September 24, 2023

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Hollywood Is Casting REAL SPELLS On Us


Hollywood casting REAL spells on viewers and odd signs of ‘the end’ from around the world. MORE Videos HERE Help support my work: Paypal: thescariestmovieever@gmail

2 thoughts on “Hollywood Is Casting REAL SPELLS On Us

  1. Real Spells
    I have a book of REAL SPELLS – my late father’s Real Spells Book

    I strongly suggest, most strongly recommend …
    1. stay away from this shit … you will go mad, trust me.
    2. NEVER, EVER, NEVER use other peoples STUFF … you do not know where it has been, what it was used for, who could be on the other end of the line & / or what the consequences will be … stay away from other clowns shit.
    3. there is a lot of rubbish out there
    4. you NEVER have CONTROL … you are at the MERCY of what ever you attract.

    Father died, my eldest daughter took his Tarot cards, several years later she brought them to me “these are for you” she said, I rang her grandma & said “they belonged to your husband do you want them “no, he used to communicate with the devil using those cards” I played with them for a while, much to my daughters dismay, I decided to burn them, I lit a good fire & threw the whole pack in, 3 cards came FLYING OUT, 2 were burning, I threw them back in, the card that was not burning flew out again, I kept it.
    The 3 cards, the 10 of swords, the strength card, the lovers … only that the lovers card had been totally & deliberately altered to give me a specific reading.
    This does not happen – right.


  2. Imagine you are a powerful Jinn & you have a “MASTER” some 2 timing, 4 flushing, looser … & you have to listen to this all day – “Jinn do this” “Jinn do that” “Bring me this” “Bring me that” you, a most powerful Jinn.
    Does anyone really believe beings of the supernatural world are compelled to obey mortals ??
    Really !!
    Men of the cloth believe that they are the go between, that they have a direct line to GOD.
    Sucked in is what they are.

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