December 5, 2023

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Health Australia Party Censored: Is Facebook manipulating what you see to influence your thoughts?


By Orwellia Bloom

Last Friday, the 10th of June an independent Political Party took out the top spot on the NSW voting ballot for the Federal Election.

Overnight, for no other possible reason – after months of campaigning, the media slander began. 

The misrepresentation of the party’s purpose was plastered in click-bait headlines all over ‘reputable’ news sites, painting this team of internationally respected natural medicine professionals as the ‘threat’ with ‘anti-euthanasia views’ ‘dangerous pro birth choices’ and ‘anti vaxx ideologies’.

Certain conservatives were screaming blindly about ‘donkey votes’ and ‘quackery’. All these fallacies spun and mixed with greater assumptions in the dark corners of online comments.

The ‘informed’ keyboard warriors began spreading misinformation like vegemite on toast, and the uninformed ate it up without critical thinking or questioning – ‘is my vegemite informed?’

On the same day, as though it were a randomly connected coincidence, the Health Australia Party Facebook page began to experience unexplainable disappearances of their digital presence and content. 

Followers could no longer access the information posted on the page.

I was sharing the page link directly from the Health Australia Party page with a number of people I know who are personally and professionally invested in the Natural Medicine fields. The direct links I was sending out weren’t working. All I was doing was directing big name celebrities to a page that said ‘Sorry, an error has occurred. Please try again later.’

IMG_4709Was this some coincidental glitch, connected by the threat of voting 1 in the number 1 spot (at least in NSW) on polling day? I started to notice many comments on the Health Australia Party page of people expressing their concerns and their inability to access the page. Some complained they were unable to like the page, others said that they could only see the content if the unliked the page, while some suggested that content they shared on their wall directly from the party’s page couldn’t be seen by their friends. At a quick count, I found at least 80 out of 85 people who were reporting ongoing issues.

Who would want to censor this centrist political party who only have one interest at heart – the health of Australia and every Australian on the planet? Australian Main Stream Media & Doctors Now Calling HAP, Dangerous: 

It made headlines around the world when co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg came out and publicly slammed people whose opinions didn’t align with the pro-vaccine propaganda pushed by the pharmaceutical companies.  Click bait headlines were everywhere ‘Mark Zuckerberg to ban anti-vaxx groups’ according to the media.

But that wasn’t true.

Facebook algorithms are far more sinister than a simple obvious ban. Banning or preventing an opinion would open up legal recourse, claiming censorship and content manipulation and the platform would no longer be seen as neutral. However as TIME magazine pointed out in their click-baited article headlined ‘Facebook must shut down the anti-vaxxers’  that on Facebook – the first amendment doesn’t apply. Silencing the anti-vaccine crowd can save a lot of lives:

What is more clandestine than banning an opinion? It is hiding the opinion, or only portraying one side of the opinion to the broader public.

It is not obvious to the user, and is a practice known as shadow banning, shadow blocking, stealth banning and hell banning.

Not only does Facebook retain their user count, the people behind the platform control what you see and what you’re allowed to interact with. In May this year, Forbes posted an article titled ‘How social media controls what you see”

The un-miss-able opening paragraph, that references it’s source article reads

“Gizmodo’s Michael Nunez is out today with a sensational story in which former Facebook employees claim they regularly censored the platform’s “trending” news section to eliminate stories about conservative topics that were organically trending, blacklisted certain news outlets from appearing and artificially “injected” stories they felt were important but that the site’s users were not discussing or clicking on.”

If anyone still hasn’t read George Orwell’s 1984 – it’s time. You can even hire the move. John Hurt gives a fantastic performance as the protagonist, whose job is to alter the past headlines, remove facts and change the story to suit Big Brother’s controlling agenda.

The Forbes article opens up a can-of-worms, and makes a critical thinker question whether Facebook could influence the upcoming election by skewing what the Australian public is told. The platform could hide all true, balanced, and informative news about Health Australia Party or only show negative hyped up click-bait stories about Health Australia Party and positive stories about parties that represent the status quo. Here is a video which proves Google have manipulated search result to favour Hilary Clinton, (See Video below) and that this practice can swing election outcomes by up to 48% 

The Guardian also posted a similar story titled “Facebook accused of censoring conservatives, report says.” 

To counter the negative spin, Zuckerberg invited conservatives and political people to discuss the accusations, which he vehemently denied.

Imagine if Facebook users no longer saw the platform as a safe and neutral place to spend time, share opinions and engage in discussion, and instead decided to shut down their accounts and disengage. How would Facebook look after their shareholders – as they are legally obliged?

 About 6 months ago, a Facebook user posted in the site’s community help section a question titled “Does Facebook use “Shadow Blocking” of members?”. In his question he states:

“I can write comment, I can respond to comments, I can like, I can edit my comments but no one can see my comments, responses or edits but me when I use MSN News or Sports sites – this is not uncommon – most of those impacted believe Facebook or MSN has what is called “Shadow Blocking” of people without any kind of notification to the impacted person.  so the question.”

The question itself never received a direct answer, which led to other uses confirming the use of shadow blocking by defacto. http://Does Facebook use “Shadow Blocking” of members? 

It’s probably happened to you. You receive a notification that someone has liked your post, or someone has commented. When you go there – you can’t see anything, or you can’t see the comment your friend said they left.

Perhaps you shared a post, and when you asked your friends if anyone saw it – no one saw it in their news feed, but they see all your other posts.

In February this year an exclusive interview was posted on the site – where an inside source from Twitter confirmed that Shadow Banning is completely real, and a practice used daily to control and manipulate the type of information that users get to see and interact with.

