September 29, 2023

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It’s Time to Resist the Morrison Regime


Prime Minister Scott Morrison initially wanted any future coronavirus vaccine to be as mandatory as possible.[1] “I expect that it would be mandatory as you can possibly make it’, he said, adding that he is ‘talking about a pandemic which has destroyed the global economy and taken the lives of … 430 Australians.”[2]

There is just so much wrong with what the Prime Minister is talking about.

First of all, what has really destroyed the economy is the behaviour of incompetent leaders such as the Australian Prime Minister. Of course, there have been far better and more efficient ways to fight this virus apart from savage bans and gross violations of fundamental rights being inflicted on the people.

Second, Mr Morrison initially wanted that the coronavirus vaccine to be mandatory. Of course, now he was forced to backtrack and is promising the vaccine will not be compulsory, despite saying earlier in the day that it should be “as mandatory as possible.”[3]

But the Prime Minister’s first instincts are always inherently authoritarian. He appears to have developed a visceral distrust in the Australian people.

We are supposedly living in a free and democratic society. It is therefore quite extraordinary for an allegedly democratic leader to attempt to coerce citizens to do something they might not really want to do.

The government’s backtrack is not provoked by a change of mind. Instead, this was caused by a popular backlash and resistance to his authoritarian behaviour as well as an effective disregard for the Australian Constitution.

Australia is a country in which the state has been conceived as deriving from the law and not the law from the State.[4]  Since this is a document of limited powers, the Morrison government has no more powers than those explicitly granted by the Constitution.

Whereas Section 51 (xxiiiA) of the Australian Constitution allows for the granting of various services by the federal government, this should not be to the extent of authorising any form of civil conscription.

This means that no government in this country, or those acting on its behalf, is constitutionally authorised to make the Australian people take any medicament against their best will, or force children to be vaccinated in order to maintain benefit payments.

Third, the Prime Minister has revealed himself to be a complete scare-monger and an utterly unreliable politician.

AstraZeneca to be exempt from coronavirus vaccine liability claims in most countries

For instance, his government miserably failed at developing policies to protect nursing homes where the highest incidence of victims of coronavirus has occurred. This is also the very government that told us that roughly 150,000 Australians would die from the new coronavirus.

Fourth, Mr Morrison’s comments follow the signing of Australia’s first vaccine deal with drugmaker AstraZeneca.[5] However, this is a vaccine that has been rushed through trials and never been successfully produce for a coronavirus before: a vaccine that might do more harm than good.

Fifth, this is the same government that has been completely blind to a drug that could have save lives from the coronavirus pandemic’.[6] And now they want to make a rushed vaccine mandatory?

As Sky News host Andrew Bolt points out, the Prime Minister’s effectively banning of therapeutics such as hydroxychloroquine/zinc reveals his total blindness to what “could be our best cure” in the fight against this coronavirus.

This goes without saying that the Morrison government is presently restricting prescribed medications that have been in existence for more than 50 years, with potential side effects well known, so we do not “overwhelm” supply for current users.

Sixth, this is certainly not so deadly a virus and people under 60 have an extremely small chance of dying from Covid-19.

Mr Morrison still believes that 95 per cent of the population need to take the vaccine. However, it is most likely that about 95 per cent of the population do not need to get vaccinated. Many studies are showing that herd immunity from Covid-19 can be achieved at a very low level, as roughly 50 per of the population is already naturally immune due to t-cell responses.

Instead of using the full power of the state to command his “subjects” to do whatever they might want, Mr Morrison still needs to learn that true democratic leaders use the power of persuasion and rational argument in order to convince their fellow citizens to do what is right.

I have no confidence in our Prime Minister. This is a leader who takes a great deal of pleasure in imposing his authoritarian will upon the Australian people, and by all means if necessary. It is time for the Australian people to resist the Morrison government. It is time for them to tell their Prime Minister that enough is enough.

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10 thoughts on “It’s Time to Resist the Morrison Regime

  1. Under the Abott govt Mr Morrison was the Health Minister & famed for his No jab no pay/play policies putting single mothers into a bind by deducting $30.00 per pe nsion day if they did not comply. Cruel & heartless . Health care is by choice not by coercion. Its only the sniffles anyway, hardly lockdown material. Its about time politicians in Canberra and State Governments start telling the truth instead of continuously lying to their constituents year after year. Whats the point of voting for when the Australian public are mearly numbers for the polling booths and then it’s thanks Australia now PO & sorry but we wont be keeping any of our promises to you. I have not voted since 2007. Whats the point?

    1. Yes…. Morrison is enveloped in the mist of hypocrisy. It’s a mist because, as we all know, mists can hide reality.
      Morrison is a Murdock disciple and supports Zionism. Zionism is the enemy within the Australian gates and promotes mass immigration, anti-racism, along with other groups such as the LGBT and the Teachers Federation who also support the LGBT allowing their sick agenda into our schools.

      From the Australian Independence.
      These two articles from the Australian Jewish News, June 21 2003, should be read closely by all Australian patriots and all other persons of good-will who are concerned that the policies of the Middle-East aggressor state – Israel – do not incite war and further terrorism. In these articles, Zionists make various bland matter-of-fact statements and implicit comments on Australian politicians and government:

      (i) that there existed bi-partisan support for Israel by both major parties since 1948 with certain hiccups in the Labor Party in the Whitlam years.
      (ii) this bipartisanship has broken down over the Iraq war and the Labor leadership should not have allowed it.
      (iii) the Executive Council of Australian Jewry tried to persaude Labor back into line.
      (iv) criticism of Israel is taken as criticism of the Jewish community.
      (v) it is expected that the Labor Party will reel in critics of Israel or the party will lose Jewish support.
      (vi) John Howard is to be persauded to support Israel’s attempt to destroy Hamas, and by Isi Leibler, no less.
      The local Zionists in the so-called Jewish leadership speak and act as Israeli representatives in Australia’s domestic affairs.

