October 4, 2023

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If This Stained Circumstraint Could Talk…

SOS Stained CircumstraintThis antiseptic stained circumstraint is currently in use in a large U.S. hospital and looks very typical of those used daily. The photograph was taken by a nurse and advocate with Saving Our Sons. This morning, as you gaze upon its image, there will be 5-6 baby boys strapped to it as their penis is cut apart for no medical reason. Every day it is the same – sealing the tragic fate of another handful of perfect, newborn babies who were born the previous day.

Between uses, it is stored in the nursery closet – far out of the sight of new parents. ‘Nurse SOS’ writes:

Parents don’t see this sickening thing and I wish they could – it is like something out of a horror movie. Parents are told that the babies barely notice and sometimes don’t cry at all – this is an absolute blatant lie. They are also told that pain relief will be provided, but are never informed that all the ‘pain relief’ babies receive is an infant’s Tylenol and a pacifier dipped in sugar water.

An hour before circumcision, babies are denied any breastfeeding (or formula) so they do not vomit and choke when they scream. So sometimes they are already crying and upset before they are taken to be cut because they are so hungry. Babies are returned to their parents when they have passed out and they will not wake up to eat for many hours after circumcision. When they do wake, they are immensely hungry and in terrible pain.

I could go on and on… It is the worst part of my job as a pediatric nurse by far. And it happens every single morning.



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