever they choose. A bit like trying to do a jigsaw with missing pieces so you take some bits out of another jigsaw puzzle with missing pieces and use those bits to try and make it look like the picture on the box.

Unknown or NOVEL gene sequences or viruses cannot be found with a PCR test. First, the isolation and sequencing of a virus has to be done to develop a PCR test for it, which has to come from the virus, which they have never isolated. Round and round it goes.
This wonderful new gene lab tool became the virus industry’s greatest marketing ploy. Now they could tell anyone they were infected with their own DNA!! It also became the tool they use to claim a virus isolation. Since it’s invention all papers claiming isolation of a new virus are done only using PCR and gene sequencing cutting out all the problematic lab work which never found any viruses. It also resurrected the original reason the germ theory failed as a reason viruses do not, namely asymtomatic carriers. Like Typhoid Mary we are all sick we just don’t know it and everyone can be a serial killer. I’m gobsmacked that people even buy this crap. When they found germs in healthy people that were meant to be making them sick it threw germ theory out the window which was why they invented the virus. Yet now the same theme is being played out again so they took the opposite theory, the Terrain Theory and pleomorphism, slapped it on top and bingo they have viruses morphing and laying dormant (like phages and bacteria again). Checkmate. Or was it?

Virologist Dr Stefan Lanka Files Charge Against German ...
Lanka interview at measles trial


It seems their plans for medical world domination hit another hurdle in 2016 when Stefan Lanka challenged the worlds virologists to produce the proof of one virus. His public challenge went like this
“The sum of 100’000 Euro will be paid on presentation of a scientific publication, in which the existence of the measles- virus is not only claimed, but actually proven, and in which the diameter of the virus is determined.“
Many have heard of this case which should have shattered the whole industry except they only printed half the story in the press. The half they liked. The story the world was told was that Lanka lost the bet when Bidens offered up 6 papers the first of which was the Enders paper we already touched on earlier. The other five were just props to try and fill in the missing bits from the 1st paper which did not prove any viruses were found.
Of course judges can’t understand the scientific papers any better than most of us can so the papers were accepted on face value so the matter had to go back to court over the none payment of the prize money. By appealing the decision Lanka got to explain the meaning of those papers and demonstrate the fraud and the false claim thereby winning the case at the appeal. There was no control experiment in any of the papers. Lanka also paid an independent lab to perform the control experiments 60+ years later and presented the results to the court. This second part of the story was totally ignored by the press. The scientists and skeptics all ganged up on the story claiming sour grapes and details were poured over but it still stands that the measles virus was not proven to exist.
As I always like to point out why would they find it so difficult to produce the proof of a virus they’ve been supposedly pumping into millions of kids since the 50’s? It technically should be a walk in the park.
This 2nd appeal case quietly happened in 2017 and I had been doing my own research and often used a website called the Picturebook of Viruses and noticed in 2017 that the picture of the measles virus was taken down and the letters N/A left in their place. Not Applicable? Amazing, so glad I got a screenshot of it before they rearranged the whole site. Someone was obviously taking the verdict more seriously than they wanted to admit. Now all the fake pics are under latin names again so none of you will bother looking at their fakery. It’s only for the initiated cult members.

screencapture picturebook of viruses


Legally they now could be done for fraud because of that court case. Here’s what was said about it by the clerk of the court…..
The highest court confirmed judgement in the measles virus trial has removed the basis of the whole of virology. Not only that, it has been established in case law now that the method used since 1954 to prove viruses exist is no longer valid in 2016 and beyond. This one case should have been the end of the vaccine industry too.
Do you think this might have made them need to change the face of vaccines again. I think so. It must have.

Since this case it seems like the science of virology has gone into overdrive in pushing the fear factor of their unproven and now challenged virus theory using their usual tack of latin word salads. For a while they stopped using the word virus and changed to proteins and phages and even prions. I noticed this change but many didn’t. But now suddenly they’ve come back with a vengeance. Reminds me of a boxer after a bad round coming out all guns blazing. To try and hide their bruises they’ve plumped for total obfuscation wrapped up in computer modelling, mathematics and playing with gene fragments like a meccano set trying to manually build their fantasy virus genome into reality. THIS is where the ‘gain of function’ comes in I mentioned at the start.

Fauci-Funded Researchers Headlined Wuhan Lab 'Gain Of ...

SO what is gain of function. Basically it’s taking something harmless which they had plumped to play the part of a virus (The mirozyma perhaps or maybe some protein?) and trying to make it do what they’ve always told us a virus does. Trying to make it act the part of the villain. They are actually trying to make Pinnochio into a real boy in real life.
This IS the bio-weapon that all the truthers are shouting about but the mistake everyone makes is thinking they CAN do it when in reality they haven’t even passed the first hurdle yet. They haven’t even proved their viruses are real. They are not trying to make a dangerous super virus/bio weapon they are actually just trying to make one virus. Because in reality they haven’t found one yet. It’s even in plain sight with their ‘protein spikes’ taking the place of a virus now. Can’t you see how they’re muddying the waters.

