October 1, 2023

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1 thought on “International FAKE Station Green Screen Scott Kelly FRAUD

  1. Great Stuff !

    Have you watched the NZ movie Once Were Warriors – this bit will put you in the picture –
    youtube – Once Were Warriors – Jake The Muss Kicks Some Ass.

    The Rainbow Warrior …… who-dun-it ?
    It is widely felt that, several, Jake The Muss & his pals types, drunker than drunk, took it upon themselves to do their civic duty & rid the world of the communist element, that was agravating everyone at the time.
    The fact that the Frenchies put there had up for it shows just how piss weak them Frenchie Bastards are.
    It is said that, even today they laugh at Frenchie who would like to be as brave as them.

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