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Jane Hansen, Reasonable Hank, and Murdoch’s dirty vaccine war!


Murdoch Journalist Jane Hansen

Ok, so as promised here is blog 2 of our 3 blog series on the exposing of serial stalker/doxer Reasonable Hank. So less than 5 days after we posted our first blog identifying Peter Tiernan as our friendly serial online stalker, where do we stand today? 

We all knew the exposing of Bad Pharma’s dirty bomb would cause WW3. He is of course the anonymous, cowardly blogger and doxer that Bad Pharma, the dirty Australian Skeptics (& their bastard offspring Friends of Science in Medicine), & the Murdoch media hide behind to do all the filthy doxing, stalking, intimidation, of all the brave nurses and midwives standing up for the safety of our children and highlighting the dangers of vaccination.

Pete has been blasting away at these brave souls for years, skulking through their Facebook posts, hiding in their closed groups with all his fake profiles and collating and filing any information he thinks he can use to have them removed from their jobs. I’ve personally heard the scum bag ringing workplaces in the hope to having these women sacked. Doxing them isn’t enough for this bottom feeder.

Knowing he has the backing of the awful Murdoch media  & some of the more expedient, stupider politicians (yes, hello Jill) of our criminally corrupted 2 Party political system, he has defamed and slandered people for years. How much money has Bad Pharma donated to both the ALP and the LNP over the years? I will tell you now, Bad Pharma has spent more ‘lobbying’ these two parties than the next top 3 ‘donors’ combined. So Hennessy, still waiting for you to respond to the question of how much money Bad Pharma has donated to your party over the years? Actually don’t tell us….will be more fun draining your swamp later. 

There is a very good reason Hank hides behind his anonymous little keyboard and that’s because, well for one he is a miserable little coward, but more importantly, his arse would be sued every second day of the week. I’ve been asking Hank for an address for service for over a year now. Can you imagine all the other nurses, chiros, midwives, naturopaths, doctors, etc that would love to see this little biatch whining at the bar table? So Hank, man up, got a solicitor’s address for service? 

 We know you are quivering with fear behind your keyboard Hank but not because you are in fear of your life, it’s a lot more pathetic than that….you are in fear of being made legally accountable for all the stalking, doxing, slander, and intimidation you are guilty of 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. C’mon Hank, all the other Skeptic low life pieces of crap like McLeod, Bowditch, Cunningham, Ieraci, Hawkes, Hansen etc have the guts to show their heads. And Jesus H Christ when Ken McLeod and Heidi Robertson are your best looking heads the other poor bastards have absolutely no excuse. They haven’t been attacked, killed, beaten, doxed, stalked, or threatened. Why do you feel you need all this special anonymity to survive. Jill Hennessy is far more responsible for injuring Australian children than yourself and she ain’t shitting her Maggie T’s like you. Stop being a little scaredy cat Pete, come out, loud and proud, embrace your putrid lot in life. 


Pete should be scared though I guess, he has doxed over 200 people in his miserable little career. 200! Names, faces, workplace addresses (including photos). That is why you are a different case Hanky, that’s why we are treating you differently from the rest of the Unmagnificent Bunch. People have had enough of you mate, now it’s your turn. Now it’s your turn to have your photo plastered all over the internet. Your workplace being identified. People ringing your workplace in the hope you are sacked. And you don’t like it one bit do you? Nor should you.

 I don’t even believe you should be interfered with in this way. You have a right to your opinion on vaccination safety. You have a right to express that any way you want. You do not have the right to stalk, dox, and defame people who disagree with you though. And your scumbag media mates certainly don’t have the right to demonise these people either. All vaccines cause injury to some degree. Some minor, some die. Until you understand the mechanism of vaccine injury all vaccination must stop. 

So, let’s focus now on the current state of play. Let’s have a closer look at what we know about the links between Jane Hansen and Hank/Peter Tiernan. 

On Tuesday 1 November, we texted the known phone numbers of Reasonable Hank and Peter Tiernan. ‘They’ were advised that I had just finished a blog exposing Peter Tiernan as Reasonable Hank. We gave them a right of reply to clarify any errors we may have made in relation to the blog. We waited 3 days and when we received no reply we posted the blog. I, in fact, texted Super Hero Hank twice to clarify any error in the blog. So much for Hank’s concern for an ‘innocent’ man. 


Text sent to Peter Tierney aka Reasonable Hank for right of reply

We then had a little bet as to who would be the first person to contact us once the blog was posted. I won. It was, of course, the media’s number one pro Pharma/pro vaccine journalist Jane Hansen. Intriguingly, and adding to the mystery, she rang on my troll phone. I have a special little phone set up entirely to deal with trolls (yes pro vax trolls threaten our side too). The funny thing about this phone number was that only 2 trolls had the number. One was our good mate Hank, and the other was another cowardly little Brisbane Skeptic that hides behind the moniker Big Smiffy. Hmm? Wonder how Jane got that number so quick? So Jane, over to you? How did you get my troll number so quick and who gave it to you?

