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How the Australian Government stole our Future

This video explains how the Australian Government stole our Future, our Rights, and a whole Continent.

How the political parties stole our rights and freedoms through the biggest LIE in history. Read these articles in the numbered order to learn how and why: 1.… 2.… 3.… 4. 5.…

2 thoughts on “How the Australian Government stole our Future

  1. Most Australians would be concerned if they bothered to check into the political history of their accepted free country; give the TV and Mainstream Media the flick for your own survival and investigate!
    Nobody in the world including Australians are free. We are all under the yoke of ancient families forged together over centuries in what is now known as the Crown situated in the city of London. These are the massively rich Jewish families who’s progeny go back to Babylon who now totally control all banking and wealth on planet earth thru the London Crown and ‘Rule of Law’.
    The so called Royal Family are not the Crown but are subservient to the London Crown.
    As is Australia, Briton is merely a colony of the London Crown meaning we in Australia are not a individual sovereign country our treasonous political parties have conspired to mis-inform us whilst they continued political ties to Britain to maintain the status quo of Colony under British rule. This is a very complex issue so read the links and form your own opinion.

  2. Adolf farcebook keeps banning blocking restricting censoring so many posts so hard to get word out!
    Thanks to crazzfiles and many other alternative News who actually care about the people and what has happened to our country which has been hijacked by political tyrants dictators and globalists and that includes the tyrants in mainstream media empires!!

    Adolf farcebook even blocks me from posting this on other pages and I have been on indefinite restrictions since December 2021. The globalists totalitarianism is terrifying and I pray people of the world can unite and be the force to stop the psychopathic totalitarians! The police sure won’t they’re getting off on the power trip! Thank God there are some incredible police officers who are courageous and ethical and with great integrity!

    If every police officer in Australia did this the tyrannical governments would have abolished All mandates and all other tyrannical governments actions!!!!!! This joins the list of other very brave police who have spoken Up and taken action !!!!

    This brave WA Sergeant shares his story with AFIPN Perth Correspondent Thérèse Aleksander.
    I left with my integrity intact and I’m proud of serving my community for all the right reasons.” – Australian Free Independent Press Network
    This brave WA Sergeant shares his story with AFIPN Perth Correspondent Thérèse Aleksander.
    SERGEANT GARY BENZIES 8774 / 13295 signing off.
    “I retired from WA Police yesterday after 32 years of unblemished police service.
    I came second in the Police Excellence Awards last year for the work I did supporting my community.
    I refused to get jabbed and held true to my beliefs through the bullying and coercion driven by the Commissioner Chris Dawson.
    It is rife. He forced unjabbed officers to wear masks some time ago to alienate them and break down their resolve.
    He has definitely created a divide in his Police force and many would leave if they could find another job.
    Morale is pitiful.
    His method was successful, and many officers cracked and got jabbed because they were scared of losing their jobs and income.
    I’ve been approached by so many of them, absolutely broken.
    Luckily, we haven’t had the issues we’ve seen in Victoria, so I was able to leave with my integrity intact. I would never have been ‘that officer, just following orders’.
    But strangely, this year, I have also received multiple nominations for that award, yet absolutely no mention of me being listed as a finalist.
    Obviously didn’t want to run the risk of a masked, unvaxxed officer making the news for working hard.
    Signing off Sarge”.
    Thank you, Gary, for your service to the WA Police Force and for holding the line.

    Labor goons attack and assault Vintage Apron cafe owner at Capalaba | Cairns News

    Labor goons attack and assault vintage apron cafe owner at Capalaba
    Someone must have arranged for channel 7 to film this insane police pounce and arrest.
    Well isn’t this typical of the scum deeply conflicted mainstream media empires we have come to hate!
    These monstrous media empire tyrants would not know journalistic ethics integrity truth and honour if it smashed them in their tyrannical power crazed faces !!!!!
    These filthy scum deeply conflicted media of course left out the police brutality and excessive force and assault by a police officer where this power crazed brute can clearly be seen punching and slapping this poor terrorized and terrified and traumatized man trying to survive in this plandemic!
    When these monstrous tyrants keep destroying people and their businesses where is all the taxes coming from??? What is going to happen to all these poor people who have had their businesses and lives destroyed by political and medical dictatorship tyranny terrorism ??!!!!
    Here is the real story of the police brutality assault of the poor man trying to keep his business afloat after two years of the covid plandemic !!at Capalaba cafe the video taken by the very distressed customers simply trying to have a cuppa!
    Australian government and your tyrannical actions are insane and you are totally lawless and you must immediately abolish all mandates and all other tyrannical government actions now and forever more!!
    See video !!/sharer.php?fs=8&sid=145090044604540&refid=52&__tn__=J%2AW-R

    Queensland Labor Government Premier Palaszczuk’s pathetic police pounce on cafe patron arrest her having a cup of coffee

