December 7, 2023

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Hosted Humans, Digital Predators, Entity Attachment And Love Bites With Tony Sayers

Welcome Members, I chat with Today Sayers about Hosted Humans, Entity Attachment & how fear is used as a weapon to keep humanity under the quicksand of control. We look into the Jewish control of Pornography & how our children are being stalked by digital, sexual predators. Tony will be joining me for more podcasts as we work to understand & break down the system around us. Adam 


There is a general understanding around the alternative media that World leaders and the so-called ‘elite’ may not be entirely as they seem. Hosted humans has been spoken about by many researchers most famously David Icke.

I agree with this concept that we are actually dealing with another, what I would refer to, as an aspect of consciousness intertwined with the human experience. It is also my strong belief that this distorted form of consciousness is malevolent. Thats not just me saying that, you only have to look around you to see that the people who run this joint are psychopathic at best.

Why else would this reality be full of constant wars, fear, scarcity etc Because it is 100% DESIGNED to be this way. As I mention in my video below, if you go down to your local coffee shop and ask the people there if they want war who is going to say yes?? So why do we have them all the time?

Welcome everyone, my name is Tony Sayers. For those new to my work and website I am an author, public speaker, and primarily an activist. I care deeply about the state of our Planet and this website is a correlation of research I have looked into over the last five years, ultimately culminating in my latest book ‘Are you living or just existing?’ Which is available for purchase in the ‘books’ section or by clicking this link

When I found out about some of the atrocities happening daily, and what is planned for us all in the long run I immediately sprung into action like so many other amazing souls do when they go first go down the rabbit hole. I wanted EVERYONE to know what I had found out, and I thought they would listen. Again so many will relate, its not always that simple! But try we must, and trying is what I have been doing ever since.

Starting Facebook groups, helping to organise demos, leaflet dropping outside of train stations, radio shows, vlogging, public speaking and even the odd bit of poetry! Any which way I can to get the message through to people. This website is an extension of that. Its so important that we ACT upon what we know. As Stephen Covey once said ‘To learn and not to do, is really not to learn. To know and not to do, is really not to know’.

Through years of research I came across what true alchemy is, and that is if we are to progress in anything in life and better ourselves either both individually or collectively its important to face the negatives square in the face, and then TRANSCEND them into positives. Im not saying dwell there, that is counter productive. But like true warriors face the challenge head on, no matter how hard the road looks. Only then will we see permanent, long lasting change. And it is so very achievable. Its a great time to be alive, there is more change happening on the Planet now than ever before as we move into these ‘transcending times’.

My work covers an array of different viewpoints, information, and detail. Ranging from spiritual law, surface level corruption, mind control, holistic health, metaphysical hijacking, and energy healing. All these subjects I have found culminate in the current human condition that appears to be on a knife edge of either evolving to something amazing or descending into chaos!

You may find some of my views quite challenging, and they are meant to be. But know that at all times I have the best interests of a brighter future behind my views. Enjoy the site and I’m open to any feedback that you may think might help to improve it. Take care, much love to you all. Keep up the good fight fellow warriors!

Tony x

Love, care, courage.

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