Jenna Price: If You Don’t Vaccinate Then You’re A Terrorist


Jenna Price Article Here: Anti-vaccine battle plan all wrong

Presstitute & Fairfax stooge, Jenna Price has penned a truly hateful & disgusting piece for the equally horrible, Sydney Morning Herald entitled, Anti-vaccine battle plan all wrong. In yet another frightening display of pure ignorance, Price has pumped out more propaganda & nasty fear mongering to scare the general public into vaccinating. Price’s ridiculous & totally one sided article has absolutely no grounding in science nor reality & serves only to demonize hard working & passionate people in the health freedom movement. Price puts on a very smug & sarcastic mask to give the impression that parents who simply choose not to vaccinate their own children need to be somehow, Re-educated or coaxed into doing what they are told.

In her foolish hit piece, Price states: And please keep the objectors away from playgroups, schools and any other place they might come into contact with my putative grandchildren.

What does this even mean? what price is really saying is to keep unvaccinated children away from her fully vaccinated children but this in itself is admitting that vaccines don’t work.

This from the CDC; Vaccinated adolescents and adults may serve as reservoirs for silent infection and become potential transmitters to unprotected infants. The whole-cell vaccine for pertussis is protective only against clinical disease, not against infection. Therefore, even young, recently vaccinated children may serve as reservoirs and potential transmitters of infection.

Many people including myself are simply not able to post comments in regards to these nasty articles & it seems that only Trolls are allowed to comment which makes perfect sense. If i try to put up some material to counteract the nonsense on display, it gets remotely erased. It’s perfectly ok for the hordes of Trolls who follow these papers like a bad smell to post whatever the hell they want. Here is a comment from the bottom of this trash piece that clearly shows what kind of people follow these papers.

Not MeThe Real World,

Stop be so namby-pamby about this issue. Don’t just remove the tax benefit from idiots who won’t vaccinate their children, remove the children from them. These people are not fit parents and they are endangering their children and the general community.

I just don’t understand how these media sociopaths can keep getting away with printing nonsense & propaganda that’s dividing communities & sending out the wrong message. We know who the real Terrorists are, Jenna Price & you work for them but why don’t you at least try to offer some credible evidence (if possible) if you insist on writing articles on vaccines & calling families all over the country, Terrorists.

There is a Mountain of information for people to go over on this website to see for themselves the carnage & death vaccines are causing. For followers of facebook, you can also find my page Pro-Vax lies here & also click on the Vaccine Damage tab on the main page of Crazz Files.



4 thoughts on “Jenna Price: If You Don’t Vaccinate Then You’re A Terrorist

  1. Jenna Price Teached Journalists.
    Dear God.
    Jenna Price joined UTS Journalism in 2008 & is the undergraduate coordinator of the journalism major.
    According to Andrew Bolt Jenna Price .. JUST MAKES THINGS UP & the article has many examples of this.
    Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun
    March 4 2014,

    Jenna Price is JUST a journalist .. a reporter, feature writer, sections write .. A WANNABE.
    No knowledge in the medical, virology, infant care, nursing, nothing at all to do with health care.
    She does not get it .. to mind her own business when she does not know what she is talking about.

  2. Quite the GESTAPO mind set isn’t it & here is MS Price a feminist & activist ,, fighting the good fight for informed choice & equality.
    I wonder what the reaction of Jenna Price would be, if were sued for negligence as a result of damages incurred, by an infant, as a result of her insistence that vaccination was necessary, based on her lack of any knowledge & expertise .. would she still spew forth her negligent sing song.

  3. Jenna Price says ..
    “And Please Keep The Objectors Away From Playgroups, Schools And Any Other Place Where They Might Come Into Contact With My Putative Grandchildren.”
    *putative: means that may or may not be.

    As I have told before, my 5 children were all vaccinated .. in a school & at a time when more than 50% of the 260 plus students were not vaccinated.
    It was my 4 vaccinated kids, among about 13 kids, that caught CHICKEN POX.
    But that’s not all, my 2 girls were among 15 odd kids, who were also infected with WHOOPING COUGH.
    Now how the blood hell did that happen, when the kids who were not vaccinated, didn’t get sick.
    So I say to Jenna Price ..
    I .. as a grandma of 3 beautiful & highly intelligent children .. would that vaccinated children .. who are most likely the carriers & the cause of the spread of these diseases .. were kept away from my grand kids .. please.

  4. “Parents who do not vaccinate will lose payments from between $2100 & $15.000 per child”
    “I thought these PUNISHMENTS were a GENIUS idea”
    “Should we remove benefits? DAMN STRAIGHT.”
    “But it’s the other group I worry about. Don’t punish them, bribe them.”
    “By all means fine those who contentiously object”
    And she goes on & on like this .. & MONEY WILL BE SAVED .. MONEY will not be saved the healthcare costs will go up.
    And this government will be voted out .. BECAUSE Australia is not a NAZI Germany type nation & we Australians are not the GESTAPO.

    “Alyson Gaylard .. A NURSE .. & her husband .. FOR ME TO TAKE SERIOUSLY Alyson Gaylard .. I would have to be 100% sure that there are no financial – or otherwise vested interests & including fame & notoriety .. you see there are may people who would do anything to get attention .. to be somebody.

    [ I would say this to Alyson .. my 2 girls who were vaccinated .. got whooping cough .. each time the bouts of coughing came I held their stomach real tight .. from behind & this action caused the coughing to stop. But you know that right .. being a nurse .. it’s just that I read her account of the experience with her daughters & she says that she stood by helplessly ]

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