December 8, 2023

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Health Minister Greg Hunt “Big Pharma’s Yes Man”

Larry Cook BLAMING vaccine free children on deaths of vaccinated children is ludicrous at best, and at worst, a coverup in plain sight that vaccines truly don’t work, at all, and never worked. Wake up Australia, you’re being fleeced.

Concerned Mother

This is a disgusting, low act, media stunt to turn everyone against the non-vaccinators, who for the majority are ex vaxxers! I am appalled!

Get the facts you say, well don’t feed everyone the herd immunity line! There is no scientific evidence to support that idea! The term was coined relating to natural immunity, the pharmaceutical big shots are stealing this line to sell a product! Herd Immunity: Junk Science at its Finest

I am sick of you lot peddling the whooping cough deaths. On average in Australia, one baby dies annually. Fear tactics will not work on those that have done the hard yards. There is a lot of information, factual information, that the general public are not being informed about when it comes to whooping cough – and it’s vaccine!!

I’ve got the facts and they sure as hell do not line up with what the media portray! Recently Vaccinated Kids Are Spreading Pertussis Everywhere


This media psych operation is getting OUT OF CONTROL!!! 

My unvaccinated children are the healthiest kids going around, they have never been to the doctor and never had any medication since birth. If they get an illness, they will be fine, because they are not malnourished and have extremely strong immune systems and no vitamin deficiencies etc. 

50% of Aussie kids have chronic health conditions that none of the unvaccinated children have. Now that is the crisis!! Let me get one thing clear – I will never inject known carcinogens, chemicals and toxic ingredients into my precious children!! Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated: Mawson Homeschooled Study Reveals Who is Sicker

*We urgently need a national debate to put this to bed once and for all, instead of turning people against one another. Of course this is all done on purpose and the debate will never happen.

 Greg Hunt, you seem more like a Big Pharmaceutical spokesman than a politician. Greg Hunt, you must supply proof of vaccine safety & efficacy, you must personally promise Australian families that no harm or ill health will come from vaccinating their little ones. Greg Hunt, are you able to make a personal promise to Australian families that vaccines are 100% safe & there are NO risks in vaccinating their children?
Vaccine Damage Information Here

11 thoughts on “Health Minister Greg Hunt “Big Pharma’s Yes Man”

  1. Video no 1: of this article …
    This video is targeted at investment funds & not the Australian public.

    Greg Hunt is simply & desperately trying to reassure investment funds that everything is going according to plan & that investment funds should not pull their money out of the SCAM that is …


    It is not about convincing the Australian people any more.
    But trying to hold on to however few investment funds remain in the compulsory vaccination investment syndicate.
    The big money left because of the bad look vaccination damage like Autism gave the investment & in an effort to clean the image, Lucy Turnbull was given the push.
    Nice try Greggo – only you don’t fool anyone here.

  2. What did you expect me to say?
    Oh, my god.
    Oh, my god.
    The catch cry of the eternal victim.
    Reality is here for those who chose to look & recognise it.

  3. “well parents do have a choice” says Greg Hunt

    Greg Hunt is talking up the warm & fuzzy & positive relationship that the Australian government has with Australian parents.

    Downplaying & denying the compulsory aspect of vaccination.
    Downplaying the numbers of parents who oppose vaccination.
    Downplaying the numbers of parents who refuse relinquish their rights & responsibilities to their children – & on principle to bow to dictatorial government.

    And Greg Hunt tells us of the desired result of 100% vaccination of the Australian population to realise maximum profit for investors.
    This video was not for us – the Australian population.
    It is targeted at INVESTMENT FUNDS – a softer approach to reassure the money that it’s all okay – KOSHER like OKAY.

  4. God only knows how many 100’s of millions & maybe even billions of dollars the Australian government has wasted on this …
    And they are still wasting.

  5. \”and if you\’ve ever met a parent who\’s lost a child to whooping cough –


    There Is No Way Of Telling From Where
    A Child Caught / Contracted Whooping Cough.

    I have 5 childern
    All vaccinated
    Not me …. & I have NEVER been vaccinated.
    Not their eldest brother.
    Not their 2 younger brothers.
    Not their father … who had never been vaccinated.
    Not my sister … who had never been vaccinated.

    So – either the whooping cough vaccine lay in wait – being incubated in their bodies & blossomed into whooping cough / became full blown whooping cough disease in their bodies.
    Some vaccinated child at primary school who was a carrier infected them.

  6. I am seriously scared at the way this government, with the full support of the ALP and Greens, are prostituting the Australian population to an industry that is poisoning and killing people with their products !!? When American neuro-surgeons are warning that there are simply too many vaccines on current schedules, that they are regressing the mental and physical development of babies, causing massive ill-health, are keeping diseases going and no pregnant woman should be vaccinated against anything as it directly affects the foetus, we should be taking notice ! We are “pro-choice, conscientious objectors” and once believed in vaccines. NOT ANYMORE !!!

    1. You should be scared as this is a planned program on our children.
      As per the science available that vaccines are unsafe then why force administer if there is any risk whatsoever…… we need to keep asking!

  7. Hi Concerned Mum,
    Great contribution but I just cannot see Hunt making a statement that Vaccines are 100% safe.
    Unlike colours that can have many shades of grey the truth does not. A vaccine has risks or has no risks and that’s that!
    Mr Hunt is an educated person and if I as a layman can locate information from high level scientists that vaccines are not safe then surely Hunt would be able to.
    Mr Hunt is either totally ignorant and in his ignorance considers vaccines safe or he is being rewarded to promote vaccines remaining ignorant to the risks.
    Otherwise, if he is promoting vaccines and understands that vaccines are not safe then, in his position of power, has committed a crime against the people of Australia…… this is serious stuff!

  8. I have been able to find Turnbull*s register of shares in pharmaceutical companies (including Lucy*s), but am having no luck with other pollies – namely Greg Hunt & Bill Shorten, but of course would like to get all the others as well. I*m a bit of a learner as yet with technology, could you help?

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