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Is It Just Me Or Do The Greens Suddenly Stink?


By Brett Smith

Solar panels on roofs, compost bins in front yards: this tree-lined street is heartland for progressive Melbourne parents.In these affluent inner-city enclaves – if the statistics are to be believed – parents are less likely to vaccinate their children.Adam Bandt is not one of them, according to the article  written by Jill Stark in The Age March 12th 2016.   

 “Sitting on his front porch in Flemington with nine-month-old daughter Wren and wife Claudia Perkins, the Greens federal MP for Melbourne is furious with anti-vaxxers”


Adam Brant furious with ‘anti-vaxxers”

Another Green politician furious with ‘anti-vaxxers’. Is Adam also furious with vaccine safety advocates? Is he also furious with selective vaccinators? We are a very broad church and while I know it suits Murdoch and now Fairfax’s Bad Pharma apologists to use the term anti-vaxxers, I like to think of us as vaccine safety advocates. Don’t all parents want the safest, non toxic vaccines available? What about you Adam? When you are injecting your one day old infant with a vaccine for a disease she has such a remote chance of dying from it would actually make more sense to buy her a lotto ticket. Don’t you want that vaccine to be made as safe and as non toxic as possible? Like no heavy metals or toxic chemicals? Or pesky viral particles from the poor animal whose organs you cultured your vaccine on? You know if your child actually had hepatitis B she could go to daycare and could not be excluded? But if your child has not had a hep B shot she can’t? That’s weird science don’t you think? You know hepB isn’t even on the UK schedule? Or chicken pox? Why is that? I’m guessing you didn’t even know that? Are you furious with all those Britons too? Maybe they should be banned from entering our sunburnt country? Shipped to Nauru instead while they wait deportation.


“By not vaccinating your child you’re putting your child and my child at risk,” he says. “The air is something we all share. You wouldn’t dump your rubbish at a playground because you know it would affect the kids there.”
 Woeful analogy aside, WTF are you on about Adam? What year is it? 2016 it says on my calendar. I feel like I’ve slept through some weird time loop. Why are we having this deranged and hysterical debate today? Vaccination is not a new issue. Why is it such an urgent and hot topic? Are people dying in droves from infectious disease? Wasn’t smallpox eradicated with only 10% ‘herd immunity’? Has our ‘herd’ fallen even below that?? Nope, I just checked, historically our vaccination rates are at an all time high.  I have followed this debate since 1993 which was when I had my first child. It also coincided with the introduction of the mammoth USA vaccine schedule which sad little brother Australia decided to adopt without doing our own research or consulting with the public. Government and doctors know best right? Sure. Anyways, thank the Gods I had a very smart doctor back in those days who told me to forget about all the other vaccines just get the polio vaccine. Silly me didn’t listen and fully vaccinated my first two babies. I had to learn the hard way. Not as hard as others though I comfort myself with but, to this day, I apologise to both those girls for failing them in my duty of care.

Murdoch decided this was gonna be a big issue in Australia after the non issue measles outbreak in Disneyland 2014 where nearly half those that contracted the disease had been vaccinated. Murdoch asks and the LNP jumped with the sad little Greens nipping at their heels.

“The measles outbreak that swept through Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs last month came to Bandt’s electorate doorstep, forcing him to pull his daughter out of swimming lessons for fear of infection.”

Why? If she is too young to be vaccinated against all the infectious diseases you are terrified about maybe a public swimming pool is not the place for you. How a pathogen, let alone a human, survives the chlorine has got me beat but better to be safe than sorry huh?  The fact your daughter has more chance of being involved in a car accident on her way to the pool than dying of measles is probably more to concern yourself with so I guess it’s win/win.

Eighteen confirmed cases in nearby Brunswick and several more at Princes Hill Primary School, have led the couple, like many parents in or near the measles zone, to change their social routines.

With Wren unable to be immunised against the disease until she turns one, they have stopped visiting friends in those areas and are nervous about group gatherings.

“I didn’t think I’d have to be scared for her health living in the middle of Melbourne in a first-world country with a very good health system and some of the smartest medical scientists in the world,” Bandt says.

“I thought she’d be safe everywhere she went and to know now that there’s a preventable, potentially fatal disease that she’s at risk of catching because of the decisions of other people is very scary.”

