jewish Bolshevism Throughout the World

Background: From 1936 to 1938, NS Germany waged a variety of anti-bolshevist campaigns. Hitler and Goebbels, among others, made major speeches at the Nuremberg rallies. Numerous books and articles assailed the judeo-Soviet Union. In 1937, there was a major anti-bolshevist exhibit produced by the Reichspropagandaleitung, the party’s central propaganda office, that traveled to major cities. This is an excerpt of the program book for that exhibition.

The source: Große antibolschewistische Ausstellung (Berlin: Verlag für Kultur- u. Wirtschaftswerbung Daenell & Co., 1937).

Bolshevism throughout the World

The world is once again filled with the noise of war, of bloody uprisings, strikes, and mutinies, of terror and cowardly murder. Irreconcilable brotherly hatred divides the peoples and saps the strength of their lives. Mankind and peoples seem to stand helplessly against a confusing and senseless game played by mysterious, unknown forces. Yet behind all the senseless rage of destruction stands a single power whose aim is to destroy the culture of the peoples of this earth and build its bloody world domination on the ruins, the world domination of Bolshevism. That this is in fact its goal is clear in the documents of the Communist International, which proclaim to all the world:

“The Communist International is the union of the communist parties of varying lands into a unified communist world party. As leader and organizer of the revolutionary movement of the world proletariat, the Communist International fights for the establishment of a world-wide dictatorship of the proletariat, for the establishment of a world union of socialist soviet republics.”

Communist uprisings throughout the world, and strikes in America or in France, serve this goal, as does the horror of Bolshevism in Spain. A thick network of communist parties and conspiratorial centers spans the globe, assiduously ready to follow Moscow’s bloody orders absolutely and without question. Thus, organized subhumanity plays with the fate of peoples and states, with the fate of many hundreds of millions of people who wish only to live and work in peace.

Peace, however, is Bolshevism’s worst enemy, which it must destroy in order to realize its plans for world domination. Thus, Bolshevism’s ever-repeated life and death declarations of battle against the whole of the world become all too understandable. Where the poison of communist subversion is not directly at work, the united fronts of Marxist parties in every people work to make them ripe for the bloody seed of Bolshevist destruction. In France, this new tactic of international Bolshevism is in its early stages, but in Spain it has already reached its epitome. With a bloodthirstiness of insane horror, Bolshevism is erecting the dictatorship of jewry on the ruins of the Spanish people, its culture, and its economy.

Bolshevism and jewry are two words for the same thing. Just as the jews are the string-pullers of Bolshevism uprisings, the leaders of Bolshevist criminality, so, too, are they the inventors of Marxism and Bolshevism, which flow from their character.

He who wants to write the history of Marxism must write the history of jewry in the world, since he will conclude that marxism and bolshevism are not only phenomena of our age, but rather the expression of jewish rule over foreign peoples and states since time immemorial.

[Four pages of illustrations from the exhibit. The first claims the jews are the result of race mixing, the second that jewish racial laws seek to preserve the jewish race, the third is titled “jewry fights for political power,” and the fourth covers resistance against jewish domination.]

jewry is the Core of Bolshevism

Jewry was born on the soil of Palestine, that crossroads between Europe, Asia, and Africa, the battleground and settlement region of the most varied peoples It is a mixture of Middle Eastern and Oriental races, with strong Hametic and Negroid elements. All of these races are nomads or wandering shepherding peoples, whose characteristics are intensified in jewry. Over a long period of development, the trading spirit typical of jewry has developed, based on a foundation of usury, fraud, deceit, and cowardly wretchedness.

This varied mixture of differing races and peoples gradually solidified into jewry, and was protected against further mixing as the result of strict laws of religious nature enforced by the rule of the rabbis to preserve the purity of the jewish race to this day.

All these laws to prevent further mixing with foreign blood were unable to assure jewry’s existence as a state, since there it lacked the creative force of healthy, pure-blooded peoples.

Thus, they spread throughout the world to split all peoples and states, driven by the insane notion that they were God’s chosen people that other peoples had to serve. Everywhere, they were an element of destruction.

The Roman Empire broke against the rule of the Semitic Emperor after the Nordic leadership was systematically exterminated and replaced by the influence of Syrians and jews. Throughout the Middle Ages, they continued their tightly connected financial and political efforts with the help of their usurious loans to the leading courts of Europe. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, given the powerful influence of Rothschild money, one could say: “There is but one power in Europe, and that is Rothschild.”

Their claim to power rested on more than usury and financial dependency, however.

They forced their way into their host peoples, destroying healthy and resistant blood.

The infiltration of jewish blood into the German nobility, and the resulting destruction of the best German blood, is best seen in the Pereier-Arnstein family. The female descendants of the founder of the purely jewish Pereier-Arnstein family married into Aryan families and corrupted their blood. Within four generations, fourteen German noble families, and two bourgeois families, had been infected with jewish blood.

Hand in hand with jewry’s destruction of the best blood of our people came an ever-growing influence on our cultural life. The ability of jewry to influence cultural life in Prussia at the beginning of the nineteenth century is illustrated by its ability to use the bourgeois position of a leading man like Wilhelm von Humboldt. He was infected with the false doctrine of liberalism, which taught human equality, in the jewish salons of Henriette Herz and Rahel Levin. Under their influence, he opened academic positions in the newly-founded university to jews, and argued a few years later at the Congress of Vienna for their full emancipation.

Wilhelm von Humboldt had no idea of the danger his defective understanding of the nature of jewry had for the German people and its future. Jewry, as it used him, was aware of the methods in the political background that it was using to creep into the life of the German people, and into the lives of all peoples on earth, establishing itself as an equal, yet eternally foreign element.

One of its most prominent representatives made this public in a clear and unmistakable way in a statement about the goals of Freemasonry, although this unfortunately was paid little heed. This statement by the high-degree jewish Freemason Isaac Crémieux revealed not only jewry’s plans for world domination, but also the role of Freemasonry as a tool to realize this plan.

It is a sign for the healthy strength of the rural part of our people, and of all peoples, that its sure instinct always recognized jewry’s drive to realize its plans for world domination, and always resisted them.

There were uprisings against the jews throughout the Middle Ages, against its usury and political exploitation. These bitter defensive struggles, however, lacked unified leadership, so they were only individual actions without lasting success. They did show, however, how alert the common man is to the political danger of jewish infiltration.


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  1. What a terrible article!

    It’s culture (what ideas you feed your people) over “blood” that determines the character traits of a people.

    In the same way that what you feed your body determines the health of your ‘blood’, not some invisible flying virus myth.

    1. @Veri Tas Oh please! Spare as all the jew is innocent approach! They are the most vile of the human race on the planet.

  2. A great article brimming with absolute TRUTH. Keep these articles coming. The world needs to know the truth about these vermin.

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