Another important question to be asked here is why didn’t Peter Tiernan respond to the text sent to him to clarify any errors that may have been made in identifying him?

We all know why his alter ego Hank did not. Fear of finally being exposed kept him frozen in fright like a deer in the headlights. But why not you Tiernan? You knew this blog was coming out? If an error had been made why did you not call? Even a 19 cent text back? Nope. Nothin. Silence.

Back to Jane Hansen though. What follows is a hilarious text off.


Now we learn a very interesting fact here. Jane Hansen was school buddies with Peter Tiernan! Yes, you read that right, school buddies with Peter Tiernan. Small world alright Jane. And she was also mates with Reasonable Hank? Wow! So Jane Hansen is actually mates with Peter Tiernan and Peter Tierney? This story is getting stranger by the minute. What I found most interesting is that Jane makes no mention of this in her story in the tawdry Telegraph on Sunday 6 November. Sometimes what you omit from the story is more revealing than what you leave in. 

 Here Jane has written a very scant on detail, fluff piece on how crazy, stupid anti vaxxers have, in a “monumental case” of mistaken identity, wrongly fingered an innocent man and his family WHO were now in fear of their lives.

At this point don’t you think a critical point would have been the fact that Jane actually knew both men and she could tell her readers, without any doubt, (all 12 of them) that they were two different people?

Jane did not do this. Why? I think Jane was being very crafty here. She knew if she threw me under a bus for wrongly identifying an innocent man as Hank, then went a step further and verified that fact personally she, or her shitty newspaper might be liable for any claims I may make on them later on down the track when she was proved to having lied. So over to you again Jane? Why did you leave out the fact you were actually buddies with ‘both’ guys? I mean don’t you think this is a pretty amazing ‘fact’ to leave out of a really dull story? I think legals advised you not to go the full Skeptard. Didn’t they Jane?

Early information I had once been sent on Hank (over a year ago) was that Hank originated from the Byron Bay/Ballina area, he had been to school with Jane Hansen, was either a cousin or best mates with the McCaffery family and that was the reason behind his pathological hatred of Dorey and the AVN. He and his family then moved to Narrawallee. I won’t go into the rest of the information connecting Tiernan to Hank right now because it involves children and siblings of Peter Tiernan and Hank and their incredible links. Let’s just say the amazing coincidences between Tiernan and Hank are so vast they beggar belief these two are not the same person. If Hank and Hansen continue with their bullshit charade I will include this information in blog number 3.

Your call Hank? How many more ‘innocent’ people are going to get fingered so you can keep up your cowardly charade?

So other little clues Hank skid marked our way….

Yes, Hank spruiking a physiotherapy app. Strange? Who’d think Hank was interested in physiotherapy enough to post this. 


Oh and how about this…….


Once again, I don’t want to go into too much detail about this post as it does involve a family member of Peter Tiernan. Up to Hank how much detail I need to cover this with later but much easier for him to just man up and let all the innocent family, friends, and associates of his stay out of the focus. 

The reason for the delay in this blog is all the media Peter Tiernan has done denying any association with the Reasonable Hank blog. On ABC radio he claims to have never heard of the Reasonable Hank name until now, he then somehow stumbles onto the “McCaffery name”, “people from around here are pretty aware of who they are”. Peter really going out of his way here to mention the dreaded V word. Yep, that be vaccination. Now I was never going to bring the McCaffery name into this saga as they have already suffered more than any family should but, of course Hank has already done it now so on with the show we go. 

Tiernan is then asked, “When did things start to get threatening?” Tiernan clearly starts backtracking here, no threats were made to him, in fact after waffling about a bit he said it was more people sending his profile picture to Reasonable Hank’s Facebook page saying, “We know who you are.” “More sort of veiled threats aimed at him (Reasonable Hank)”. So no threats to Tiernan.

It gets more interesting from here on in because Tiernan admits that ‘Tierney’ is now in contact with him, providing him with information. It was then  he decided to get “proactive” here and not be a “victim” so he contacts an old school friend, “he knew she was a journo”, “she was pretty much across this, you know, who these people are”, “to me it was all new”,  he “got her to do a story about it.” This is a straight up lie Pete. Hansen was on my troll phone within the hour of the blog being posted. You did not get her to write the story at all. I have the texts and call log to prove it. Why the lie Pete?