Grow up Adam. For God’s sake, you went into politics. A bloody cesspool of scum and degenerates, you’ve probably sat on a shitter that has had the horror of Tony Abbott’s arse squatted upon it. You’ve probably leaned casually on a hand rail that Christopher Pyne has defaced. Worse, you’ve probably actually fork fed Richard Di Natale pasta in a local Italian eatery!!  Yikes!!! Then you go home and play with Wren? What the Hell are you thinking?


Greens Senator Richard Di Natale     Are you coming to the March Against Monsanto rally Dick?

Fact Check. Only 85% of parliament are scum and degenerates, I have met some wonderful human beings in politics. They do a sterling community service and are noble souls but for comedic purposes I had to go for it. Apologies to the gooduns…..we know who you are.

It is the first time Bandt has put his family in the spotlight. Until now, the couple had fiercely guarded their daughter’s privacy, consciously separating her childhood from the cut-throat world of politics.

But now they want to turn their sense of helplessness into a call to arms. Their appeal is particularly directed towards those parents who use their environmental ideals to inform the decision not to vaccinate.

Nice Adam. So now you want to turn on your own party members because you have not bothered to educate yourself on vaccination ‘science’. I was a member of the mighty Marrickville Greens long before it was trendy to be Green. I resigned when Di Natale got up in parliament and commended a group of disgraced individuals belonging to the Australian Skeptics.

I won’t give too much airtime to this deranged group (that is for another day) other than to say they no longer represent what the Skeptics were originally formed for. They are now a nasty group of weirdos propping up the Bad Pharma narrative on social media assisted ably by a few lower rung Murdoch journos and similar ilk at Fairfax. The Greens are now passionately following the LNP lead politically. Is this a new trend? The Greens supporting Monsanto and Bad Pharma bullshit? Knocking out micro parties? Remember when The Greens were a micro party? Na, didn’t think so.

Anyways here you are now giving it to your traditional support base. The environmentalists, the ‘dirty hippies’ you no longer need. Heads up for ya Adam, it’s not just the ‘dirty hippy’ not vaccinating. What about the lawyer living in your electorate that vaccinates her child for polio and measles but doesn’t vaccinate for HepB, or chicken pox, or rotavirus because she looks at those vaccinations as being totally unnecessary ? Are you furious with her Adam? Because she hasn’t bought the bullshit hook, line, & sinker like you? Who are you to decide how or if somebody else’s child is vaccinated? I can hear your answer now. Oh yeah, all the immunocompromised and children too young to be vaccinated. Where is all the data to support this bogus argument. Where are all the cancer patients dying of measles and catching polio? Where is the data on all the one year old Aussie infants dying of measles? Why are half those catching these diseases in these outbreaks fully vaccinated? Riddle me that one Adam.

“Not vaccinating your kids isn’t a progressive thing to do. You can live a natural life, use cloth nappies like we do, and minimise medical intervention in your kid’s upbringing but vaccination is the wrong place to draw the line,” Bandt says.

Why Adam….apart from vague nothings you haven’t remotely enlightened us with any good scientific reasoning to support your fury. Science settled huh? Maybe you could have a quick chat with the Hammond family of WA. Hard working family, the wife and mother Tanya had a child 2 weeks premature. The hospital tells Ben, the husband and father, he cannot go into the ward without having the DTaP vaccine. Though terrified of needles he complies. 2 weeks later he is crippled lying in intensive care. Nearly 4 years later he is permanently disabled. Are you furious for Ben Hammond Adam? Are you furious that he cannot be compensated for the injury medical specialists have acknowledged was caused by the vaccine? Why would a vaccine manufacturer bother to spend any money on a safer vaccine product when they have no legal liability for the damage their product causes? Are you furious about that Adam? Are you not even a little concerned that a very healthy 34 year old male can be catastrophically injured like this from a vaccine and we have no idea how or why?

Perkins is particularly concerned for her daughter’s health having watched her older brother suffer through a serious measles infection in his teens.”He was sick for weeks and he couldn’t get out of bed and had a huge fever and was just really, really unwell. Then I think about how much littler Wren is and how much worse it could potentially be. It’s really worrying,” she says.

Yes Perkins this is not pleasant. Is your experience any more tragic than the families whose children have died and been injured by vaccines? Or the families like the Hammonds whose lives have been destroyed by a vaccine and they have no legal redress? Do you even understand there is a risk for all medical procedures and each parent has the right to calculate those risks with the benefits? When these types of arguments come up I always ask if the parent giving me grief about my choices has vaccinated their child for HepB. Know why? Because any parent that vaccinates their child on day one of it’s life for HepB has obviously never calculated the risk/benefits of vaccination. Either that or they are needle sharing hookers who think their toddler will also dabble in drugs and sex orgies before preschool starts.