      These articles are hardly unrepresentative of the Australian Jewish News. They are alarming indications of the inter-relationship of Zionism in Australia with Israeli state terrorism and the foreign policy of the country. This situation increases the threat to Australia from Moslem terrorists, yes, but it highlights that the real enemy of peace is Israel. The issue of Australian independence is concerned with the defeat of Zionism in our internal politics.

      Considering the horrific genocide committed by Israel on the Gaza strip one would think that the Zionists should pull their Kippah clad heads in and let Australia be Australia.
      Our sick Pollies are bending their knees to this aggressive political movement and it is about time we culled these supporters of Zionism for the sake of Australia.
      Or is it too late when a PM can publicly support an apartheid state such as Israel who instruct our politicians to enforce anti-racist laws whilst ignoring the genocide of the Palestinians.

  2. @gus lol re being deplatformed. Yeah I know i go on about Germany & Hitler a bit but what you have mentioned re Israel is the result. What a lot of Australians still FAIL TO REALISE is why did we go and fight in the 2ndWW? Sadly Australia still believes the lies told by jewry about the Germans. As Goebells said If the jews were to win this war, humanity would be led into a darkened eternity. (paraphrased). He was so correct in his statement. Australia fought for Communism, and now this is the result. And history is again repeating itself with the jews and their ongoing creation of lies reCOVID19, and the public are lapping it up, just like they still do with the holohoax. It is sad to see how gullible they are… since 1945.

    1. Agree @G_O.
      I have read some of Joseph Farrells writings and the recent one was Called “Nazi International” in which he ponders that the Nazi organisation did not cease at the end of WW2 but spread out over other Nations to become International.
      For instance… he states that the US CIA was morphed from the Nazi spy and Intelligence group that had tentacles everywhere.
      It was Alan Dulles who was involved with the Nazi’s that orchestrated this new CIA and it has been the enemy behind the US gates ever since. JFK wanted to bust the CIA into a thousand pieces and he did sack Dulles as head poncho. JFK enemies Nazi’s and Zionism.
      There is a definite link between the Nazi’s and Zionist Jews.
      It is a long story and I feel that Hitler and the National Socialists were apart from the Nazi’s. I ponder some crazy stuff but I consider that the Nazi’s were linked to and many were from the Reptillian dimensional race. I am a David Icke supporter and was all thru the shit they threw at him but he keeps being correct much to the demise of the shit-throwers.
      There is absolutely no way a human being can plan, organise and orchestrate the events that are happening to us today; it is an intelligence beyond our world and it is evil.
      They are telling us years before an event happens; 9/11 is an example.
      and the CoVid19 another. Adam has some stuff on the movies pre-empting 9/11 by decades; Hollywood=Zionism/Cia/Nazi.
      I feel we are being attacked by these dimensional Reptilians in concert with the Zionists who are their Grunts or foot soldiers… Cheers, GC

  3. I’ll have a look.
    There are many unknowns with the Nazi’s and Zionists in Germany.
    The Zionist headquarters remained in Germany throughout WW2
    Hitler did assist the Jews to leave Germany and settle in Palestine allowing them to take their wealth unencumbered. Kardel’s book “Adolf Hitler- Founder of Israel”
    The Zionists promoted a lot of propaganda stating that Hitler was a Nazi and have used this propaganda to this day. We need to consider this. Zionists attack to hide fact.
    Concerning the crimes the Zionists have committed in Palestine and the Russian Revolution it is hypocrisy at it greatest to criticise any other political movement.
    Was Hitler a Nazi as the Zionist Jews have promoted?
    From where I stand at the time of WW2 the controlling powers in Germany were the National Socialists and the Nazi’s along with the rabble Communists.
    The National Socialists surrendered but according to Joseph Farrell the Nazi’s did not sign any surrender agreements yet were accepted by various countries.
    Any Nazi worth his scientific salt was boarded by the US, England, France and Russia.
    My jury is still out as there has been a lot hidden and a lot of propaganda to boot but the power of the Zionist at that time was paramount in WW2.
    Douglas Reed stated in his book “The Controversy of Zion” that in some of the concentration camps occupied by Jews they were preparing military uniforms and other essential items for the Zionist military takeover of Palestine. All under Hitlers nose?
    If, as the Zionist claim, Hitler wanted the destruction of all Jews then It does seem a little strange as he should have worked them for Germany’s war effort. The reason our mainstream media is shit…. it’s owned and controlled by the Zionists.
    I’m open on all this and I would love some truth! but not from Zion.

  4. Everything the zionists said about Germans and Germany was absolute BS! Every bit of it! The jew stabs you in the back as he cries out in pain!

  5. @gus if you want a really good book to read purchase The Myth of German Villainy by Benton L. Bradberry. Excellent reading. Hitler’s Revolution by Richard Tedor (ideology, social programs, & Foreign Affairs). The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. All can be found at Book Depository UK postage & handling is free.

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