“Healthy Communities Vs Weakened Immunities”

by crazz
NOTE: Instead of demonizing healthy families who choose not to vaccinate, why don’t our so-called health officials conduct studies in these unvaccinated zones to see how kids compare with fully immunized children in other areas? Let’s compare children in high vaccination areas with year-round snotty green noses to completely healthy unvaccinated children in areas like Noosa.
Dr. Mason Stevenson looks like a dodgy used car salesman desperately trying to push lemons onto unsuspecting buyers. Why on earth would a real Dr be pushing dangerous & potentially lethal cocktail vaccines onto children when he himself is relying on propaganda to push them? Does Dr. Mason Stevenson represent the community in which he is supposed to be serving or does he represent Big Pharma? People like Dr. Mason Stevenson are predators who rely on sick people & their kids for sustenance instead of helping them to be healthier through better nutrition & building stronger immune systems.
Every part of your body, including your immune system, functions better when protected from environmental assaults and bolstered by healthy-living strategies such as these: Don’t smoke. Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables. Exercise regularly.
Doctors should be pushing for children to eat better, get more sun/exercise, drink clean water & this should all tie up with more aware communities & better living standards. If we can achieve this then we simply won’t need toxic drugs & vaccines anymore because what our kids really need are healthy & proper functioning immune systems, that’s it.  I guess the Dr wants to preserve the sickness industry which also supplies him with the propaganda he uses as a weapon to scare people into vaccinating which in turn causes all the diseases he pushes in the first place.

Managed one comment… “Of course Noosa has a low vaccination rate, they are wealthy and educated up there” … 

Ah, the push to jab our kids is never ending along with the never-ending media propaganda and fear-mongering, I am proud to say I live on the Sunshine Coast!!


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  1. Absolutely Allona….. they are petrified to do what you suggest as it would blow their cover of lies.
    They, our Government spineless, do the work of the UN and their unelected subsidiaries the WHO, UNICEF and various other think tanks that think only of profit for the minority…… this is what drugs are all about….. profit!
    It has been openly stated that our resident PM, Turnbull, and wife, have massive investments in the drug industry whilst ‘demanding’ that we ‘pull our heads in’ and shove these toxins into our children.
    The problem in Aus is finding an honest person to vote for!

    1. Hi Gus:
      BBC TV series – Paranoid Season 1 Episode 5 – from 8 minutes into the begining – 20ish.
      This is how TV presents a pharmaceutical facility.
      All the pipes outside are most likely an oil refinery & certainly not a pharmaceutical research – development facility.
      The factory where they make our medication is a standard factory & the labs are empty.
      We are given the impression that BigPharma is impressive, modern, clean & chic – & it is not.

  2. According to Chief Health Officer Janette Young –
    Children under the age of 5 years old tend to spread the flu more – just “more,” she said.

    What are the symptoms of the flu for kids?
    * High grade fever up to 104 degrees.
    * Chills & shakes with the fever.
    * Extreme tiredness.
    * Headaches & body aches.
    * Dry, hacking cough.
    * Sore throat.
    * Vomiting & belly pain.

    So here is my first big question:

    If your 5 year old was this sick ……….

    1) would your child be in childcare?
    2) would your child be in school?
    3) would your child be at home in bed?
    4) would your child be in the waiting room of your local GP?
    5) would your child be at the emergency unit of the hospital?

    Here is my second big question:

    In being so ill a 5 year old child is reasonable isolated because they are so ill.
    How is it possible that this 5 year old child can spread the flu MORE – Janette Young?

  3. In talking about child deaths from flu ………
    70% of deaths are due to a secondary infection of a bacterial nature ………
    It is the bacterial infection that killed the children.

    Interesting article:
    news.com.au – Families hit by mutant flu epidemic desperate for help. October 2. 2017
    Brock Gilberts …….. he has now contracted rhinovirus & salmonella – IN HOSPITAL.

    * Please tell me what this is all about?
    * This reads like a horror story.
    * MUTANT Flu Epidemics –
    * We are talking PLURAL mutant flu epidemics.
    * Only in movies does anything mutate so quickly & into various forms – into more that one strain of mutation.

