December 7, 2023

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Groundbreaking Lawsuit Could Strike Down LGBT LAWS Across The Nation



Canada’s feminist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has paved the way for LGBT rights with a focus in particular on trans peoples rights by ignoring reality and pandering to the delusions of his most loyal followers. There is a similar movement for trans rights taking place in the United States however some towns are pushing back and this week Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) filed a powerful groundbreaking lawsuit against a local Ohio sexual orientation gender identity (SOGI) non-discrimination law that some say may become the most significant religious freedom case since Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission (2018).

This lawsuit aims to protect a small Catholic school from stifling LGBT laws that cut to the heart of religious education. In this video Dan Dicks and Leigh Stuart of Press For Truth compare this ongoing case with what we’re seeing in Canada while answering the question, could this American case cause a ripple effect that will be felt and acted upon here in Canada when it comes to Bill C-16 and Bill 89?

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1 thought on “Groundbreaking Lawsuit Could Strike Down LGBT LAWS Across The Nation

  1. The LGBT group is not about supporting that some people have different sexual appetites but about the destruction of the heterosexual family unit and are financed by people like George Soros who seems to hate mankind, or the Gentile, with a vengeance. He is a Jew so is it no wonder that he would seek the destruction of the White family unit via this perverted group. Let’s face it, we in Aus voted them into our churches after being warned that they would continue their agenda into all levels of our social structure, and they are certainly doing that whilst we sit on our hands. Let us hope that this Lawsuit is successful and may curb the evil promotions of this sick LGBT group.

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