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Jewish Involvement in International Organ Trafficking


In my recent article on Israeli Organ Harvesting I pointed out that the Israeli medical establishment was deeply involved – albeit in a localised but yet systematic way – in harvesting organs from dead Palestinian corpses that were then used in either medical research or sold to be used as transplants. (1)

What I didn’t touch on was the jewish angle to international organ trafficking. Apologists for Israel may shriek about the idea being an ‘irrational anti-Semitic conspiracy theory’, (2) but there is plenty of evidence for substantial jewish involvement in this illegal trade.

This evidence largely comes in the form of a slew of arrests and prosecutions of jewish criminals for trafficking in illegal organs and even organising the illegal transplants themselves.

An excellent recent example of this is the case of Moshe Harel who has had an outstanding Interpol warrant since 2011 for organising illegal organ donations from poor Eastern Europeans and Turkish citizens – who he flew to his facility in Pristina, Kosovo – to rich Israelis as well as wealthy jews from Canada and Poland. (3) Harel was paid between 80,000 and 100,000 Euros by his clients (although one elderly Israeli paid $145,000) (4) and paid his donors at most 12,000 Euros, while some he didn’t even bother to pay at all. (5)

Similar operations have been run by former Israeli policeman and ‘Holocaust Survivor’ Gedalia Tauber – who used poor Brazilians as donors for wealthy Israelis – (6) while another run Israeli war hero and former IDF Brigadier General Meir Zamir used poor Palestinians as donors and flew them to third world countries such as Azerbaijan and the Philippines to do the operations. (7)

The reason for this extraordinary demand from rich Israelis is because Judaism has a strong aversion to donating organs because it halakhically held to be akin to murder with only three percent of the Israeli population carrying organ donor cards in 2016. (8)

Indeed in 2006 Israel was ‘was expelled from the European Union donor scheme for taking organs but not providing many.’ (9)

Therefore, it makes perfect sense that Israelis and jews internationally would be heavily involved in both organ harvesting – as I have demonstrated elsewhere – and trafficking in illegal organ donations from poor people around the world, because Israelis have money but few organ donors. While the global poor have many potential organ donors but little money.

Thus, we have to conclude that based on the available evidence the global organ trafficking industry is significantly jewish in both its clientele and those who run its day-to-day operations.

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