We will go back to his comments here in a minute but poor Shoebridge interviewing him was clearly needing more juice, 

“What was the nature of the threats that Reasonable Hank was receiving?” Silly Tiernan falls straight into this as much as the Shoebridge tried to disclaim his way out of it for him. Without a pause Pete Tiernan informs us, “We know who you are”, then the classic, “last Monday they sent him a message, not at work today, they obviously had known that I wasn’t at work cause I don’t work Mondays”, then even better, “the most recent one being that um, if he doesn’t take his blog down they were going to expose um, my, him and my family pretty much.” Tierney seems pretty up to speed on all ‘threats’ being made to Hank.

 Go and listen to this audio carefully a few times. Tiernan answers for Hank. Without a pause. Silly bastard doesn’t even know he is doing it. So up to speed on Hank’s ‘threats’ he even knew “the most recent one”. You and ‘Hank’ must be pretty close Pete? Revealing here also is that, once again, the ‘threats’ are all Miller Lite. Nothing. Non event. Keep digging Tiernan.

“So the threats didn’t come directly to me” he goes on, “but they believe I am him.” At this point the worst threat made to Hank has been we know who you are.

The poor interviewer knows now she is onto a storm in a Jane Hansen teacup and is really struggling to find a story here. Hard to make a silk purse out of a pig’s arse but she bravely soldiers on. 

“So how have those messages been communicated, um, um”

“To me?” Tiernan helpfully finishes her sentence for her

“What are some of the things they have been saying to make you concerned?”

Poor Tiernan,

“See I’m not right across social media”, he was planning to “take down his Facebook page anyway”, “so I don’t read a lot of this stuff”, he was aware of the “vaccine wars” but was an “innocent victim hehe” “it just churns away at you” “he contacted Doc McCaffrey a mate of mine, he spoke to his brother Dave” and they gave him Reasonable Hank’s number. 

If you had no idea about any of this issue at all why did you contact McCaffrey to find Reasonable Hank? Just a lucky guess? Why not ask Hansen?

She was buddies with you both? Funny Hansen hadn’t told you she was Hank’s mate. Strange days? I’m just gonna come out here and call you a liar Pete. Seriously mate, why would you think your mate McCaffrey would have Hank’s number? Why didn’t Jane Hansen tell you she was good buddies with Hank and give you the number? You are lying friendo and the lies are starting to stack up. Why is that?

“Were there any death threats made?” Clearly poor Shoebridge is gonna have to squeeze the lemon out of the juice herself.

“No, no but”, “Peter Tierney told me” people had made previous death threats against him. Ha! Hank told ya, shit I was worried about you there for awhile Tiernan. So let’s make this cold hard clear for all the Twitter Skeptards. No one made a single threat to Peter Tiernan. Not one soul. Back in your hole trolls.

Here Hank can’t help himself, you can’t keep a good troll down….he goes off on a famous rant. Very Hank like. Hilariously he tells us Hank has to remain anonymous because of the threats he receives but then goes onto a classic-hank-can’t-see-the-irony rant on keyboard warriors.

“These people, I’ve heard the term bandied around, keyboard warriors, I mean that’s the biggest misnomer i’ve ever heard, I refer to them as keyboard cowards, because they hide behind the anonymity of withheld phone numbers and user names.” Classic Hank gold here but Tiernan we didn’t hide. We contacted you direct. You were sent a text with a real phone number. Not even the troll phone. A text with my real phone number in it. No keyboard warrior or even a keyboard coward Pete. I’m calling your bullshit out. 

Next comes some classic Hank/pro vax troll bullshit.

“I mean if this is an example of their research”, “then how do they expect normal people to believe anything they say?” Normal people? Like Hank the serial online stalker/doxer of brave hard working nurses. 

Joanne still searching for some juice in this story

“Are you and your family concerned now that this could escalate?” How many times can Joanne ask the same question? C’mon Tiernan! Lift, we want blood, murder, mayhem!! Nup, Pete waffles on about the injustice of it all and it ends not with a bang but a whimper.

So Jane and Hank. Plenty of questions need answering here. Plenty. Blog number 3 will be posted next week with all the other personal links between all the parties involved in this subterfuge.Unless of course Hank just wants to man up? Hank could also consent to audio that exists in relation to a few phone calls that also would assist in clearing up this manufactured mystery. So what you say Hank? How many more ‘innocent’ people you gonna take down with you? Through your total and utter cowardice. And Skeptards thank you for the work you do too. What a miserable mob.

Anyway Jane, Hank, balls in your court. 


“Australian Skeptics Dragged into Court over Rape, Mutilation,  and Death Threats Against the Australian Vaccination Network Leadership”

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  1. Like it, but cut it down to 4 points in four paragraphs, cause you lost me in all the waffle 🙂 Keep up the great work.

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