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Insane Video Shows ‘Mad Max’ Biker Attack In Dystopian Venezuela


In Venezuela, socialism has bled the people to abject poverty. And now the dystopia has begun.

A new video posted online shows what appears to be the latest example of “Mad Max” like conditions in the poverty stricken country. In the video, a motorcycle gang attacks a truck that’s carrying sugar. You will see flashes, that’s grenades being launched in front of the truck’s route.  Some of the vehicles on the road turn around and leave while others join in on the food raid.

Folks, after watching this video, you should definitely have a bug out bag ready to go.

Socialism has destroyed an entire country in just under five years. This is a prime example of how society decays when the system completely collapses. It may look like a fantasy movie script, but it is real life in the real world we all live in. And this type of thing could happen right here in the United States.

Remember, most people in the United States want socialism, so the prospect of full-on socialism is not unrealistic. Many of our government programs are simply socialist programs hiding in plain sight. Bernie Sanders could have been elected had the Democrats not swindled him out of the nomination.  Once the financial system collapses, the above video is exactly what we will be left with.

History is our teacher and history shows us that socialism is a bust. It also shows us that when humans get desperate, bad things tend to happen. Remember, those people in the video are fighting for sugar. The value of simple sugar in a dystopian society is this high.

5 thoughts on “Insane Video Shows ‘Mad Max’ Biker Attack In Dystopian Venezuela

  1. “Socialism has destroyed an entire country in just 5 years”
    But is it socialism ?
    Is it actually Socialism ?
    That has destroyed the country …………. or is it corruption dressed up as THE BAD WORD Socialism – ?
    If truck transport is at risk why is there no police protection ?
    Or is this video footage scaremongering on the part of the criminal’s of the establishment dressed up in Grandma Socialism’s incontinence nappy.

  2. Venezuela is sitting on …. THE WORLDS LARGEST RESERVES OF OIL – BLACK GOLD …. !

    Need we wonder any further why Venezuela is in this CRISIS ?
    Where is the United States of America in proximity to Venezuela ?
    Why they are just up the road –
    There is no water & no foot –
    How could this happen
    SOME ONE HAS ….. DELIBERATELY SHUT DOWN THE SUPPLY OF FOOD & WATER ….. this situation has been deliberately contrived to bring Venezuela STARVATION POINT
    And exactly who will take over ?
    Look at the Middle East & know that Venezuela is the fat fertile chicken waiting to be plucked by the Western Banking System & their GHOULS.
    And not that old BOOGIEMAN Socialism.

  3. When the population of Venezuelan is good & hunger – US Bombs will drop from the sky’s & the population will be set FREE & delivered into the clutches of the US /EU Group of transnational criminals – who will loot the nation for all it is worth as they have done in the Middle East & every other nation that has assets to steal.

    Haven’t we yet woken up to the reality ?
    That we continue to react to the old catch cry’s of The Great Brainwashing of Mankind by The Criminal Establishment.

    1. A 2017 video I am watching on youtube say’s ………
      “Venezuela – that has bigger oil reserves than Saudi Arabia”

      Unfortunately – AND – by their own admission – Saudi Arabia’s OIL Reserves have run out.
      Does no one do any research today ?

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