    Liberals and Labor deserve the world wide condemnation they are getting

    Australians must all unite against the terrifying tyranny of the state and federal governments of Australia

    Professor Zimmerman slams the federal government and states’ Covid regime, resigns from Liberal Party | Cairns News

    Dr. Augusto Zimmermann resigns from the Liberal Party IN STYLE | Reignite Democracy Australia



    Augusto Zimmermann
    Gabriël Moens AM

    Paperback, 140 pages, $29.95

    ISBN: 9781922449948

    January 2022 Release

    The main argument of this book is that vaccine mandates facilitate the creation of a fundamentally unfair and unequal society where vaccinated people are privileged and the unvaccinated become second-class citizens who are excluded from most activities of normal life and are regarded as lepers in their own country. In this context, this book discusses the concept of legality known as the ‘rule of law’, and the use of emergency powers in Australia. It also focuses on the unconstitutionality of mandatory vaccination, and it examines the possible use of the external affairs power in the Constitution to combat mandatory vaccination. Also discussed in this book is the role that civil disobedience can play when protesting the imposition of vaccine mandates and other draconian measures. Finally, the reader is invited to ponder how the use of emergency powers is historically used as a means of suppressing fundamental rights and dramatically increasing the power of the State.

    Augusto Zimmermann is professor and head of Law at the Sheridan Institute of Higher Education, and also adjunct professor of law at the University of Notre Dame Australia (Sydney Campus).From 2012 to 2017, he served as a Law Reform Commissioner in Western Australia. While teaching (and coordinating) constitutional law and legal theory at Murdoch University, he was awarded the 2012 Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research, as well as two Law School Dean’s Research Awards, in 2010 and 2011. He is also the author/co-author/editor/co-editor of numerous academic articles and books, including Fundamental Rights in the Age of Covid-19 (Connor Court Publishing, 2020).

    Gabriël Moens AM is emeritus professor of law at the University of Queensland and served as pro vice-chancellor and dean of the School of Law at Murdoch University. In 2003, Moens was awarded the Australian Centenary Medal by the prime minister for services to education. He has taught extensively across Australia, Asia, Europe, and the United States. Moens has recently published two novels A Twisted Choice (Boolarong Press, 2020) and The Coincidence (Connor Court Publishing, 2021).

    Quotes from the book:

    “The health orders issued by Australia’s governments have the effect of violating the concept of legality known as ‘the rule of law’. These governments have adopted extra-constitutional measures that undermine the doctrine of separation of powers and the principle of equality before the law, as well as the basic right of citizens to object to any form of medical treatment, including mandatory vaccinations, which are now increasingly imposed by the government”.

    “Mandatory vaccination, which is now steadily underway in Australia to combat the spread of COVID-19, sits uncomfortably with the jurisprudence of the High Court and our traditions of constitutional government. One would expect the Court to acknowledge these basic traditions, and that discrimination on the grounds of vaccination amounts to a violation of the spirit of the Australian Constitution”.

    “The rise to dominance of the authoritarian leader in Australia is a confirmation of the massive shift of power away from parliament, or the legislative arm of government, to the executive or cabinet. This process not only effectively allows the Premier and his cabinet to arbitrarily decide on legislative measures but also to intervene on every single aspect of our lives”.

    “The deep unease and fear that saturate Australia’s society have created a population disposed to government whose insatiable thirst for power and control leads to authoritarian measures. To avoid the growing concern of human rights violations and outright suppression of the constitutional order, the political establishment has learned about the importance of manipulating public perceptions to win support of what normally would be rejected as oppressive and undemocratic measures”.

    “The experience of contemporary Australia vividly exemplifies a disguised form of authoritarianism under the façade of temporary measures to combat an alleged health crisis. Rather than openly violating the constitutional order, governmental accountability is dangerously weakened by insulating the political ruler from scrutiny and a functional system of checks and balances”.

    “In theory, the use of emergency powers by the ruling elites should be a temporary departure from constitutional rule, in which a political leader might need to rule by decree until the emergency ceases to exist. The Australian political establishment, however, may never intend these measures to be temporary, thus seeking to conveniently maintain its extraordinary powers indefinitely. As such, convincing the population of a perpetual state of emergency gives the ruling elite broad discretionary authority to govern at the margin of the democratic process, unconstrained by legal-institutional accountability”.

    “The use of emergency powers in Australia certainly results in the abuse of power by arbitrary measures that profoundly undermine the rule of law; this can become more permanent in time. Presently, Australian authorities are enacting measures that consolidate statism and allow informers to assist authorities in tracing and incarcerating citizens without warrants on the grounds of prospective conduct. Any person in this country can now be arrested when the authority assumes that they have failed to comply with these directions. As such, basic legal principles inherited from the common law and our tradition of constitutional government (including due process and recourse to the writ of habeas corpus) are seriously undermined”.

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