  4. interesting read:

    Socialize Big Pharma – Jacobin
    by Leigh Phillips

    Maintaining a private pharmaceutical sector represents a significant public health risk. One solution is complete nationalization.

    In the ongoing war against bugs & infection, these companies have abandoned their post at the most crucial time: when the enemy is mounting its most ferocious attack in generations. As these firms continue to shirk their duties — EFFECTIVELY ABANDONING ANTIBIOTIC RESEARCH FOR SOME THIRTY YEARS NOW — senior public health officials are warning that the world could soon return to a pre-antibiotic era, a miserable, fearful time that most people today remember.

    There are NO NEW antibiotics.
    There have been NO NEW antibiotics for the last 30 years.
    What BigPharma call new antibiotics today are actually — OLD ANTIBIOTICS WITH ADDITIVES — rubbish told to us as enhancers to help the existing antibiotics to work faster & stronger – in other words BULLSHIT.

    Today when vaccines are only cocktails of virus / bacterial combinations injected into the human body — THE WORLDS BEST KNOWN INCUBATOR FOR DISEASE — WE HAVE NO NEW ANTIBIOTICS TO FIGHT OFF STRONGER STRAINS OF INFECTION.

    Dear God Help Us at the hands of the Imbecile.


    Why are there so few antibiotics in the research & development pipeline?
    by Elizabeth Sukkar.

    * Back in the 1980’s the world was seeing tens of antibiotics being approved, now we are lucky to see one or two trickly through.

    * Although society wants pharmaceutical companies to research & develop new antibiotics, policy makers do not want healthcare professionals to use the.

    * Furthermore, if antibiotics are generally used, they are usd for the short term, not like the long term therapies that bring in the revenue for companies.
    “The reason companies dropped out of the anti infectives field, was because of the lack of return of investment,” says Klaus Dembowsky, chief medical officer of Polythor ….
    He said that a lot of the products are second, third & fourth generation antibiotics, MEANING THEY ARE JUST FOLLOW UP COMPOUNDS without a novel mechanism or action.

    Though this article tells us what the problem is ……
    It also pushes the LIE that research & development cost a fortune.
    It does not.
    Research & development consists of a small group of people trying out already know to them compounds.
    There is very little that is new on the earth to be discovered ….
    Except in plants that have not yet been tested for their healing properties.
    These healing properties are not NEW to the list of elements / chemical compositions that the world already knows about.
    As for the EXCUSE that THE COST’s OF CLINICAL TRIALS are exorbitant – it is more RUBBISH.
    It is, again, all just one great big BULLSHIT STORY on the part of BigPharm & policy maker, who are the greedy & power struck, money crunchers of the world.

    Antimicrobial resistance is clearly one of the greatest challenges to global health. At the same time there is a decline in investment, by the pharmaceutical industry into development, of new, effective antibacterial. The result is that the pipeline of new antibacterials is almost empty.
    Meanwhile, BigPharma is in the business of utilising the human body – the worlds best, most efficient & effective incubator, to grow up new & more deadly strains of bacterial disease – IN A GLOBAL GET RICH QUICK SCHEME –

    1. P.S.
      The growing up of new bacterial strains begins with setting up the right kind of environment in the female body to receive & incubate new & novel cocktails of known diseases, both viral & bacterial to create – TOMORROW’S GRIM REAPERS.
      This is why we are today vaccinating – the in utero fetus – through infancy – teen into adulthood.
      Creating & perfecting the ideal unit, in which to grow the ultimate in Dynamic & Deadly Germ Warfare – the human body – mankind.

  6. Human Sacrifice:

    According to the social control hypothesis, human sacrifice legitimises class-based power distinctions by combining displays of ultimate authority — the taking of life — with — SUPERNATURAL JUSTIFICATIONS — THAT SANCTIFY AUTHORITY — AS DIVINE ORDINATION.

    Divine Ordination – meaning:

    * A gift from GOD\’S GRACE & even above the church.
    * It, & it alone, is the power of GOD & the wisdom of GOD unto salvation & sanctification.
    * Of GOD, FATE, to destine & predestine.
    * The divine right of KINGS or GODS MANDATE.

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