Invading Refugees declare centre of Europe a shariah zone


Local residents have been abused these days by a group of young people among migrants. They were throwing firecrackers at buildings, crashed shop windows with stones and bicycles, and that is just one ounce of what restaurants owners said.

Beside that, hooligans demanded 60,000 kroner in ‘protection money’. They cried that Nørrebro is a shariah zone, where it is forbidden to drink alcohol. It should be noted that many bar owners say that police doesn’t seem to making any attempts to help them.

The district was visited by the Minister of Justice, who demanded the Copenhagen police to investigate the case. However, the problem is not a new one. As early as in 2012 the media reported of a Viking Cafe, which drew blackmail and threats.

The problem has really begun to snowball. The same street rows take place in the Austrian cities, Graz, Linz, Salzburg, St. Pölten. Denmark is not the only country, which suffered from the aggressive behaviour of migrants.

Given this, the EU authorities allowed all the participants of the Maastricht Treaty to resort to extreme measures in order to defend their territories from the outer influence. Thus, some analysts speak of yet another EU democratization, others predict imposition of a martial law.

Despite attempts of the EU to control the situation with refugees from the Middle East, police and the Europeans themselves have to admit – Europe has been hit by a wave of robbery and cruel rapes of local residents. Journalists, policemen and the Europeans themselves though are shocked that their friends, colleagues and even husbands… are afraid to defend them from rapists and robbers.
Mass media reports that migrants beat Europeans near Refugee Centres and even rape teenagers just ‘in the street’. However, police conceals criminals’ nationality ‘to avoid pogroms’. In some cases they even have to resettle refugees, in order to save them from arson at night and possible attempts.
Many of those arrived claim that local women themselves are to be blamed. According to the Kurdish migrants, they have a lecherous look. Nonetheless, one cannot generalize the situation and speak about all the Europeans in such a way. Cases of most violent battery of migrants from Syria and other Asian countries are though well-known in Germany, Turkey, Greece, Sweden and Italy.

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4 thoughts on “Invading Refugees declare centre of Europe a shariah zone

  1. Just the first sentence :- it sounds like the normal day – a case of events at the hands of the local boys – the European neo-Nazi thugs that the police seem to sanction.
    In Greece the neo-Nazi political party, Golden Dawn is voted for & supported in so many little ways by the Greek Orthodox Church AND the Greek Police Department.
    When Andy now 42 & Joe 40, were in high school, Jeff, who was at Melb Uni, tutored my 2 sons in maths. a couple of years later, Jeff was sent to Germany to deliver a paper by his professor, “you can’t walk the streets of the city without fear, there are gangs called Night Stalkers, they bash, rob & even kill foreigners.” he told us.

  2. Angela Mutti Merkel – who looks like she is terminally ill at the moment – is calling for all EU nations to embrace another 1/2 a million refugees, on top of the already 1 million that she & the other EU leaders have demanded –
    What does this tell you –
    How do these actions of the EU leaders speak to you –
    After all if they could give a good chunk of Palestine away to a bunch of ruthless crooks fresh from Nazi Germany – anything is possible.
    N’EST PAS.

  3. I see it as a posative –
    The European populations have been pounded into the ground by local neo-Nazi thugs, most likely in the employ of the Establishment, since WW2.
    The Refugees are not happy.
    The EU populations are not happy.
    Introduced chaos is a good way to control descent in the face of the looting of the EU member nations.
    Do you think that the refugees of the Middle East & Africa don’t realise that they have been used & are still & again are being used.
    They are the injection of outrage, rage & a thirst for blood that the people of Europe need to fight their true enemies the Establishment Wannabe Aristocracy / the pretencious Snot & Mucus, Lord Muck & Sir Morbid.
    1. Lord Jean-Claude Junkerbonder
    2. Dashing Dasterdly Dijon Mustard Bloem – Mr Mustard Bloem is President of the EU Group – Jeroen Rene Anton Dijesselbloem.
    His nickname must have aggravated him because it was all over the net & now it is nowhere to be found, he is definately a sensitive guy – hey.

  4. I looked carefully – KTG posted it – and we sill have Mr. Mustard Bloem – vive la differance !

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