October 1, 2023

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Is Martial Law What’s Coming Next And What Can We Do To Stop It?

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Is Martial Law their next move, is this what they have been building things up to since the very beginning?

Everything shows that they have already started and will continue to follow this road, this is the only way for them to modify all the existing Laws that can protect us today, if this happens around the world there will be no place left to go and everything we are fighting for today will be in vain.

There is a way to stop this from happening, but we need to see further than what seems obvious to us today, the only way to stop this from happening is to see their moves in advance and play wisely, we have the law on our side, and as long as we still have them we need to use them.

Manifesting will only bring us problems, and enable them to install something very dangerous something that there will be no return from, I’m talking about Martial Law, this is about to happen around the world, because we are doing everything that is expected of us, just know that they did everything they could so that we would react this way, because through our actions they will accomplish their final goal, installing Martial Law.

Please watch and see for yourself, and comment if you see anything that can prevent this from happening, we are all in this together and only together can we find a way out of this.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUxMUxOyQGo

1 thought on “Is Martial Law What’s Coming Next And What Can We Do To Stop It?

  1. There is no doubt Martial Law is on the drawing board.
    As Ricardo Rossi said in the Alex Jones interview we must not react violently in protests as this is what they want as an excuse to bring in the military.
    All happening today was on the drawing board back in the Howard era.
    The Governments control of the Port Arthur massacre aided by the Media crippled any honest and factual reporting of this event leading subsequently to the Jailing of an innocent young man for a crime that it was impossible for him to commit. The killing was a covert military exercise and the young man, Martin Bryant, was sentenced without trial. Martin was sentenced months before Port Arthur happened.
    Immediately followed Howards Gun Control along with a pre re-written Patriot act borrowed from his masonic pal George Bush.
    The Gun Control Act was presented is such a short time it was suggested by some (Conspiracy Theorists of course) that it had already been composed in preparation for the Gun confiscation as planned.
    No guns Australians was the initial preparation for CoVid-19 as they had perceived that Australians would not suffer the draconian plans tabled and protest. Here we are now!
    Martial Law is the Coup de Gras of this long term plot against Australians.

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