With social media being owned by large corporations with vested interests in particular agendas, is it really a surprise that alternative views are being censored and withheld from the online social consciousness? Twitter Shadowbanning ‘Real and Happening Every Day’ Says Inside Source

As the article states

“the ideal shadowban is when a user never realizes he’s been shadow banned.” 

Sounds dark and twisted like ‘Fight Club’, but not as entertaining.

That article and others posted on the site and

go on to elaborate that very particular agendas are being blocked from people’s timelines – such as pro-Trump accounts, which some people might think is a good idea – but also, ironically, the account of the anti-censorship activist Mercedes Carrera.

twitter-jail-AP-640x480Apparently, there is a white list and a blacklist, and any agenda outside the small opinion of the elite 1% is being shadow blocked.

Whether we agree with the opinion or not – free speech is about the right to share information that we feel is important, without the fear of having our opinion blocked or prevented from being discussed.

Free speech stimulates discussion, awareness and tolerance when it’s done in a manner that seeks to understand. Which is not the typical model employed by the mainstream media, or social media sites.

It is this approach that Health Australia Party want to see in the Australian political spectrum – to host greater discussion internally and externally.

Australia is renowned for its stance on Free Speech. We have TV shows dedicated to making light of our politicians and political system (thanks Working Dog Productions). Every Thursday night Brian and John come on the box and channel like psychic magicians, the Australian people’s astonishment at how our Politicians are disconnected from the people they’re representing, at how questions are asked and never answered, at how on earth did they get into that position in the first place.

Yet, here in the bright of day – clear evidence that my opinion is being censored. My free speech can’t be found, and that whomever I’m sharing with should try again later. But later never happens, like that line from Janis Joplin “Tomorrow never happens, man.” That link I sent doesn’t work. Not even a week later.

Lee From Real News Australia chats With Senate Candidate For Health Australia Party, Jason Woodforth.

What I think is absurd is that the Facebook page of Health Australia Party is being blocked. The only party standing at the election in defense of every Australian’s right to Natural Health, and their right to choose between allopathic or natural medical approaches.

A party that wants an informed public is literally being censored.

This group of Natural Healers and likeminded professionals are working tirelessly to be voted into the senate and remedy the many biased situations with facts, peer reviewed science and human health as the agenda for a Healthy Australia – economically, socially, medically, democratically environmentally and personally.

As far as the anti-vaxx slurs, why weren’t the public informed that before ‘no jab no pay’ was passed through the senate – 95% of submissions in response to the policy including the ones from legal, social and health care bodies were against the policy. In the face of overwhelming opposition, the Government in power went ahead and approved it anyway, without discussing the reasons behind opposition.

Not a single mainstream media outlet wanted to hold an open neutral debate to discuss the policy and how it contravened the UN convention on the rights of children. The Health Australia Party are about debate and discussion. They are about safe vaccines, or vaccinating when it is safe to do so, and giving parent the right to choose. Mandatory vaccination puts certain children at significant risk of damage, and many GPs are reporting that medical objections are rarely approved, even in extreme cases.

As the rest of the world is seeing with the movie VaxXed – certain organisations are scared of the movie, having it banned from being shown in certain countries and ultimately forcing it to be removed from the Tribecca Film Festival. This approach, particularly to the controversial issue of vaccinations does not offer the people a neutral place to come and understand the respective positions. It does not give the population an opportunity to understand or learn  – which overrides the basic foundations of humanity. Respect. Compassion. Understanding.

As if timing couldn’t get any better, this video of ex CIA agent telling the world to “Listen to your enemy” and that the opinion being touted by the media every day is actually the very small opinion of a handful of very rich people and invested conglomerates.

You don’t have to believe what the mainstream media, or trolling ‘misinformed’ keyboard warriors tell you.

Get out there, listen to others, and learn why people feel the way they do. It’s the only way we can come closer to living in peace. If you want see change in politics this year, we need to make radically different choices and stand up to make our voices heard. Consider voting for the Health Australia Party or at the very least, look at their amazing centrist policies and make up your own mind about them.

Link polices HAP:


8 thoughts on “Health Australia Party Censored: Is Facebook manipulating what you see to influence your thoughts?

  1. When we go to HAP Facebook page, nothing loads, it just like a new page with no posts. Website works fine might be a good idea to redirect people to the Website. This has been happening for quite a few days now. Sometimes my friends can’t see my posts when I share HAP posts.

  2. Has it occcurred to anyone that the parents who are against vaccination, the “ant-vaxxers” are actually the majority, only that no one has officially asked them.

  3. That the most outspoken & radial of the people against vaccination THE SUPER STARS of the ocasion, have RUN AWAY WITH THE SHOW instead of embracing all those who make up the numbers.

  4. I’ll bet you that very litttle effert has been put into seeking out others who are of the same convictions.
    I hate wannabee’s who werck the show for everone else.

  5. Jason Woodforth – was formerly with the LNP – wow – a seasoned political.
    but hey Jason – not one word about Banking Regulation & Glass Steagall.
    Was it actually Jason Woodforth who put a crip in Fluoride in drinking water ?
    Maybe not..
    Medicinal Cannibis is the cash crop for cash strapped government – nothing more.

  6. No one as yet has taken out a class action against the Australian Government for adding Flouride – a known POISON to Australia’s drinking water – and further making a law to exempt all parties who participated in that criminal act – which is in itself a crime – perverting the course of justice.
    And if the Australian court system will not play ball then we seek out International courts
    Even the ICC if they hear this kind of crime.
    I wrote to the politician in SA & a few others deeply involved – I watched the video & emailed – I eplained that it was a crime & that they needed good legal advice –
    No one cared enough to reply. = pretenders wanting to be.

  7. Can you get your followers to take some screenshots? I work in online marketing and I’d love to do a thorough analysis of what’s going on exactly and how to increase exposure if necessary.

    Where there is a will, there is a way…

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