But the PCR tests were a boon for finding any gene sequence they want in anyone they want to so making potentially the whole world infected so looking like a contagious disease. And that’s exactly what they did. What these tests are actually picking up is bits of our own microbiome’s DNA fragments (also from our own bacteria, remember those phages). Bacteria have much more DNA than our own cells so these so-called variants and mutations could keep going forever unless we all know the game they’re playing. Also it is now well known that our DNA does change, is not fixed at all. Epigenetics is well known now thanx to Bruce lipton. This is how Lanka explains these ‘mutations’, here comes a bit of science…..

“Sequence alignment is a bioinformatics technique in which fragments of nucleic acid (DNA) are assembled with a computer into a hypothetical strand of genetic material. In order to carry out the alignment, roughly comparable to a jigsaw puzzle, templates in the form of old strands of genetic material are required. In the same way as the picture on the box of a puzzle serves as a template. In the case of SARS-CoV-2, two old corona models were used for this purpose.
Because during the alignment process, large parts of the constructed genome strand are freely invented, and other parts are “tweaked” by the associated computer programs to produce a reasonably credible result, the finished product never looks 100% like the template. It’s similar to forcibly putting together puzzle pieces that don’t even belong to the original to create a similar image.” and Viola, new variant.

To bring you up to date with this whole covid thing and the bat story and the ‘escaped from a lab secret bio-weapon thing’, can you work out what went on now from what I’ve told you in plain english? No they hadn’t managed to make a virus but they did need something quick to cover up for all the vaccine deaths happening in Wuhan so they coddled together an ‘in silico virus’. That is a made-up-by-a-computer virus. They took some of their SARS sequences added some extra bits lumped together from the gene-bank where they’ve been storing all their genetic sequences and claimed that was the novel virus genome. Truthers found out about the gene sequences being already on the gene bank, with patents too.
The Chinese were working on several sars/cov vaccines and have lodged 3 SARS/cov genetic sequences with the online gene bank. They are named SARS/cov 1, 2 and 3. All the genetic sequences were manufactured using CRISPR which means they take bits of genes from animals and humans and splice them together.

Curing diseases through Gene editing - CRISPR | Oxford ...

Remember you can’t patent anything from nature hence the sequences used were put together by mens hands or rather by computers and so the conspiracy theorists put 2 and 2 together to make 5. A big chinese conspiracy which only added more fuel to the fire creating even more fear of viruses. Those truthers shouting about deadly bio-weapons and deflecting the argument to who did it only serve to boost the sales of the covid vaccines which actually were not brand new at all.

screenshot of news page Investmentwatchblog.com

The fact that we are being told the vaccines for covid were rushed through is a lie. They’ve been working on them for almost 20 years (with no success). This was probably a human trial gone wrong of these sars vaccines which has exploded into a worldwide trial for a totally new genetic modification of our genes which they are calling vaccines (that is fraud). They’ve been working on this gene therapy since the 90’s. Did they see an opportunity to silently dismantle the struggling vaccine industry and replace it with gene therapy? They’ve always complained vaccines were not a big profit maker in themselves mostly because of the time it takes to make them and put them through the testing procedures which takes years but also the lack of virus proof and the anti-vax movement. Vaccines were not working and the cat was almost fully out of the bag so why carry on flogging a dead horse when big tech can come in and save the day and resurrect the dead horse into something much more lucrative. What could possibly go wrong?

Speaking of resurrecting, how about this- In 1840 innoculation was banned because it was causing smallpox. (Remember what I said in my last talk about innuculations spreading across europe seeming to cause plagues?). That’s when Jenner came along did a little name swap, renaming innoculation to VACCINation even tho it’s still basically the same process. Jenner was no physician in fact in his day he would have been called a quack. He bought his doctorate papers. Jenner was a freemason by the way. You may think the timeline doesn’t fit this name swap as the ban came out after his new invention, not new or invented, unless you know how long these new laws take to be implimented. Freemasons are always in the thick of politics and medicine so was this a pre-empting of the coming ban? Looks like it to me. Looks like more political dirty dealing for big profits.

Quotes by Famous Freemasons


Always use Occums Razor when dealing with their stories, meaning always look for the simplest explanation because the truth is always simple. Lies are convoluted and go round in circles, hence the mutations and variants and the ever changing story of what viruses are. So rather than fearing these mad scientists we should be locking them up, they really are deluded.
Instead of laughing at conspiracy nuts who shout ‘no virus isolation’ go and see if what I’ve said here is true. Look at the methods used. They are always what I’ve told you here. Read Stefan Lanka’s papers which are challenging not only the whole of virology but the whole medical system too. His latest challenge is out there now. It’s called Projekt Immanuel. He has challenged the worlds virologists to do the control experiments never done since 1951 for covid19. He has already done them himself, it’s now up to the rest of them to put up or shut up. If viruses were real they should have NO problem with this. The problem is tho is anyone going to listen? Remember the same people own the media that own medicine and big celebrities and top politicians. You will not hear anything about this from any of them.
Like Carlin said ‘it’s one big club and YOU ain’t in it’.


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