December 1, 2023

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Greg Hunt & His Rotten Media Ghouls

Greg Hunt, are you kidding me??? what does this bottom feeder know about vaccine damage? the Blonde troll calls us, Offenders which means a person who commits an illegal act. We are offenders because we want to protect our children from brain damage & death? Because we don’t want our little angels to suffer hundreds of seizures a day or become a vegetable in a wheelchair, for life? We are offenders because we do not wish or consent to our kids becoming a product of the medical industrial complex & treated like sick cattle? this only goes to show that Australia is heading back into the dark ages & these ghouls make me sick. These despicable & heartless trolls need to have their rotten faces shoved in the misery & devastation that vaccines have caused so many families worldwide.

Greg Hunt begs for parents to vaccinate & states that they will even give the toxic things away for free. Parents of an estimated 142,793 children under the age of five were cut off from up to $15,000 in taxpayer-funded child care payments under the policy. Let’s help Aussie families to lift the number to 200,00 & beyond by exposing the big vaccine lie. Every week i encounter more & more families who are not buying into the media spin & will not risk injuring their children by vaccinating. Greg Hunt is a desperate fool who is in the wrong position & needs to seriously rethink his arrogant statements or face the boot.

1 thought on “Greg Hunt & His Rotten Media Ghouls

  1. 1. 140.000 parents have been cut off from family payments

    Do you know what I think .. THEY WOULDN’T DARE .. it is all just one nice big bluff.

    2. “So we’re going to keep pushing very hard” says Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt.

    Can everyone see that FEDERAL HEALTH MINISTER Greg Hunt IS KILLING HIS POLITICAL CAREER .. Greg Hunt will not be in office after the next election .. if he isn’t thrown out before .. along with this failed policy to damage Australian children.

    Someone should remind Greg Hunt that Australia is not NAZI GERMANY .. that he is not Adolf Hitler .. Greg Hunt is just poor old Greg Hunt .. & soon to be unemployed Greg Hunt .. the Australian people despise the stand over man mentality.

    Australian Autism ADHD Foundation:
    The number of children diagnosed with ASD has & is still growing at an alarming exponential rate.

    * 1950’s – 1 in 25.000 children were diagnosed with Autism.
    * 1970 – 1980 1 in 2.500 children were diagnosed with Autism.
    * 2000 – 1 in 150 children were diagnosed with Autism.
    * 2004 – 1 in 125 children were diagnosed with Autism
    * 2006 – 1 in 110 children were diagnosed with Autism.
    * 2088 – 1 in 88 children were diagnosed with Autism.
    * 2013 – In March 2013 US national Health reported that 1 in 50 children were
    diagnosed with Autism ..
    And in populated cities in the US 1 in every 27 children were
    diagnosed with Autism.

    According to The Australian Bureau of Statistics:
    Prevalence of Autism in Australia.

    * In 2003 – 30.000 Australians had Autism.
    * In 2009 – 64.600 Australians had Autism
    * In 2012 – 114.500 Australians had Autism.

    ( Please notice that this is .. The Australian Bureau of Statistics .. & they run a seriously dodgy operation .. so we got “Australians with Autism” AND NOT HOW MANY AUSTRALIAN CHILDREN HAVE AUTISM .. for the shonky drivel that they throw at us.)
    ( In the same breath they will be telling us that teen pregnancy is up .. AGAIN .. when it is not)

    * In 2014 .. IN AUSTRALIA .. 1 in 63 Australian school children has a formal Autism Diagnosis & was registered with Centrelink to receive a Carers Allowance.


    Australian Population in 2017 = 24.367.200 people.
    Australian Child Population 2015 = 4.760.000 children under 15 years of age.

    SO .. according to their figures = aprox: 80.000 plus children in Australia are diagnosed with Autism.
    And the Australian Liberal Party is not concerned about this ?
    Or the Australian Labor Party .. are they concerned ?
    Or the Australian Greens party .. are they worried ?
    What about any other Australian politician .. has anyone expressed concerns ?

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