September 22, 2023

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Israeli Start-Up To Provide DHS With Facial Recognition Tech That Digs Up Character Traits


By Joseph Jankowski

Further and further we go into the beyond-1984 nightmare of big brother technology.

An Israeli start-up claims that its technology can take one look at a person’s face and realize character traits that are undetectable to the human eye.

The Washington Post reports:

Faception said it’s already signed a contract with a homeland security agency to help identify terrorists. The company said its technology also can be used to identify everything from great poker players to extroverts, pedophiles, geniuses and white collar-criminals.

“We understand the human much better than other humans understand each other,” said Faception chief executive Shai Gilboa. “Our personality is determined by our DNA and reflected in our face. It’s a kind of signal.”

Faception has built 15 different classifiers, which Gilboa said evaluate with 80 percent accuracy certain traits. The start-up is pushing forward, seeing tremendous power in a machine’s ability to analyze images.

AP WP Responsive

The idea of having artificial intelligence (AI) profiling you to find out who you are, simply by looking at your face, is an idea that might scare some into thinking that this technology could lead to some very inaccurate predictions and government overreach.

Pedro Domingos, a professor of computer science at the University of Washington, is one of those people who think this type of AI profiling could get a little messy.

“Can I predict that you’re an ax murderer by looking at your face and therefore should I arrest you?” Domingos told the Washington Times. “You can see how this would be controversial.”

Alexander Todorov, a Princeton psychology professor whose research includes facial perception, is also concerned.

“The evidence that there is accuracy in these judgments is extremely weak,” he said. “Just when we thought that physiognomy ended 100 years ago. Oh, well.”

By examining the current security state in the West, this type of technology would most likely find a home inside of airports and public transportation hubs.

Faception chief executive Shai Gilboa admits that dangers lie in the computer system’s imperfections. This leads one to wonder if simple characteristics like a beard or a scar could lead to someone being labeled a terrorist.

And if that person is labeled a terrorist, what then follows?

The slippery slope brought on by this type of big brother technology is very slippery.

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1 thought on “Israeli Start-Up To Provide DHS With Facial Recognition Tech That Digs Up Character Traits

  1. Israel has technology that can take one look at a person’s face & realize character traights that are undetectable to the human eye. … IS THAT SO … .like in the TV series “Lie To Me”

    SODASTREAM is a product of Israel – it is a FAILED PRODUCT that would have gone out of business decades ago – the only reason that it still exists s that it is heavily subsidised by the USA.
    Israel can’t even make a descent SODA WATER & they can make a gadget that can read a persons persona with a camera lense.
    Please – Oh please !

    article title – Israel Announces $77 Million plan to Improve Palestinian Checkpoint Conditions –
    Desretpeace website.

    Sounds great – right.
    But where will the money come from
    Bankrupt USA of course
    Donations – well in fact no – the passed generations that donated generously to the homeland have passed away – this current generation is much less generous – life cost’s money – the motrgage, the kids education, 2 cars, annual holidays, food, a descent clothing allowence … no one is rich today.
    Israel will borrow – FROM WHOM – no is silly enough to lend to Israel – it would be like putting the monies through a shredder – Israel has antagonized & menaced half the world’s nations – Israel is a dictatorship – Israel is failed economy – Israel is the size of a postage stamp – situated in the midst of hostile neighbours who would eraze them in the blink of an eye – should WW3 ever eventuate it would be a case of convenience – Ready – Aim – Fire … Oops – look what happened.
    Desperation causes the threatening brag
    Israel is slowly fading away & the BANKER owners of Israel are desperatily clutching at straws to keep the scam that is Israel going.
    It is like watching an iceberg slowly melt in the warm sun that it just deserts.

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