How the Australian Government stole our Future

This video explains how the Australian Government stole our Future, our Rights, and a whole Continent.

How the political parties stole our rights and freedoms through the biggest LIE in history. Read these articles in the numbered order to learn how and why: 1.… 2.… 3.… 4. 5.…

One thought on “How the Australian Government stole our Future

  1. Most Australians would be concerned if they bothered to check into the political history of their accepted free country; give the TV and Mainstream Media the flick for your own survival and investigate!
    Nobody in the world including Australians are free. We are all under the yoke of ancient families forged together over centuries in what is now known as the Crown situated in the city of London. These are the massively rich Jewish families who’s progeny go back to Babylon who now totally control all banking and wealth on planet earth thru the London Crown and ‘Rule of Law’.
    The so called Royal Family are not the Crown but are subservient to the London Crown.
    As is Australia, Briton is merely a colony of the London Crown meaning we in Australia are not a individual sovereign country our treasonous political parties have conspired to mis-inform us whilst they continued political ties to Britain to maintain the status quo of Colony under British rule. This is a very complex issue so read the links and form your own opinion.

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