While Bandt has not met any constituents who do not vaccinate he is aware that after the Princes Hill outbreak it was revealed some parents who were new to Australia had not immunised their children due to a lack of understanding of the health system.

Ha!! Blame the ignorant immigrants and refugees. Why not throw in some terrorists too while you’re at it. Bloody shameful rubbish.

“I suspect in Melbourne there may be a lot of unintentional non-vaccination. So if there’s a silver-lining from the outbreak it might just prompt people to just check and double check, especially if you’ve moved here recently.

“Everyone should check whether they’re vaccinated and if they’re not, go out and do it. We can’t allow this to spread. Once we start having pockets of Melbourne where there’s outbreaks or less resistance it puts everyone at risk.”

How does it put everyone at risk? Aren’t all you fools vaccinated to the gills? Lining up for your ridiculous flu shots every year? If you are vaccinated you’re sweet yeah? Totally indestructible. How can they check with any confidence anyway Adam? The Immunisation Register is a total shemozzle and you know that. If you didn’t you should not have involved yourself with an article like this. Leave the dirty pro Monsanto, pro Bad Pharma stuff to Di Natale. You’re too good a politician and Green to lose.


4 thoughts on “Is It Just Me Or Do The Greens Suddenly Stink?

  1. BORN: Adam Paul Brandt. 11th March 1972 – aged 44.
    Has Adam Paul Brandt been fully vaccinated …/?
    You see – my eldest is aged 45 & my youngest is aged 40 –
    50% of the parents in my area DID NOT vaccinate their children.
    It is entirely possible that MOTOR MOUTH Adam Paul Brandt is not VACCINATED at all
    Parents were highly suspicious & scathing of the governments motives in those days
    And the population of the common man, were very suspicious of the ELITE CARTEL that was the medical profession & the Ghouls that were the scientific profession/
    It Was Also a Trend like – NOT GETTING MARRIED – REBELION AGAINST THE ESTABLISHMENT was an honorable stance for the common man in those days.
    But also the University Educated –
    Some one should look at the records to see if this GREENS POLITICIAN is actually vaccinated himself.
    “go spew up your crap on someone more your kind hypocrite”

  2. Julia Gillard looked straight into the camera & said
    “there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead – what we will do is, we will tackle the challenge of climate change, we’ve invested record amounts in solar & renewble technologies”
    Then with the help of the GREENS she introduced a carbon tax:
    Where do I begin to trust these skanks the GREENS ?
    A carbon tax was Australias contribution to A New Form Of Gambling – A New Global Casino & nothing more & everyone knew it …including the GREENS – it would have imposed rediculous $$$ demands on industry – causing more job losses & price rises – impoverishing Australia & its people even further.
    If every house had solar panels – owned by the power supply company – today we would have a massive solar industry & jobs – all the energy that it would generate would be free to the power supply companies – it would ease the burdon & expense in real $$$ terms on the electricity production via coal – you cannot begin to imagine how cheap & easy & beneficial to everyone this simply stratagy would have been & jobs creation.
    Gillard said “we have invested record amounts in solar & renewable energy” – well where is it – for all the money throw at it where the hell is it Gillard ?
    Time & time again the GREENS flounce around pretending to be some kind of protector & defender of a descent life – & yet when it is time for them to step up & deliver – they are only ever see skulking around in the shadows aiding & abetting some shonky scam.
    In Tasmania the voters wonder as to who votes for the GREENS because they certainly don’t.

  3. PM backs election changes to wipe out preference harvesting & make process transparent.
    MICRO-PARTY candidates who sneak into the senate with tiny primary votes & slick preference harvesting will find it tougher going under changes expected to be approved soon by Parliament.
    They will have to win support in their own right to survive.

    As far as I am concerned – these changes do not go far enough –
    The Greens party should not exist in todays world – they are hanger on who achieve nothing much, except their own survival on the food chain.
    Australia needs a part that means business – that has a can-do & take no prisoners work ethic – not a party that melds in nicely with what ever evryone else wants.
    Like I said – it is Taxpayer that pay their way – wasted tax money that could bolster the childrens hospital instead.

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