September 29, 2023

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Hanson Acts To End Pandemic Of Discrimination

 ‘We do not have a mandatory vaccination policy’: PM Morrison
Media Release
21 October 2021

One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson will today introduce legislation making it unlawful to discriminate against Australians who exercise their right to choose not to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

“I’m bringing this legislation to the Senate because I see no other alternative for halting the pandemic of discrimination that has been unleashed in Australia against individuals who don’t get vaccinated against COVID-19, regardless of the reason why they don’t,” Senator Hanson said.

“These individuals are Australians just like the rest of us but they’re demonised by governments and scorned at by compliant media. They face a bleak future in which they are treated as second-class citizens, not allowed to earn a living or cross a state border to be reunited with their families. Many have already had their livelihoods taken from them for standing for the right to choose. There’s no protection even for those people who can’t get vaccinated for medical reasons. They face unacceptable discrimination too.

“In the Northern Territory for example, anyone with a job involving public interaction has been ordered to get the jabs by 13 November or lose their job and cop a $5000 fine. It’s pure discrimination and naked coercion in a jurisdiction which has had just over 200 cases and not one single death from COVID-19.

“All of this discrimination sends a clear message: the rights of the individual will be protected only so long as they do not conflict with the state. There is nothing – not even a global pandemic – more dangerous to a free society. Australia is a democracy, not a totalitarian state or communist dictatorship.

“One Nation is not anti-vaccine. One Nation is pro-choice. Personally I will not allow myself to be bullied, threatened or coerced into a medical procedure I’ve decided against. That’s my choice. I’m fighting for every Australian’s right to make their own choice. I’m standing against the bullying, threats and coercion which have no place in a free society like ours.”

Senator Hanson said the legislation was also a necessary response to Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s profound lack of leadership during the pandemic.

“State premiers are walking all over the Prime Minister and his so-called national plan, locking down communities at the whiff of a new case and refusing to commit to the open borders that are the constitutional right of every Australian citizen,” she said.

“Scott Morrison is impotent in preventing it. He’s too gutless to admit the Constitution forbids the Commonwealth from authorising civil conscription with respect to medical services, so he lets the states and territories trample all over our right to choose, take away our jobs, separate our families and isolate our communities.

“Scott Morrison is clearly not fit to lead this country if he won’t stand up for Australians’ right to choose.”


2 thoughts on “Hanson Acts To End Pandemic Of Discrimination

  1. Morrison can talk for an hour and say nothing.
    It’s a skill they learn in the apprenticeship of flowering bullshit.
    Replay it and write down if he actually stated anything that would cease discrimination for the Jab chaos he promoted.
    Good luck!

  2. The Constitution clearly states that 8n no way can the govt of the day enforce medical conscription on its citizens. Everything SCUMO said in the above video is pure utter nonsence. PH for PM

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