November 30, 2023

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Is It Fashionable to be Mentally Retarded?


Have you ever tried to share the knowledge that you’ve acquired with friends, family, or coworkers?  If you have, then you were lucky to get one or two of them to listen to everything you had to say.  Right?  Most people are obsessing over the latest Farm Tard game, Twitter feed, or checking Facebook in order to stare at pictures of someone else’s dinner.  They probably started tuning you out before you were able to finish your third sentence.  Frustrating doesn’t begin to describe how this makes me feel and I’m guessing that you’ve experienced this as well.  No?

We’re all aware of the general consensus as to what causes this, so I’ll share what I’ve seen with my own eyes.  The electric Jew has been pumping manure into our living rooms since its inception.  This is usually a slow process, but in the early 1990’s there seemed to be a drastic increase in the degeneracy.  I remember a lot of parents being disgusted with what they were seeing on television.  Especially MTV with the “Real World” and “Beavis & Butthead”.  Although I can’t produce adequate documentation to support this, I attribute the advent of the whigger to MTV’s programming during that era.  To be specific, the whigger community likely has its roots in the acceptance of “Gangsta Rap”.

dumbingThere was another element that seems to have been overlooked.  This being the spring break coverage.  During this coverage, the television was full of images showing the most attractive people engaging in organized retardation.  I imagine that I don’t need to explain what kind of messages that sends to young people.  I’ll say it anyway…  GET DRUNK, GRIND AGAINST MUDS, FUCK DRUNK GIRLS.  In short, It’s cool to be stupid.

Fast forward to 9-11…  Keeping in mind that the “stupid = cool” mentality continued to be reinforced, our nation was attacked supposedly by sand-tards with box cutters.  Obviously, this was a tragic event, but something beautiful happened in its wake.  The official story was completely insane and it caused Americans to start thinking for themselves.  Most people did some research and gave up after running into dead ends and listening to the wrong people.  But then there are the few and the proud.  Not the Marines, but the people that refused to give up.  The people that found the truth.

I can’t speak for others, but I sense that most of us had this experience…  For me it started with 9-11.  There always seemed to be a few very disturbing, unanswered questions about every subject that I looked into.  I eventually noticed that most major historical events seemed to be tied into a larger picture.  I certainly learned a lot, but I always felt that I could have been reading horse shit and that whatever was happening was beyond my understanding.

But then came the big moment.  After realizing what this is all about, something clicked.  There is something about real truth that I can’t explain.  You just know it when you see it and you recognize that this isn’t a game.  Any sincere truth seeker will end up right here with us.  This is where all trails lead and anyone that arrives will be on J-Watch indefinitely.  Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about.  If not, all of you.


4 thoughts on “Is It Fashionable to be Mentally Retarded?

    1. The DOLLAR was never the worlds reserve currency –
    It is called Believeing in Tinkerbell:
    The little fairy Tinkerbell drinks the poison intended for Peter & her light begins to dim & fade as certain death approaches. But it is not because she drank the poison, it is because we don’t believe in fairies. Peter implores us to show our belief in fairies by clapping – & sucked in – we clap. Tinkerbell is miraculously revived & averts certain death.
    2. The total economic collapse & civil disorder –
    We just need to believe in fairies hard enough. If we believe hard enough & comply …. why, we can save Tinkerbell.
    Alas – if you drink poison you die, only drinking the antidote can save you, because all the people of the world, wildly clapping, will not save Tinkerbell – Peter Pan lied to us.
    3. A total economic collapse is THEM deliberately pulling the currency – which is ONLY the rate of exchange & nothing more / pulling the food & stopping the water supply / sending in hecklers to scaremonger & inact False Flags.
    Oops …. the pantomime has already begun.
    There were stories that the ground underneath the proposed area of the East West Link Project was too unstable / the buildings too old & fragile / too may old rail tunnels already existing.
    It is rumored that the planned East West Link in Victoria – had to be scrapped because it was found to be too dangerous – how to cash in anyway – Danial Andrews paid out $339 MILLION of Victorias money, in compensation to TRANSURBAN based on a fraulent contract written up by Denis Napthine in the last moments of his time in office as Premier.

  2. until now & even now – we don’t get to read foreign news – only smoldering – hot off the press – western cow dung

  3. ABC radio 774 3LO years & years ago Jon Faine on his morning show talked about the old rail tunnels under the city & extended area of Melbourne – his lament was that perfectly good & structurally sound tunnels were left to rot – so it must have been around the time they were building the current underground tunnels – I listened to ABC radio at primary school & the cowboy show at home & Blue Hills & when I was 16 I discovered The Goons Show – addicted – I listened day & night & one day about 15 years ago I stopped listening to the ABC for ever – I heard so much interesting stuff – I listened to everything / everything – you would not believe some of the interesting things they told us.

  4. reg.,
    Max Keiser talking to Alan Jones –
    Cyprus introduces BAIL-IN
    Spain charging a negative interest rate .. this is where you pay to keep your money in their bank … they are confiscating depositors money.
    European Centeral Bank charging member banks a negative interest rate.
    Citizens of the USA are relinquishing their citizenship, selling up & moving abroad.
    They fear their wealth being stolen.
    What do people with money do in times of financial crisis / depression / war ?
    They cash up their assets and run …. but where to ?
    What about the likes of The House of Rothschild – surely these people are able to keep their monies safely in the vaults of their very own banks ?
    Like no one in the world dares to steal from the likes of them, please. Trucks have been seen coming & going to & from Rothschild mansions, delivering cash & GOLD … ?
    No one is safe in volatile times – no one.
    Time & time again, throughout history, the financial criminals always asset strip the well to do, they are their first target. So I wonder, why are the well to do not mindful of this & use their power & influence to maintain a conservative control of banking & finance in mainstream society ?
    Do they forget so easily – they will steal your life along with your wealth if you let them do what they want / liberalize the financial systems & they rule the world & over you – stupid.
    World War 2 – whole families were wiped out – the RICH POPULATION was wiped out, their cash, valuables, shops, factories , lands were all confiscated & the whole family killed so that no one would have a claim after the war – these people think of everything.
    And here we are today – the well to do scrambaling for a safe place to hide their oppulence.

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