September 22, 2023

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It’s 2018 And The No Jab No Play Propaganda Machine Rolls On


 Note: The deception, lies, propaganda, nonsense, fear mongering & hate campaign against healthy Australian families rolls on into 2018. Government bullying & discrimination against healthy Aussie kids & their families shows no signs of stopping. The Australian Government & their Big Pharma overlords have lots of money invested in vaccinating our children & the sickness industry is thriving off it. Health Minister Brad Hazzard (who knows nothing about health or vaccine science)  said the new rules will help cut the risk of children contracting potentially deadly diseases such as whooping cough

Recently Vaccinated Kids Are Spreading Pertussis Everywhere

 I am expecting the end of all childhood diseases in NSW childcare centers but who will the Government & media blame when they do occur because they will?  I suspect our spineless media rats will need to be on high alert for any outbreaks in NSW childcare centers so they can be covered up because there won’t be any unvaxxed kids to blame, right?  

Tay’s Way

January 2018, it’s official. Our son (and bun in the tum) is officially banned from daycare and preschool….Welcome to Australia??!

Where parents like me who put every waking thought into the health of their children are punished for making educated and informed decisions.

It is my deepest hope that 2018, will be the year more Australians awaken to this madness and realise what our govt is actually up to.

They are set on interfering with parental choice, they admit that we should not get to choose what is or isn’t injected into our own children. They refuse to acknowledge that vaccine-injury even exists, they dismiss anyone who dares to question the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

If you think this issue doesn’t affect you, please think again. They’re coming for our children and they’re coming for us. Take some time to research into what the true agenda for ‘Healthy People 2020’ is. Educate yourself on the latest ‘My Health Record’ the Australian govt is secretly trying to roll out right now as we speak. Look into the strong financial ties our own PM and his wife have to the pharmaceutical industry. Realise that no one in the govt is looking out for you.

You may think we live in a democratic country, a land where we are young and “free”. Our govt wants us to think we have choices. And yet they are slowly chipping away at our rights one by one while the majority of Aussies don’t even have a clue.

We need to seriously start asking ourselves…what does the future hold for our children and their children to come? We need to start looking at the bigger picture.

What will it take for every parent to stand up this year and demand better for our babies. Demand they give back our parental rights to make informed choices. Demand that parents of vaccine-injured children must be seen and heard. Demand that they stop mandatory vaccinations.

Let’s make 2018 the year we all investigate what is happening to our children, turn off mainstream media which is only there to distract us, open up our minds, critically think for ourselves, truly protect our children and their human rights before it’s too late.

I believe in us. ✌??


5 thoughts on “It’s 2018 And The No Jab No Play Propaganda Machine Rolls On

  1. The Big Pharma forces are selling vaccinations as a way of not getting sick. That isn’t what vaccines do, they don’t prevent anyone on earth from getting sick. They ignite an immune response in the vaccinated person who often gets a mild to full blown version of the disease. And they shed, meaning they are contagious for up to 6 weeks or longer. Pregnant women must stay away from anyone recently vaccinated for measles, for instance.

    Babies and small children don’t develop their immune system until they are 5-7 years old, so vaccinating them is a waste and only injures them with the additives like aluminum, mercury, and formaldehyde.

  2. Q:
    Is the boat beginning to leak?

    Donald Trump’s List of Forbidden Words.

    The Trump administration is prohibiting officials at the nation’s top public health agency – Center for Disease Control & Prevention – from using 7 words or phrases.
    The forbidden words are .. vulnerable – entitlement – diversity – transgender – fetus – evidence based – science based.
    In some instances, the analysts were given alternative phrases.
    Instead of science-based or evidence-based the suggested phrase is –

    “CDC based it’s recommendation on science in consideration with community standards & wishes.”

    What Happened ?
    Is the outcry from the people’s of the USA so loud that it has frightened them ?
    The suggested – alternative phrase above implies that the community has – in consultation with the CDC – approved the recommendations (whatever they may be).
    It suggests to be that things are going horribly wrong – that the voice of protest of the people is feared to the point where they will pretend community support for their decision making.

  3. This morning on ABC RN – road accidents & even OPOID prescription addicted drivers are causing accidents.

    OK – how about this – dangerous side effects to driver on NORMAL MEDS cause accidents & they are trying to hide this danger by blaming OPOID prescription meds.

    1. cholesterol medication STATINS –
    side effects – headache – trouble sleeping = sleep deprivation – dizziness – drowsiness – & there are more.
    2. blood pressure medication –
    side effects – dizziness & lightheadedness – feeling nervous – feeling tired, weak, drowsy, lack of energy, headaches, etc.
    3. all heart medication
    4. all mental illness medication
    All the above mentioned prescription medication can cause a driver to be unfit to drive a car – because they are in an altered state.
    But it is too damaging to blame ORDINARY meds – so they have gone with the OPOID addiction rubbish.

  4. It’s insane and youre simply just stupid if you plan to even half keep up with the schedule, our kids are lab rats. Its pointless debating it anymore, let them have their childcare centres. Where are all the non Vaccinated childcare centres, they must be out there somewhere. Anybody?

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